When the dogma breaks - a modern and spectacular design of

Bright interior design of a small studio

Specialists of the Mooseberry design group pursued the goal of making the apartment in 57 square meters of colorful and super-modern.

A young girl living here, wished to stick to the minimalism in design. As a result, he found reflection in the furniture, and in the layout, and in every element of the decor.

Wooden panels in the interior of the studio

The young mistress prefers not to waste her energy and time for cooking. On her initiative, the kitchen in the apartment occupies a small area of ​​space.

The most important objects here are a dishwasher, a huge refrigerator, a coffee maker and a small, small sink.

Stylish interior of a small studio apartment

The light gray color of the concrete on the floor served as the basis for creating a modern minimal style in the apartment. With it perfectly harmonizes the wooden floorboard in the remaining volume of the room.

An unassuming concrete shade perfectly emphasizes the style of the interior, and the wood decoration of the walls, ceiling and floors fills the atmosphere with home warmth and comfort. To simultaneously make the style simplicity and ease, professionals use neutral tones in the rest of the interior.

Dining area in studio apartment

To create a colorful contemporary environment, designers make a minimum of changes to the original design. They design the entrance to the bedroom from the other side.

This step frees the space for the dressing room. Simultaneously, experts extend the doorway to the kitchen and design the entrance to the bathroom strictly in the central part of the wall that encloses it.

The layout of a small studio apartment

Unique style emphasizes the complete absence of doors in the premises. They do not even have a toilet and a bathroom. Such a design reception absolutely does not create any inconvenience, since these separated zones are located in the very secluded corner of the apartment.

A small bathroom in the studio apartment Shower room in a small studio apartment

A lot of interior items are bought in specialized stores. The rest is made to order. This refers to a colorful table for work, furniture in the living room. They even set up a small balcony.

Bright bookshelves on the balcony

The use of colorful fabrics and decor elements create an exquisite and elegant atmosphere in the apartment. A large-scale panel with a graphic drawing of New York skyscrapers, executed in black and white, perfectly complements the unique style of the room.

Print on the wall in the bedroom Bright interior design of the bedroom Bright accents in the design of the bedroom Stylish interior of the hallway

Entrance hall

Dear visitors of the site about small interiors, but how modern and functional do you think the situation in this apartment is?