Computer desk in the interior of the living room

Design of a living room with a computer table

In conditions of limited space, it is difficult to single out a separate room for a full-fledged workplace. And so we have to work where we have to - sitting at the kitchen table, on the couch and even on the floor. It is necessary to constantly move the laptop, carry additional devices and office supplies. Is there anyone who can concentrate and work fruitfully under similar conditions? Hardly. It is no accident that so much attention is paid to the correct organization of the working space in the offices. Nothing so reduces efficiency, as uncomfortable furniture. But from this knowledge, a separate cabinet will not appear. Maybe it's worth dropping stereotypes and organizing it in a room at first glance for this unintended?

  1. Solves the problem of lack of space.
  2. The living room is a spacious and bright room. Good lighting and a sufficient amount of oxygen have a beneficial effect on well-being and efficiency.
  3. The living room is a common room. Having a computer desk in the interior of the living room, you do not have to negotiate with someone and argue. You can safely immerse yourself in the process, without being distracted by the household and without disturbing anyone.
  4. Ability to communicate with your home while working or watch your favorite program on TV, if the type of activity allows you to combine communication and work.
  5. There is an occasion to partially or completely change the design, to make the interior stylish and modern.
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Living room in white tones White laptop on the table in the living room Working area in the living room White furniture in the living room White Living Room White and turquoise in the interior of the living room

The disadvantages of this solution are:

  • you can disturb the noise of others. If guests come or households gather at the TV, it will be difficult to concentrate;
  • You can disturb others with your noise - if it is an integral part of the activity;
  • every time you have to clean everything that was used for work.

Stained glass in the interior of the living room Computer desk in the living room in the Art Nouveau style Brown curtains on the window Green curtains in the living room Stylish interior of the living room Bright elements in the interior of the living room

Work area selection options

There are many ways to beat the zone of the workspace in the interior. And the first thing that needs to be determined is whether you want it to be combined with the rest of the environment or, prefer, to be different and look detached.

Computer desk in the corner of the living room Classic style in the interior of the living room Corner computer desk of chocolate color Floor lamp near computer desk Interior of the hall with a white sofa and computer table Painting over a corner computer table

In the first case, supplement the existing furniture set with a table of the same color. In the second - emphasize the special purpose of the zone with contrasting color, decoration, lighting.

Living room in classic style White wardrobe in the living room Living room in a modern style Brown and green in the interior of the living room Light upholstered furniture Large living room with working area

Zoning options

Separation of the workplace with the help of:

  • a deaf partition. There will be two isolated rooms with separate outputs;
  • a partial partition, and if one of the zones is left without a window - select a transparent option. The glass wall muffles sounds and does not interfere with the penetration of sunlight;
  • cabinet or rack with open shelves. Obvious bonus - there is an additional place for storage of things;

Laminate in the design of the living room White curtains on the window The combination of white and turquoise in the interior Wooden coffee table in the center of the room Computer desk in the corner of the room Beige and gray in the interior of the hall

  • curtains, suspended partitions, curtains of bamboo, plastic or glass elements;
  • multi-level ceiling or floor;
  • finishing materials - wall panels, tiles, wallpaper of a different color and texture, plaster, fresco. The finishing of the working area should be distinguished and at the same time harmonized with the rest of the room design.

Brown sofa with pillows Blue armchairs opposite the computer table Living room furniture with built-in computer table  White wall in the living room  Computer table for two

Variants of placement and combination with other furniture

Each room is individual. Therefore, when developing a design project, consider:

  • size, number and location of windows, doors, built-in furniture;
  • the form of the room, the presence of a bay window, niches, a heated loggia;
  • number and location of natural light sources and lighting devices;
  • number of outlets in the zone.

Black sofa with multi-colored pillows Computer table in a one-room apartment White Living Room Table lamp in classical style in the interior of the living room Interior of the living room is white Pictures above the computer table

It is necessary to think everything over carefully so that there are no surprises in the form of not opening doors, and the unsightly "tails" of the extension cords do not stretch across the floor.

Each room has features that will influence the choice of location for the workplace.

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Bright colors in the living room design Round table at the sofa Corner computer desk in the living room Divan in the windows Zoning of the living room Interior of living room

A computer table has:

Near the windowA separate table or an enlarged window sill and a table top along the wall. Pros - sufficient light in the daytime, view from the window.
Between two windowsIn the interval will accommodate a small table and hanging shelves.
Along the wallThere is a rectangular table that will not clutter the room.
In the cornerIt is worthwhile to install a full-fledged corner computer desk with all necessary shelves for office equipment and office.

Furniture for a hall from a natural tree

  • in the niche - perfectly fit rectangular table. On the walls there are shelves, additional lighting. If the depth of the niche allows, separate it with curtains or blinds. Get a separate mini-cabinet;
  • in the bay window - a great choice will be a table with a rounded table top. If the semicircular protrusion is fenced off from the common space by a sofa, a shelf or a chest of drawers, a separate compartment will be obtained;
  • on the balcony - at the side wall, along the parapet, if the balcony is attached, in place of the window sill;
  • inside the built-in closet - after work the doors are closed and the office is hidden from prying eyes.

Classical furniture in the interior of the living room Green and white living room furniture Computer table design for the hall Computer desk in classic style Black furniture for the hall Computer table with superstructure

Types of computer tables

To find out which type of table will fit optimally into the proposed space, we suggest considering various options.

  1. Direct desks, about one meter in length, equipped with a compartment for the computer and a retractable keyboard shelf;
  2. Angular - left and right-handed configurations;
  3. Modular - the line includes modules that are installed in an orderly fashion;
  4. Transformers - able to change the configuration. For example, a table that transforms into a cabinet;
  5. With shelves and drawers - straight and angled models with shelves for office equipment and boxes for necessary items;
  6. With superstructure and cabinets - ceiling constructions for the organization of books, stationery, clothes, shoes;
  7. Tables with shelves - the rack is fixed on the countertop and compensates for the absence of wall shelves;
  8. Tables for schoolchildren - what do you need for the student? The table-top is bigger, so that there is where to teach lessons, draw, place a stand with a book, shelves, for educational and reference literature not obstructing the light. Boxes for notebooks and office.
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Gray-white furniture with a computer table Zoning the living room in the apartment Coffee table in the center of the living room Television on chests Living room in beige brown colors

Work area lighting

The quality of lighting affects the performance and well-being. When there is a lack of light, the eyes are in constant tension, they tire faster. Systematic violations of eye hygiene lead to decreased vision. And the older the person becomes, the more detrimental to him is the lack of light. But too bright lighting affects the eyes negatively. The light flux should be evenly distributed over the workplace.

The option of placing a computer table in the interior of the hall Furniture for a hall with a computer table Black computer desk in classic style Miniature Computer Desk  Orange Computer Desk

Irregular glare and frequent flashing, so fluorescent lamps are best not to use. The rays emanating from the LED devices are more pleasing to the eye. In daylight, natural light is preferable. If it is not enough, hanging, table lamps and built-in lamps will help.

Lilac and brown in the interior of the living room Decorative clock on the wall in the hall Blue and white living room furniture Decorative niche in the design of the living room  Beige and brown upholstered furniture

There are many ways to transform the hall into a multipurpose room. The office in the living room is an excellent choice for those who do not have a separate office.