We decorate an apartment-studio quickly and with taste:

Modern design studio apartment

Well-thought-out layout

To date, the so-called one-room studio apartments are gaining popularity all over the world. This is primarily due to the availability of this budget housing. If you, dear readers, have become happy owners of studios, the following tips will help you to fully experience the joy of buying a new apartment without being upset because of its modest size.

Do not know how to save space? To begin, push the stools under the table and use them as needed. Get a coffee table with a storage compartment, and hang the shelves as high as possible. Let the free space be as much as possible so that staying in the apartment space is comfortable and enjoyable.

Neutral wall palette

Neutral wall palette

Do not forget that the walls, painted in quiet shades, visually expand the space. They seem to be retreating, and it seems to you that a small one-room apartment becomes bigger than it really is. Interior against a background of neutral walls seems always warmer and more structured.

Mobile partitions в квартире-студии

Mobile partitions

The studio space can be single or divided into parts with different purposes. As partitions can be used folding screens or ceiling curtains, which at any time are removed, without taking up much space.

Red sofa in studio apartment

Sofa instead of bed

Not everyone will like the idea of ​​using your own bed as a seat for visiting guests. But this option clearly deserves the right to live in the limited space of the studio apartment.

Light textile for windows

Light textile for windows

Light curtains of light textile blur the boundaries of the window and allow the sun's rays to freely enter the room. To create the impression of a larger volume, the windows can not be completely curtained.

Clothes hanger

A practical alternative

Of course, the dressing room does not have a place in such a compact apartment, but this does not mean that the clothes will have to be stored in a prominent place by beds and chairs. Let's think more broadly. A hanger with clothes is quite capable of replacing the colorful head of the bed. This extraordinary move will make your room more unique and lively, and the necessary clothing will always be at hand.

Compact furniture

Compact furniture

Folding sofa instead of a double bed, a bar stool instead of a deep chair and other compact pieces of furniture fully perform all their functions without cluttering up the apartment space.

Color Accents в интерьере

Color Accents

Do not think that bright cheerful decor does not fit into the interior of a small room. Elements of saturated shades focus attention and produce a fresh and joyful impression.

Lack of a table for working in the interior

Nothing extra

Of course, it would be nice to have a full-fledged desktop, but is it really necessary in a studio apartment? If you think carefully, the sofa is quite suitable for working on a laptop.

Black and white studio apartment interior

Black and white chic

The classic combination of black and white is the ideal palette for creating a deep complex space of a modest city apartment. The individual elements of the decor, sustained in this scale, can level the monotony of the situation.

Multifunctional partitions в интерьере квартиры-студии

Multifunctional partitions

The bookcase not only accommodates a lot of useful items, but also marks the boundaries of spaces with different functions.

Small lamps в интерьере квартиры-студии

Small lamps

The size of the lamp does not affect its power in any way, so you can safely refuse to buy a chandelier in favor of built-in lampshades and small lamps.

High ceilings in studio apartment

Ceiling height in focus

If your studio apartment has high ceilings, you simply have to emphasize this advantage. Original lamps or interesting decor of the walls will make the interior more attractive. The height of the ceiling can not affect the useful area of ​​the room, but it is fully capable of visually increasing its volume.

Metal elements в интерьере квартиры-студии

Metal elements

Clear lines of decorative elements from metal will advantageously unload the interior and create a special eclectic style.

Bizarre decor elements in the interior of the studio apartment

Unexpected details

Gorgeous wallpaper or quirky decor elements do not affect the perception of space in general, but certainly make it more dynamic and original. Pay attention to the blue-cobalt head of the bed in this photo. A very bold decision!