The color of 2016 according to the pantone version and the

Another year and another intriguing choice from the world's color specialist - the Pantone Institute. For the first time in history, the company chose at once 2 shades as the color of the year! In place of Marsala - a deep color of unisex, in 2016 light pastel colors of Serenity and Pink quartz come. Like specially chosen separately for boys and girls, they really complement each other perfectly. And by viewing the photos of the interiors in this article, you'll see this.

Meet the official selection of Pantone - the color of 2016:

Color 2016 from Pantone This is the color of 2016, or rather the color

Fashionable colors in the interior of 2016 - Serenity and Rose Quartz

Before you start to use these newly advertised fashion colors in the interior, it is worthwhile to understand what idea was laid in their appointment. Soft purple-blue (Serenity) and body-pink (Rose Quartz) colors in 2016 symbolize the blending and blurring of the sexes. Here are the words of the executive director of the Pantone Institute: "In many parts of the world, we are experiencing a gender blur and its influence on fashion, which, in turn, brings color trends to all other areas of design."

Pink quartz and serenity show a balance between the enveloping heat of the pink tone and the cold calm of the blue. Together they bring a calming sense of order and peace. But do not underestimate the brilliance and originality of their combination in interior design! It only at first glance it seems that these fashionable colors are suitable only for the style of Provence or gentle women's and children's rooms.

Find out what color is fashionable in 2016Stylish kitchen in colors of 2016Interior in the style of Provence and flowers in 2016Interior of the bedroom in fashionable colors 2016

In fact, pastel pink and blue colors are perfect for modern interiors. Where pink quartz adds softness and warmth, a calm blue color with a touch of lavender creates an atmosphere of serenity and spring freshness. Let's look at the photos of beautiful modern rooms in these tones.

Color of the year 2016 from Panton in a modern interior

Personally, we, the editorial Dekorin, like the use of these colors in small doses, for example, as interior accessories: cushions, table decor etc. Particularly advantageous they will look at the dark background of furniture upholstery or walls in the interior.

Official pantone color in the interior 2016 pantone in the living room Design of a living room with details of color in 2016 Pink quartz in interior design 2016

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If the use of rose quartz and serenity on a dark background creates an atmosphere of luxury, then a light background will only emphasize their calmness and tenderness.

See what color 2016 on the interior photo Fashionable colors in the interior design 2016Lilac-blue and pink colors of 2016

Decor and accessories are a great way to follow the latest trends and at the same time do not make serious and costly changes in the environment! But if you plan to repair or buy new furniture, then you can look at the following photos of interiors, whose modern style was supplemented by large portions of fashionable shades of 2016.

What color is fashionable in 2016 in interior designFashionable color of the walls in the interior of 2016Colors of the year according to Panton in the design of roomsPainting ombre in colors of 2016 The modern design of the living room in the colors of 2016Design of the living room in light pink and blue tonesInterior design in colors in 2016 in a modern style

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WHAT DO YOU SAY: Do you like or dislike these 2016 colors by Pantone? In what interior would you use them?