Watercolor design of a small apartment

Design of a small apartment from Studio Oink

Lovely design of a small apartment

Studio Oink have developed a unique design for a small apartment dedicated exclusively to the soft play of light. The peculiarity of this interior is that the light plays a special role here: it emphasizes and shades the walls and furniture of these small apartments in Wiesbaden.

Have you ever noticed how white color affects you, lifting your mood and even as if having fun? Interesting materials should be used wherever light transforms them into special unique products ...

Example: a simple bench in the hallway. Serving as a stand for flowers and books, this pleasant combination will set your soul in harmony with nature.

The interior of this house is an unusual combination of retro, modern and natural elements of decor. Once you cross the threshold of this beautifully lit apartment, you pay attention to the gentle pallet of flowers and textures used in the interior of this nest, as if reminding you of the watercolor masterpieces of great artists.

Kitchen design in a small apartment Lamp in the form of a light bulb

What to do with a tiny bedroom, which, however, has a beautiful view of the garden? Manufacture yourself or make a bespoke wooden box that will at the base create a storage space, and also increase the bed platform for your hosts. Originally made of wood, it will create a perfect contrast to the charming, delicate colors of your bedroom.

This design is a perfect example of an aesthetic interior with clean lines, recycled materials and natural decor elements that will never go out of fashion.

Sleeper at the window Furniture with lighting Open shelves for dishes

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