25 ideas for the design of the bathroom in khrushchev

How to design a bathroom in a Khrushchev

"Khrushchev" - one of the most common types of buildings. These apartments are equipped so that the need for redevelopment certainly arises (there is a catastrophic lack of a native place). Especially it affects the bathrooms with very scanty dimensions. To increase the bathroom, residents often resort to the need to donate some plumbing for the sake of free space. How to equip the design of the bathroom in Khrushchev, optimize the space and create a pleasant interior? Simple enough!

What difficulties do you expect?

The main difficulty is the initial layout of the Khrushchev. It is quite inconvenient, it is necessary to redevelop. If you decide on a combined toilet with a bath, you are expected to dismantle the wall partition. The process will not take much time, but it will make you sweat above the walls of the new room.

Bathroom design, compact location in Khrushchev The second problem is the location of water communications. It is very likely that you will need to do additional wiring to save space. This will contribute to the convenient and rational arrangement of additional plumbing. You can determine the layout of the pipes in the bulkhead. There will be a need to level this wall, which can bring a lot of trouble.

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Bathroom in Khrushchevka in turquoise tones

Rationalization spaces

The combination of a bathroom and a toilet is the best solution for the rationalization of space. If this is not possible, then there will be options. An excellent step will be the purchase of miniature models of plumbing. You can not install a washbasin, and only dispense with a shower or bathtub faucet.

How to arrange a bathroom and a sink in a hruschevka Becoming popular is the use of a bathroom and toilet without footboards. This will install a washing machine or laundry basket in the bathroom. To further rationalize the space, you can hide the pipes and the drain tank in the bathroom wall. When buying plumbing, choose corner models, they will allow you to expand your free space. Install additional shelves by hanging method, but do not place them too high. Instead of a bath, make a shower. Its vertical dimensions do not correlate with the horizontal dimensions of the bathroom.

Compact bathroom in Khrushchev

Stylistics of the room

Of course, the huge role of the bathroom design is played by the style of the room. We offer variants of styles with the description:

MinimalismBased on the size of the bathroom, minimalism seems to be optimal. It provides for the presence of parts with elements of rigor and accuracy. Built-in boxes in the walls will fit bottles and tubes. A special feature is a constant sense of order, despite what is happening in hidden lockers.
Japanese styleThis style is a colorful combination of Asian color and minimalism. Like the previous style, Japanese differs austerity, but it has features that appear in a certain composition of walls and the presence of small design elements.
High techIt differs in cold shades with elements of glass surfaces and bright expression of metallic tones. Lamps that use high-tech style allow you to visually expand the space. Good for fans of art and high materials.
ModernIs the most common style at the moment. It is characterized by smooth surfaces, practicality in the choice of sanitary ware and its small size. The style is characterized by simple tones (white, black, gray) and light reflecting the walls.
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Juicy color bath in Khrushchev

Expansion of space

If there is no way to really expand the space, it is necessary to expand it for our eyes. Visual expansion of space in the bathroom is possible through the following solutions:

  • ceiling finish in light colors and glossy surface;
  • the application of vertical strips on the walls;
  • Expansion by means of diagonal inserts (alternating tiles on the floor);
  • mosaic of the protruding elements of the room;
  • a combination of light tones with dark ones;
  • additional mirror surfaces;
  • local illumination;
  • suspended plumbing;
  • the choice of glass shelves and cabinets.

Bathroom in bright colors in Khrushchev

Important when observing the advice is their correct combination. Do not zealously pursue the expansion of space, if the bathroom does not allow you to successfully combine the above elements.

Expansion of space в хрущевской ванной комнате

Colors of the room

When choosing the basic colors, be guided by light and bright colors. They will allow you to visually increase the room. Combine the tones with the darker ones to achieve a depth effect. The bathroom will have a lot of free space and create a subconscious feeling of depth of being. Do not make a full bath in white colors, it will only create a feeling of a cold hospital atmosphere that is constantly depressing. The classic option is a combination of white with milky chocolate tones. The room is made with dairy walls and accented black strips as elements of the groove. Combine with furniture that should be darker than the walls. Floor in darker than walls. There will be a feeling of room expansion up. The ceiling should be made in light colors, so as not to create an atmosphere of being in the bubble.

Color scheme for finishing the bathroom in Khrushchev

Material of finishing

Material of finishing играет не маловажную роль. Оптимальным вариантом для потолка будет покраска или установка пластиковых панелей, как уже говорилось, в светлых тонах. Если позволяет высота, отличным решением будет сделать натяжной глянцевый потолок. Это позволит ощущать продолжение ванной комнаты вверх. Стены необходимо отделать, применяя мозаику или кафель. Использование краски считается нормальным, но неровные стены не позволяют сделать это реальным. Кафель или мозаика позволят комбинировать цветовую гамму стен, что, как уже выяснили, является позитивным с точки зрения визуального расширения. Для пола используйте плитку. Можно воспользоваться трюком диагонального расширения пространства. Позаботьтесь, чтобы плитка не была слишком скользкой, ведь взаимодействие с водой может негативно повлиять на человека, который находится на плитке.

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Sink over stiralkoy in the bathroom

Choice of sanitary engineering

The last step in decorating the interior of the bathroom is the choice of sanitary ware. The largest element is the bath (it is better to replace the shower). If the replacement for the shower enclosure is not possible, choose a corner model.

Choice of furniture and sanitary ware for a bath in Khrushchev In order not to buy additional lockers, lay the sides of the tiles. They serve as a storage place for various bottles and tubes. Choose a sink without running boards. On comfort this will not affect, and additional space will provide. Choose a toilet without running boards. Do not worry that the design can not withstand your weight. Good models can withstand up to 200 kg. If your weight is within these limits, then make a choice of this option.

An example of the design of a bath in a Khrushchev To free space, the washbasin can be placed over the bathroom. It's practical and convenient. Shower cabin rationalize by converting into a shower with a sink on the floor. This will allow to level the space, thereby, not creating a sense of having a large structure. Equip and use niches for storing household chemicals. Take into account the above tips to rationalize the bathroom. Remember, comfort and beauty should be present together. This is the basic rule of any quality bathroom design. Pay special attention to plumbing, it takes the largest place. The right choice can expand the space free for everyday life.