Two-room apartments with a total area of ​​31 square meters.

Interior of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani

It's great when you do not have to spend money on the services of specialists, because you yourself can come up with and implement the reorganization of your apartment.

Designer Maria Dadiani

This is how the fashionable and rather well-known designer Maria Dadiani came in when the question of repair came up. She managed to perfectly equip three different zones in virtually tiny space, equipping them with only the most necessary interior items purchased in conventional furniture stores.

A bit about the owners

This living space is intended for the residence of two spouses and their cats. And its main advantage can be considered the location of the house - not everyone will be lucky to live in the historic center of Moscow next to the Patriarch's Ponds.

By the way, it was the exterior that maximally influenced the formation of the idea of ​​transformation, because such beauty could not but inspire.

Living room of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani Bathroom of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani


Starting to repair, first of all the couple was thinking about how to change the plan of housing, so that it seemed higher and more spacious, and at the same time furnish it with all the necessary furniture. As a result, I wanted to get two full, comfortable rooms, not devoid of some chic.

First of all, bright finishing materials have been chosen, which are traditionally used to visually increase the area.

The next step was to get rid of the inner wall that separates the small kitchen and room to create a popular kitchen in our time-the living room. Dimensions of it turned out pretty decent - about 16 square meters. m.

Initially, an uncomfortable corner arrangement unexpectedly became an advantage, as Maria guessed to fence off the second window for organizing a small but full-fledged bedroom. However, while doing this, we had to thoroughly work on the quality insulation of the outer corner wall.

A bathroom of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani Interior of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani

Storage systems

Spouses are very fond of traveling and from every country they bring various souvenirs reminiscent of trips. Naturally, they had a need to place them in such a way as to brag to the guests.

To do this, the whole wall of the living room was occupied by a tall white shelf, the color of which allows you to focus on the subjects and books on the shelves.

Kitchen of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani


For maximum penetration of natural street light, the window and door that opens onto the balcony were made completely transparent, which made it possible to dispense with several artificial lamps and a chandelier made of black Murano glass, which rather serves to decorate the interior than it carries a functional load.

The chandelier was brought from Venice and has a complex structure, including many small details made by hand.

The bathroom is equipped with exclusive Arabic lamps, which the hostess found on the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul during her next trip. They can not fail to impress with their beauty and exclusivity, when the light rays are reflected in hundreds of glass plates and cast glare on the forged handmade accessories.

Luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani Chandelier in a luxurious apartment from Maria Dadiani


Light cream collection wallpaper, produced with the participation of a well-known Dutch company, decorated with a barely perceptible ornament with elements of heraldic symbols, give the whole atmosphere sophistication and chic. Their texture resemblance to the thinly made soft natural leather can not but produce the proper impression.

Bedroom of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani


In the bedroom, strangely enough, it was possible to install a capacious high cabinet for storing clothes and other personal things, stylistically selected for a common color scheme with the help of light paneled facades. It should be noted that Maria abandoned the idea of ​​making custom-made furniture, thereby proving that even luxury repairs can be economical.

The main feature of the project was the author's refusal to use the usual dining table and even the bar, which is often used today. The fact is that in this case a window sill was used, which was combined with the top of the kitchen set to get a zone for cooking.

The lockers were decorated with the same facades as in the bedroom, adding black handles to the contrast for the black artificial stone countertops. By the way, all modern equipment fit down to the dishwasher here.

Since the owners prefer to eat and eat outside the house, they are quite satisfied with the created corner and a glass table near the sofa to organize a light breakfast. As already mentioned, they did not buy a dining table and chairs, thus saving a decent amount of living space. As a result, the rooms are pleasing to the eye with maximum openness, plenty of light and air.

Bedroom of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani

Textile decorations

We can see a heavy silk curtain only in the bedroom, where there is a need for darkening. The rest of the windows are deliberately left even without thin tulle, so as not to stand out from the general situation, but merge with it. The only decoration for them is a thin gold layout, as if framing a stunning landscape outside the window.

The entrance of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani The entrance of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani

Advice from a specialist

  • Do not make rash purchases of cumbersome furniture, which can take up too much space.
  • Try to make sure that the rooms get as much natural light from the street as possible.
  • For a visual increase in space, use a light palette and mirror surfaces.
  • Find a functional application for every centimeter of your home.
  • Feel free to fantasize and apply these fantasies in the transformation of your home.
Planning of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani Planning of luxury apartments from Maria Dadiani