The house on wheels invites to a nostalgic journey

House on wheels in the style of the 80's

The house on wheels with an improvised patio

If you need to urgently raise your spirits, be sure to read our article, for the house on wheels, which we will tell you, causes an involuntary smile from everyone who sees it.

This is a do-it-yourself project, one of those that Vintage Revivals offers. So everyone who can and loves to create something with their own hands, it will be interesting to get to know him better. To go in this trailer, wherever it is, is not necessary - positive emotions from being in it are guaranteed in any case.

The unexpected appearance of a wooden door - a kind of guest from the 80's - radiates hospitality, as if promising that inside us we expect a warm welcome and a warm apple pie.

Facade of the house on wheels

The sofa with a flower padding and a green-lime table, which were part of the house earlier, replaced a comfortable bouquet of a soft pink hue and a built-in countertop with a geometric pattern.

The yellow wire lampshade of the lamp, hanging over the dining area, emphasizes the nostalgic character of the interior. It is framed by open shelves, on which are placed pots with indoor plants and all sorts of trinkets. All this can be seen endlessly!

The old wooden paneling gave way to a snow-white decor with yellow accents. A set of new tires in conjunction with the design list make this house ideal for traveling to the coast, and for a friendly party.

The trailer (it, by the way, was called Nugget - "nugget") has a truly unique, recognizable design. Almost all the items of his furnishings exist in a single copy, but at the same time they are made mostly of improvised materials and things purchased on occasion, at a flea market or on the Internet.

Interior of the house on wheels Interior of a small house on wheels Kitchen in a small house on wheels Storage system in the house on wheels Entrance hall to the house on wheels

And so this house on wheels looked before repair:

House on wheels before repair

Would you like to get your own trailer? Maybe you already have it? How would you decorate it? We are waiting for your comments.