Interior design of the living room 19 sq. m. m

Living room design 19 sq m

Developing a design project for a living room of 19 sq. M. m., It is necessary to take into account that this is a multifunctional premise. Traditionally, it serves as a recreation area, for parties, as an exhibition hall for presentable accessories. But this function does not end there. The scarcity of space forces us to turn separate zones of the living room into a bedroom, a study, a game room.

Determine with style

The style decision depends on the preferences of the owners. Classic interiors are quite appropriate, but do not overcrowd with stucco and other decorative elements. In small rooms it is better to show restraint. The best choice - modern directions - minimalism, scandium, high-tech. Simple forms, light furniture and reflecting objects do not load space, fill it with freedom. For lovers of bold, unordinary solutions, a loft or pop art is suitable.

Living room 19 sq. M in Art Nouveau style TV stand under the TV  Loft style interior  Painting over the sofa  LED Ceiling Light  Panels on the walls

Color spectrum

The color solution of the interior has an effect on the human psyche. Color can encourage or cause drowsiness, fill with optimism or "drive" into depression. Therefore, it should be used with the utmost care.

Living room 19 sq. M in light colors

Avoid an abundance of bright colors. Enter in the interior as much as possible neutral tones and already on their background arrange spectacular accents. Do not use more than three shades in the basic interior solution. Each of the colors should appear in the design, at least 3 times. "Play" with space - expand it, using light colors, "hide" flaws with the help of dark ones. In long narrow rooms, make accentual short walls. If it is necessary to lower the ceiling, paint it with dark paint. "Push" it will help a two-level design with a dark central part and white hanging. Dark walls have the ability to dissolve and visually move away, if they serve as a background for light furniture. Decided on a multi-color finish? Make one of the colors dominate. Determine with the palette, orient yourself to the side of the world. If the living room windows look to the south or west, "cool" the room with cold tones. In a reverse situation, use warm and light reflective colors.

Photo of the Moon  Dark cupboard in a light interior  Living room with work desk  Parquet on semi  Armchair by the window

What zones should be in the living room?

Zoning allows you to make the building as functional and comfortable as possible. This is an indispensable reception for both spacious rooms in private houses, as well as for small one-room apartments. The living room is 19 square meters. m. it is possible to allocate an area for a working table or a dining group, a bar counter or a library, a winter garden or a berth. The main thing is to think over the organization of space so that there is not a feeling of congestion and disorder.

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Zoning Living Room 19 sq m

The zones are allocated in various ways:

  • install partitions - brick, plasterboard, glass. The minus of such designs is that they block the passage of light to a greater or lesser degree. It is optimal if each zone gets to the window. Otherwise, it is better to use such dividers in the bedroom, dressing room, home office;

A little open the passage of sunlight will help built into the partition windows, through niches, aquariums.

  • mount curtains or blinds - their main advantage is the possibility of easy transformation of the living room. Another plus is the ability to skip the light. The combination of this method with the previous one looks good, when on one side the corner for sleeping, reading or storing things is separated from the main space by a blind partition, and with another light transparent perforated tulle;
  • buy mobile screens - with their help, any corner can easily be turned into a wardrobe room or bedroom. The partition can be moved to another place or completely removed.
  • choose a contrasting finish of walls, floor or ceiling - with its help the zone is allocated visually, there is no real partition. In business there are contrasting shades, multi-level designs, different finishes.

