Provence style in the interior - 40 photos of design ideas

Living room in Provence style

There is a huge number of trends in interior design that can bring comfort to the house. The most light and air among them is rightly considered the style of Provence in the interior. In this article we will tell you how to create a French oasis in your own nest, how to choose the finishing materials, what shades, colors will add a dwelling of purity and sophistication, what furniture is used in decoration. Elegant simplicity is the true concept of this style.

It was this tandem of factors that attracted, and to this day attracts to the French province of artists, thanks to which the Provencal style of design has gained wide popularity on European expanses. What are the houses of the Provencal village? These are cozy dwellings, through which the daylight seeps through the windows. Aromas of homemade cakes, fabulous energy of hospitality and warmth, interwoven with the surrounding landscapes-

Bedroom with a working place

Many people believe that Provence is a simple, unpretentious style, but "all the salt" is just in the details. To recreate the atmosphere of the rural houses of Provence, you must have an impeccable refined taste.

A bedroom for a teenager in the style of Provence

The colors of the Provençal scale

Designers pay special attention to the creation of a color scheme of the interior. After all, this aspect is the most important for creating an atmosphere of Provencal houses. To decorate rooms you can use light pastel colors to create the effect of "burnt out" surfaces. We do not forget that the southern part of France, where Provence is located, caresses the playful sun rays almost all year round.

Bed with storage boxes Great love from the owners of French houses use ecological colors: gentle green, blue, earthy, sand. For the interior in the style of Provence, there is also a white color, but with its use it is necessary to be very careful. Otherwise, the bright and hospitable will evoke thoughts about the hospital ward. Also appropriate is the use of mustard and saffron, lavender and cornflower blue, which embody the beauty of the Provencal meadows.

Bedroom for the boy Important note: the interior in the style of Provence by definition will not tolerate too contrasting combinations. It is characterized by a pastel color gamut with small interspersions of bright colors. It is very important to feel this side so that the scattering of "spots" in the form of decorative elements does not become one catchy "spot".

Entrance hall with a mirror

Decoration Materials

If desired, plastered walls can be decorated with wallpaper with floral ornaments. But most of all, lovers of Provence make out the rooms of their house or apartment with the help of plaster - classical or decorative. It must be deliberately applied with roughness, irregularities. The walls can be white or be covered with wooden panels. The latter need to give a somewhat shabby appearance. But for the kitchen you can use mosaic or ceramic tiles.

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Decor of the bedroom in the style of Provence

Walls of ivory color are ideal for small rooms. Light tones visually expand the space.

The ceiling in the style of Provence can be white and inlaid with dark ceiling beams. A win-win option is an ensemble of ceiling beams with elements of masonry. Also, to recreate the beauty of French homes, you can apply stucco molding, which adds to your home elegance.

Kitchen with a fresco on the wall For a Provence-style room, there is nothing better than a natural wooden floor from an untreated plank. For flooring in the bathroom, as well as the kitchen, you can use a one-tone tile of muted colors.

About the Provencal furniture, say the word

For the French Provence is characterized by furniture with open shelves, cupboards and chests with a rough texture. Often, designers design milk furniture with an unobtrusive flower motif for this style.

Living room with French windows and fireplace To create a French oasis at home using furniture from natural wood. Especially popular are such tree species as: light walnut, chestnut or oak. Thanks to the patination technique you can give your old furniture a new life. After all, the style of the interior of Provence just means the painted facades with scuffs.

Small Living Room

In the style of Provence is not recommended to use chipboard, plastic and glass, as well as steel or chrome parts. Furniture should be concise and simple. There should not be any avant-garde solutions or automatic control.

Children's room for girls 2-3 years old

Provencal style and lighting

Chandeliers and lamps for the kitchen or living room should support the same concept of naturalness and natural materials. You can choose lighting sources from metal, porcelain or wood. Their key task is not to take attention from furniture items or decoration of pastel tones.

Bathroom with pink tiles Also pay attention to the colors of the chandelier. They should not be too colorful, enough two tones - white and some pastel. For example, the "burned out" yellow, purple or soft pink. Such color solutions are ideal for a bedroom or a living room, but for the kitchen you can take cream or muffled turquoise shades. Do not forget that retro lights should be combined with each other. Original in the Provencal style of the interior will look like lamps with shades and forged lamps with floral ornaments.

blue and white corner kitchen

Flower motifs of the interior

It is known that Provence combines refinement, multiplied by simplicity. The main element is the flower ornament, which can be traced in the upholstery of upholstered furniture, curtains and decorative cushions.

Unusual entrance hallDoor and furniture hallway in a similar color scheme in the country house

The obligatory accent are flowers - rose and lavender, which personify the beauty of the Provencal village. They can be traced not only decorative elements, but also interior decoration. For example, wallpaper with delicate colors or a floral pattern on ceramic tiles. Since the French province is famous for the beauty of nature, this style implies the abundance of living plants in artificially aged pots arranged around the house. You can decorate the living room with lovely bouquets of wildflowers, dried flowers. Very interesting look and hanging from the walls of the ivy branch. From indoor plants, give preference to bells, violets and hydrangeas.

Modern Provence style toilet

Provencal style and decor

The key task is not to overdo the decorative elements. The interior of the French rural houses are characterized by aged vases, vintage frames and candlesticks, statuettes and old dining sets. Also it is necessary to say about the great love of the admirers of Provence to the wicker baskets. They can be used to store children's toys, books and clothes. As you can see, even objects of decor can become original and functional assistants.

