Scandinavian interior in a tiny apartment from the designer

Bedroom in studio apartment

Mirror panels from floor to ceiling hide a cozy bedroom

This charming apartment went to the owners from their parents, so it reigns a warm and cozy atmosphere, familiar from childhood. Initially, they wanted to rent it to tenants. The owners were invited to develop an amazing interior design an ingenious local specialist. After the couple saw the result of the repair, they changed their minds and decided to leave housing for themselves.

In today's article, we will introduce you to this unique creative masterpiece, striking imagination with its beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Audrone Ambrasiene is a talented Lithuanian decorator and designer.

A talented specialist who developed the project

Customer Requirements

The owners of these tiny apartments are a mature married couple. Mostly they live in their suburban unusual houseThey use this flat in Vilnius when they come to the capital for business. Spouses wanted to have a light and airy atmosphere, not loaded with furniture and decorative objects.

Mirror bedroom in the living room

The design of the living room is designed in a neutral palette with salad and brown accents

Large window in the living room

Laconic sofa at the window is great for reading and watching TV


The location of the main functional areas needed to be changed. Partitions engineers demonstrated and built new semi-transparent panels. The boudoir is visually combined with the guest cabin at the expense of a mirror box, which makes it possible to form a confidential environment for rest and life.

The designers also equipped a large storage system. In the living room there is a large built-in wardrobe from with mirror and white plastic facades. It has an aesthetically attractive, elegant and laconic appearance, so it does not catch sight.

In the kitchen, the sill was installed at a lower level. This solution allowed to visually increase the area of ​​the premises and form home decor the illusion of volume.

Bedroom behind the mirror door

Original wallpaper with a pattern of large mating accentuates the walls

Mirror Bedroom

Textured oak parquet is perfectly combined with a neutral palette in the decor

Reading table on the bed

Beauty is hidden in small details

Illumination system

The ceiling in this apartment is quite low, so for the lighting of the room the specialist picked up laconic lamps with minimalist outlines. In the guest cabin was installed a beautiful chandelier Itre from the Italian manufacturer Slv. Illumination in the kitchen and in the hallway is made with cylindrical projectors.

Over the dining table are fixed two charming chandeliers hanging from the ceiling on thin long cords. They fill the atmosphere with soft and muted radiance and magnetism, and perfectly match the wallpaper from the French master Christophe Koziel and the ceramic tile Maxima Daino Lappato Kapri.

Original kitchen apron

The pattern of a large mating is repeated also in the decoration of the kitchen apron

Small kitchen with dining room

The dining table with transparent legs practically dissolves in space

Small studio apartment

Open plan unites kitchen and living room


The entire suite for the living room and hallway was made according to individual drawings by the local company Rimas and Jonas. A soft sofa for the salon was bought from the famous Danish trademark Inovation.

Cuisine for Whirlpool

An original round carpet accentuates the rest zone

Furniture with acrylic details

Transparent backs of chairs make the atmosphere light and airy

Decor and home textiles

Curtains, upholstery for furniture and other elements of the designer picked up for the apartments of natural and muted tones, which created a cozy and enchanting atmosphere. So, for example, the windows are decorated with dense flowing curtains from the brand Uab Jolantos Dizainas saturated smoky color.

Since the apartment has a small area, the room was decorated with panoramic mirrored panels with silhouettes of branchy trees. They bring to the interior an incredible charm, brightness and expressiveness.

Dining area in the kitchen

Roman curtains in the window in the kitchen

Large TV in the living room

Built-in wardrobe fits perfectly into the decoration


For the apartments, a Scandinavian design trend was chosen, perfectly reflecting the nature of the couple. It has created a cozy and serene atmosphere, which is great for a quiet rest and pleasant pastime for family members.


When developing the project and conducting repairs, the masters did not encounter any difficulties.

Dining table in the kitchen

Two chandeliers accentuate the look on the corner for a meal

Suspended light above the dining table

Mirrors with silhouettes of trees organically complement the Scandinavian style in the interior


For the implementation of the unique design, the specialists took about four months.


The project required more than 1.2 million rubles.

Bathroom in white color

Modern bathroom with wooden elements in decoration

Large mirror in the bathroom

Mirrors increase the area of ​​a modest bathroom


  • If the housing footage is small, carefully consider the layout and arrangement stylish furniture.
  • Optically place partitions and other structural elements. As a result, you will get a beautiful, stylish and incredibly functional apartment with exquisite decoration.


Layout квартиры-студии

Schematic plan