Dining area by the window  Partition in the interior  Wall-papers on a wall  Light mat on the dark floor  Blind between bedroom and living room

Materials and methods of finishing

A successful combination of shades and textures is the main condition for the correct finishing of the room. In the living room use:

  • paint - an economical material that can easily be updated. Against the backdrop of painted walls, the furnishings look expensive and stylish. The material is combined with wallpaper, tile, brick, natural stone. It must be remembered that the walls for painting should be perfectly even and smooth;
  • wallpaper - non-woven, paper, veneer, bamboo, vinyl. Do not paint all the walls with canvases with the same pattern. Modern wallpaper is represented by collections in which basic monophonic versions are combined with patterned ones. To avoid unnecessary variegation and "decoration", the wallpaper with a picture only draw an accent wall. The remaining surfaces act as a neutral background;
  • textured plaster - allows you to hide any defects and irregularities. After painting, it becomes varnish and becomes resistant to moisture;
  • mirror surfaces - visually increase the room by half. An excellent option for expanding space in odnushke;
  • decorative brick or stone - an excellent solution for the wall on which the TV is placed. To the extent of decorative, they do not draw attention to themselves and do not distract from what is happening on the screen;
  • soft panels - look great in the sofa area, fill the room with comfort and warmth;
  • 3D panels - break space, expanding it and visually pushing away walls. Are appropriate as an accent over a sofa or in any other zone.

Wall-paper for a brick in a drawing room 19 кв m

For the floor in the living room use a tile, a parquet board, a laminate or vinyl panels. Favorable floors are liquid floors, solid and decorated with flocks or sequins.

Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Pot with flower on the floor  Floor lamp at the couch  Bio fireplace in the interior  Sofa in front of the TV

Ceiling and lighting

In guest rooms are distributed multi-level suspended and stretched ceilings with built-in lighting. Lighting is one of the most important components of the right design. It is not enough just general or accent light. Combinations of different methods are necessary, thanks to which original and finished scenarios are born. For a common room, the following lighting options are acceptable:

  • common - central chandelier, track systems or various variants of point light;
  • accent - highlighting of individual zones, architectural and decorative elements with the help of devices, with directed sharp, softened or soft light. To do this, use floor lamps, sconces, LED stripes, backlit paintings, suspended ceilings and floors with built-in devices;
  • working - to ensure comfortable and safe working conditions - table lamps and spots.
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Lighting in the living room 19 sq m Pillows on the couch  Lamp in the armchair  Niches in the wall  Ship on shelf  Striped mat at the couch


Standard set for guest rooms consists of:

  • a soft corner - a straight, angular or U-shaped sofa, armchairs;
  • a coffee table;
  • curbstones for TV;
  • open sideboards;
  • komodov.

Soft panels on the wall

In the living rooms, divided into zones, there can be wardrobes-coupes or transformers, dining rooms, computer tables and even beds. Everything depends on the number of sites and their purpose.

Furniture в гостиной 19 кв м

The choice of furniture for the living room depends on the general style of the room and the color scheme. In traditional interiors, classical furniture is used with carved elements from valuable species. Finishing - only natural from high-quality leather or expensive fabrics. Modern interiors are more democratic. They are characterized by innovative materials - glass, plastic, metal and as simple as possible, lack of ornate decor. Here, straight lines prevail, original design solutions, revolutionary textiles with anti-vandal protection or eco-leather. The color of furniture should be either close to the shade of the base finish, or contrast with it. In any interior the furniture of light neutral shades looks wonderful - white, gray, beige.

Red curtains in white interior  TV on the wall  Table of pallets in the living room  Blue accents in the gray interior  Living room with sliding door

Decor, textiles and accessories

Decorating the living room is a responsible task. It is important to choose accessories and textiles so that they are combined with the rest of the decoration. The decor should not be much. There are a few stylish accents that will not overload the space. Watches, vases, paintings should correspond to the general direction of design.

The decor in the living room is 19 sq. M.

Curtains, cushions, carpets should be combined in color and texture. It is not necessary to perform them from one material, but the unifying nuance must be present. For example, with olive curtains, you can pick up beige pillows, one of which will be plant patterns or olive ornaments. One of the pillows can be made of artificial fur, due to which it will have something in common with a shaggy carpet.