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Bedroom design Many supporters of this style ascribe to him excessive asceticism. He really has smooth lines and a certain minimalism. But you can always decorate the walls with neat pictures with wooden frames or family photos. Speaking of painting, note that the Provence style is appropriate for landscapes and vintage motifs. Modern modular paintings and abstractions have no place in a measured and smooth stylistic direction.

Kitchen combined with balcony

Creating a special atmosphere in a private house

Due to its elegance and simplicity, the Provence in the interior became popular among the owners of country houses. In addition to general recommendations, they should pay attention to a very important element of the decor - a fireplace. Without it, it is difficult to imagine a French cozy house, the atmosphere of which Europeans are trying to recreate at home.

Living room in a country house The fireplace must be made of organic materials. The most popular combination is natural stone and wood. An important detail - forged grilles or screens, which in combination with wood surfaces will look great. Also worth considering is a very interesting two-color painting. As a base, you can use a gentle blue color, and on top apply white. It is recommended to walk around the corners and protruding elements after drying the fireplace.

Light bedroom with wardrobe

Interesting options for decorating a fireplace for summer cottages

The interior in the style of Provence is characterized by attrition and aging. We offer you several techniques that will help change your fireplace beyond recognition, thereby giving it an appropriate look. 1. Staining with the patina effect. With the help of a special paint, you can create a very interesting pattern on forged elements of a fireplace and other decor items.

Hall in the style of Provence

Do not forget about the sense of proportion. It is not recommended to apply the dye composition too thickly. It is necessary to gently rub it into the bends and angles of forged parts.

2. To give the fireplace a cracked look will help craquelure. To do this, you can use the appropriate types of varnish or even thin-layer plaster.

Turquoise anteroom But what about the residents of multi-storey blocks? For them, the best option will be an artificial fireplace, made in the style of Provence. There are very realistic models with charred logs that mimic the crackling sound of firewood. To decorate a wall with a fireplace, you can use live or artificial flowers.

Toilet with sink

Interior of rooms and kitchens in Provence style

Most often, the most spectacular is the bedchamber. On the large windows neat translucent curtains, and in the center of the room - a bed with metal forging. Light walls harmoniously blend with the bedroom's floral textiles, and neat lights add a boudoir of tranquility and create an atmosphere of tranquility. And what else is needed for a quality holiday?

Kitchen with TV In the interior of the living room it is necessary to use upholstered furniture with rounded lines, aged vintage cupboards, and in the center of the hall there is a fireplace with metal forging. For decor you can use ceramic vases and floor lamps with muted soft light.

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Blue and white bathroom Typically, the kitchen, decorated in the style of Provence, is filled with light-colored furniture with open shelves. On them there are bright plates with hand-painted. The dining area is necessarily a large wooden table with antique chairs or stools. Their colors can be contrast: marsh, terracotta or dark blue.

The distinctive features of the Provence style in interior design:

  • Its key components are simplicity and conciseness. And this is manifested in all aspects - from the color gamut to the selection of furniture and the design of surfaces. When creating an atmosphere in the spirit of Provencal houses try to keep as much free space as possible. Semi-empty rooms, flooded with streams of sunlight - it's a classic Provence. Pomposity and redundancy are alien to him.
  • Clear instructions for creating Provence color palettes do not exist. But in its interior it is necessary to use a kipely-white color, its derivatives with a warm sub-ton. You can fill the moody sitting room with earthy tones. For the base color choose ash- or pale pink, gentle blue or lilac. And if you decide to add deep, saturated "spots", use a muted blue, dark brown, purple.
  • Furniture inside the Provencal houses can be light or dark. Do not be afraid to combine wood with metal. Relevant are the wooden facades of kitchen cabinets, decorated with forged handles or grilles. Such decor options do not lose their relevance neither in 2000 nor in 2018.

Yellow-pink bedroom

Key differences between provence and country

Many people who like the style of farmhouses, confuse these two areas. But the difference is significant:

  • The first style is inherent in the abundance of floral motifs, which, more often than not, are focused on the textile components of the interior. In addition to berry, floral ornaments, the country style is characterized by strict geometric patterns: a cage, a strip or peas. But in the Provencal style the cage is not used.
  • In the coloristic decision of the country, warm tones prevail, but the shades of French meadows - cornflower blue and lavender - are never used. And white color does not belong in a country house decorated in country style. The Provencal interior is filled with cool tones dictated by Mother Nature herself.
  • The interior of the country is dominated by natural wood. Most often these are stained, and unpainted wooden surfaces. Decorative beams, like furniture, look like "tortured" wood. But the Provence style is also a tree, but, more often, painted in several layers (pastel, white tones, also very popular is the shade of ivory).

Square entrance hall with white furniture

As you can see, the style of Provence in the interior requires an attentive attitude to detail. Thanks to the combination of ecological materials with air pastel shades, you can create your own truly enchanting hospitable atmosphere in the house. Provence combines nobility and tranquility. Making a house or apartment in this style is an ideal option for people who are tired of living in concrete "fetters." Therefore, if you are striving to merge with nature, silence, then create a French oasis right in the middle of a metropolis - in your own home. Moreover, this year the popularity of Provence will not fade.