Retractable wall: a brilliant solution for a small apartment

Interior of a small studio apartment with a sliding wall

Unusual wall in the apartment: creating a working area

The retractable wall in this apartment appeared as a result of a tremendous transformation of the living space. Some time ago, fate brought college professor, who lives in an almost emergency studio, and progressive architect Michael Chen.

The area of ​​the living quarters was so small, and his condition was so deplorable that Michael decided at all costs to change the situation. The most impressive result of Chen's work was a furniture system with a mobile module capable of changing the functional purpose of the residential area.

Living room in studio apartment

General view of the room

The construction occupies two walls, and mobility is provided by a rail laid along the floor. In the afternoon the module moves to the wall, which is equipped with a folding sleeper. The working space is hidden behind the sliding doors.

Mobile wall in studio apartment

The principle of the system in operation

The mobile structure is manually operated, but, according to the customer's wishes, it is additionally equipped with remote control. The basis for the wall served as an aluminum frame, and for the shelves used plywood and MDF. The whole room is painted with white glossy paint, visually enlarging the space.

Folding bed in studio apartment

Lifting bed

The architect refused the pendant lamps, replacing them with powerful LED strips fixed to the ceiling. According to his plan, the light directed at the ceiling is reflected from the white surface, so the apartment is always light, as in the day.

Bedroom in studio apartment

Sleeping area

The mobile module has a built-in TV that can rotate around the central axis. This allows the apartment owner to watch TV programs from different locations in the room. In the mini-bedroom there is also a wardrobe and a small rack, on which there are books and a table lamp.

Wardrobe in the studio apartment

Bedroom in the form of a dressing room

When the bed rises, the bedroom turns into a wardrobe. A full-size wardrobe is made of solid oak, equipped with drawers and wardrobes.

Closet in studio apartment

Wardrobe and TV

The apartment has only two windows, so a small table was set up next to one of them. This solution provided the design with a cozy appearance and completeness.

Dining room in studio apartment

Design of a tiny dining room

Before the reconstruction in the kitchen there was only a refrigerator and a sink, and there was no way to cook food in it. In the renovated interior - very fashionable and bright - there was a stove and a comfortable countertop.

Kitchen in the studio apartment

Kitchen and door to the bathroom

The small bathroom is also white in color and, in addition to the shower and toilet, it houses a small wardrobe for towels and other things.

Bathroom in studio apartment

Shower cabin and linen closet

Recall that this light and stylish interior was designed by Michael Chen, a talented American architect. Do not you think that such a place can be an ideal refuge for a bachelor or even a cozy nest for a young couple?