Shelves above the door  Chest of the sofa  Cabinets at the window  Tiles on the floor  Green curtains on the window

Interior features of the living room

Passing the living room got us from the Soviet past, when the planners apartments diligently saved square meters. To get into the nursery or bedroom, you need to cross the intermediate room. If the living room is not used for sleep, then this is not a problem. But if there is a sleeping place of someone from the household, a walk-through layout in a two-room apartment can create considerable inconvenience. Another disadvantage of such premises is that additional doorways take up a lot of space and interfere with the convenient arrangement of furniture. In addition, in the daytime doors are most often opened and stealing even more space.

Starry sky on the ceiling

What methods help solve the problem of passage rooms?

Maximize the situation will help:

  • the combination of a living room with a corridor and a kitchen - an open space will give more opportunities for the optimal placement of furniture and decor;
  • the allocation of a part of a rectangular living room to form a corridor - this is possible if the doors are opposite each other. The passage can be separated from the room by a blind wall, using curtains and blinds, sliding partitions or light suspension modules that only indicate the boundaries of the zone;
  • installation of glass sliding doors between the living room and the adjacent room;
  • use of a minimum amount of furniture, for greater freedom of movement;
  • refusal of door leaves and replacement of them with Japanese panels, fabric curtains or decorative beads.
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Light doors in the interior Interior of the living room 19 sq. M  An ottoman in the hallway  Mirror on the floor  The combination of a light sofa and a dark table  Mirror cabinet in the interior

Living room combined with balcony

Additional meters can be obtained by abandoning the usual balcony and making it part of the room. There is additional space that can be used to organize a study, a winter garden, a children's corner. You can join only loggias, you can not use the usual balcony. To get permission for this operation, you need a project. There are different options for joining - with the liquidation of the window unit or without it. If the base of the window sill is an ordinary brick partition, it is quite easy to get the approval of the architectural department. Another thing, if it is part of the reinforced concrete bearing wall in the panel house. There are many ways to beat one and the other. The partition can act as a bar counter, cabinet for a TV, a desktop.

Living room 19 sq. M, combined with a balcony

The main condition that must be met, attaching a balcony - take care of competent insulation.

Acoustics on the floor  Laminate in the living room  Backlighting in the partition  Workplace by the window  Aquarium in the interior

Kitchen-living room design

Living room, combined with the kitchen - a great way to expand the space, fill the room with light and air. There is an opinion that this is impractical, because from the kitchen smells of food come. In fact, this problem is easily solved by the presence of a powerful hood. By the way, without this device even closed doors will not become an obstacle to the smell of fried or baked products.

Kitchen-living room design 19 кв м

There are plenty of such solutions:

  • Firstly, there is additional space;
  • secondly - getting from the kitchen to the dining room is much easier;
  • thirdly, new opportunities for zoning are being opened;
  • fourthly - you can look after the children during cooking;
  • Fifth, the person who cooks food is not isolated and can communicate with guests and relatives or watch TV.

Lamps above the table

To unite these two rooms, it is not necessary to destroy the whole wall. In the panel houses p44t there are special niches - grooves in the bearing walls called "waffle", which can be removed to form an opening.

Sofa at the counter  Zoning with flooring  Chandeliers in the form of flowers in the interior  Shelves in the work area  Hood above the stove

Living room with a bay window

Erker is a bonus for any room. Semicircular walls and windows are very decorative, they give an opportunity for an interesting layout. Especially good here are dining groups with round tables or rounded sofas. The semicircular sill can be replaced with a worktop, set up a kitchen set or built-in lockers - instead of a chest of drawers. The shape of this zone can be emphasized with the help of finishing the floor and ceiling. Round suspended structures, podiums or simply contrast materials will make this site the main decoration of the living room. Light allocation is another way to emphasize the feature of the architectural element.

Living room 19 sq. M with a bay window Chandelier over the sofa  Armchair in the bay window  Skirting on the ceiling  Wallpaper stripes on the walls  Table between chairs


Arrangement of the living room area of ​​19 square meters. m. - a difficult task. It is necessary to take into account the smallest nuances in order to get a modern and comfortable room.