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Bathroom in the style of a chalet is a good way to create an atmosphere of coziness and to emphasize the eccentricity of the inhabitants of an apartment or house.

Recently, both in Russia and in Europe, ethnic and retro trends are gaining popularity in the field of interior design. Among such areas, the chalet style occupies a special place.

The origins of this style should be sought in the Swiss Alps, where shepherds built uncomplicated huts for their families, the main requirement of which was the preservation of heat and reliability.

Later, the abbreviation "chalets" in Switzerland began to be called houses intended for hunters, fishermen or simply tourists stopping for the night when traveling in the Alpine mountains.

Wooden Bathroom Finishing

The wooden finish of the bathroom in the style of the chalet makes the atmosphere cozy and relaxing.

Bathroom with shower

Bathroom with a shower cabin in the style of the chalet is finished with tiles, imitating marble. Elegant and practical decoration for the interior of a country house.

These buildings were made exclusively of natural materials, the interior decoration and furnishings were simple and natural.

Later, Alpine chalets contributed to the emergence of a special direction in the design of the premises, which is characterized by simplicity and coziness, environmental friendliness and identity.

The style of the chalet involves the use of mostly natural materials - wood and stone. The main task of style is to get as close to nature as possible.

In this style, usually form the country houses and villas, but the interior design of the modern apartment can also be made in the style of the chalet, which will give it a cosiness and originality. In this style, you can draw up all the rooms, and one or several rooms. Chalet implies the presence of large spaces.

Bathroom white oak finish

White oak - an excellent option for finishing the walls of the bathroom, organized in the style of the chalet. An attractive feature is the properly selected parts.

Bathroom in chalet style

Bathroom in the style of a chalet with echoes of a loft in a country cottage near Irkutsk.

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Color solutions for chalet style

Given the main idea of ​​the style - the maximum use of natural materials, the color palette is limited to natural wood shades and the color of natural stone. Often for the revitalization of the interior are introduced not bright shades of blue, green, red.

The following colors are mainly used:

  • brown;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • yellow;
  • терракотовый;
  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • blue.
Elegant bathroom

The bathroom is in the style of a chalet in the attic floor, as an example of correctly selected lighting. Ceiling chandelier, simulating the elk's horns, gives a soft, warm light.

Narrow bathroom

Functional chalet for interior design of the bathroom is a profitable solution for people who like to rest from the bustle of a big city.

For the bathroom, light wood shades are more preferable. Preference for light tones is given, mainly, so that the room does not look too gloomy, since in most cases bathrooms are provided without window openings and there is no natural light in them.

Plumbing is preferable to choose light shades of brown or beige, as white will stand out sharply against the general background, leveling the main idea of ​​the chalet style.

For the same reason, household appliances (washing machine or boiler) should be taken out of the bathroom, if other premises are provided in a different design style. If household appliances still have to be placed in the bathroom, it should be decorated with some kind of natural material, for example, wooden shields. Household appliances should be chosen in a color casing, so that it does not stand out as a "bright spot" on the general background.

Spacious bathroom

A spacious bathroom in the style of the chalet is organized extremely functionally. There is everything for lovers of a contrast shower or hot bath.

Stylish bathroom

The color of the wenge makes the style of the chalet that was used to decorate the bedroom, noble and elegant.

Bathroom decoration in chalet style

For finishing the bathroom in the style of the chalet use the same basic materials - wood and stone. Given the specificity of the room (high humidity), wood must be impregnated with special moisture-repellent compounds. The coating of the wood with varnish, as a rule, does not apply within the framework of this style.

A very characteristic element of the bathroom, designed in the style of the chalet, are the ceiling wooden beams, which can be highlighted on the main background of the ceiling with a more saturated color, and can be performed in one tone with it.

Vannaia at the mansard

A small bathroom in the style of a chalet in the country house near Belgorod.

Corner bathroom

For the organization of the interior a corner bathroom was used. In accordance with the style it was covered with a panel of natural wood.

More practical material for the bathroom is a stone, which is usually combined with wood when decorating a room, since the use of exclusively a stone will give the room a gloom and coldness.

Combining both of these materials, the floor can be made of stone, and the walls and ceiling of wood, using stone trim on the walls in the bath area and the sink.

Of course, in a city apartment it is difficult to observe all the rules of style, but it is possible to approach it as close as possible by simply using a tile decorated under a stone on the floor and walls of the bathroom, and to decorate the ceiling with a wooden lining.

Compact bathroom

Light chalets do not like glut of interior details.

Deep bathroom

The main requirement of the style can be called sufficient solar lighting, so presumably in the bathroom in the style of the chalet should be a window.

Bathroom furniture and accessories in chalet style

Immediately it is worth noting that the chalet involves a minimum of furniture, especially in the bathroom, there should be only the most necessary, for example:

  • bedside table under the sink;
  • small cabinet for bathroom accessories;
  • shelves;
  • wooden bench.

Furniture, mostly made of wood and is massive. Well, if the tree is artificially aged, it will fit the concept of style.

It is very appropriate to use antique things, but you can turn ordinary furniture into antiques, simply taking off the lacquer and treated with gray wax.

Noble bathroom finishes

Noble decoration of the bathroom from expensive natural wood makes the interior romantic and elegant.

Finishing from a natural stone

The actual decorative material for the chalet style is considered to be natural stone.

It is very original for this style - the use of a stone bath and a wash basin, but this is quite expensive, requiring, in addition, a considerable area of ​​the room. Stone plumbing can be successfully replaced with the usual, made of metal and ceramics, taking into account the requirements of style in color. The bath, in this case, it is better to close the lateral wooden shields.

Cranes and mixers should be chosen in retro style, preferring bronze or copper.

And, of course, it's important not to forget about accessories that will help complete the image and create that feeling of coziness and comfort that involves the style of the chalet.

The handicrafts will be very handy here. All accessories must be made of natural materials. It is very appropriate in such a bathroom will look like a knitted rug on the floor, wicker from wood rods basket for dirty laundry, natural vegetable wool, white wafer towels on the hooks.

Bathroom in the attic

Correct design of a modern bedroom in the style of a chalet.

Bathroom in chalet style

For the bathroom in the style of the chalet was correctly chosen furniture. Exquisite design allows you to functionally place electrical equipment.

The main differences of the chalet style. Video

Style chalet in the interior design of the bathroom