Bathroom design 3 sq. m. - 42 photos of the idea

White and blue bathroom

Even a room with a small area deserves a unique and original interior. But the development of a 3 sq m bathroom design will require a lot of effort to combine with the aesthetics the necessary functionality. It is not bad to orient among a variety of stylistic decisions, materials, decor and sanitary ware. You should choose the most preferable and relevant. Ideas for inspiration can be found on the photo, and find out a sufficient number of techniques that draw attention to the finish and do not notice the main drawback - the size.

A colorful escape from routine and monotony in the bathroom is possible. Common two-color solutions:

  • yellow + orange: for positive, good mood;
  • white + blue: natural, expressive, romantic;
  • white + light green: fresh, fashionable;
  • gray + lemon: non-standard;
  • pearl + mint: one of the most colorful trends of the last year.

Orange walls and antique tiles

No less popular shades of beige, their harmonious combination. Cappuccino, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, gold - preferred combinations will not allow to look boring.

Bathroom design 3 sq.m.

Style: the choice is

Insufficient size imposes restrictions on the design of the bathroom of 3 sq. M. Not all styles can be realized fully, with all the characteristic features, expressive decor giving the necessary chic to the interior, such as art deco.

Small bathroom in white colors

They will appear interesting, recognizable by the photo:

  • High tech. Chromed elements, shiny surfaces, shades of gray, innovative devices.
  • Scandinavian. White walls, the appropriate and justified imitation of the tree.
  • Eco-style. Stylization for natural stone, copper as metal elements, white natural ceramics and herbal bright accents.
  • Ethno. It is unlikely to add space, but comfort - guaranteed. Tiles in patchwork style are complemented by wooden, jute details in decoration and accessories.

Unusual tiles in the bathroom decoration

Accent wall

Even in a small bathroom reception is appropriate, especially if the entire room is made in white or close. Can be located in different places, depending on what zone you want to emphasize specifically.

Combined bathroom and toilet

In many cases, it is not necessary to do the whole, standard, it can be a wall section:

  • near the bathroom;
  • near the mirror;
  • zone shower room.

Short bath

You can allow the use of expensive, original tiles on the local area of ​​the bathroom - a small partition at the mirror and sink. For a small area of ​​the lateral surface, porcelain stoneware with photo printing is suitable - especially if the image is with perspective, panoramic view, another illusion of a deception.

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Shower cabin in a narrow bathroom

Another design reception with a special scope - a mirror in the wall. It can only occupy the upper half. For example, the wall opposite the door is made with tiles at a distance of 1 m from the floor, and up to the ceiling - a full-sized mirror for the maximum width of the surface. This technique will visually increase the space, only it is worthwhile to provide outputs for the lamps.

Small bathroom at 3 meters

Wet area

For a good design, successful from the point of view of use, one must choose from their own preferences the most important thing of any bathroom. Modern, sometimes very innovative, ideas can be confusing, but if you like to spend time lying, then it's more reasonable to dwell on the classical version:

Bathroom on 3 sq.m. with washing machine

  • Bath. Its standard dimensions will be limited, most likely, to 1.5 meters in length. But there are models more elegant - high, oval, in the form of a drop. Color models can become an essential accent in the white space.
  • Sitting modifications with glass static partitions - a compromise solution, saving space, for example for a washing machine, a toilet.
  • Shower enclosure - will allow you to free space, but it will not be suitable for every style due to the appearance.
  • Built-in shower behind the transparent partitions to the ceiling - for active people who value maximum freedom. The latest achievements in the sanitary engineering field will allow us to build a shower station, which replaces the functionality of a separate cabin.

Shower behind a glass partition

If you refuse the standard kind of central unit in favor of the built-in shower, you will absolutely add spaces, and the problem of placing the washing machine and the laundry basket will be solved painlessly. Advanced versions of the toilet bowls are so ergonomic that they can easily fit into a miniature space. Masterpieces of hygiene in addition will be an appropriate decoration of the bathroom interior, will support solutions of modern styles.

Tiny bath with toilet

Walls, ceiling: a colorful solution

Ceramics - not the only way to finish the side background. The painting will give a smooth smooth surface, which will uniquely allow the room to grow visually. On a monophonic surface it is especially impressive, its subject content looks impressive: a sink, lamps, unusual and fully capable of carrying a decorative function towel warmers.

The combination of wood and tiles in the bathroom interior

Actual. Staining - practical, budgetary, but only when the prepared surface is close to the ideal - aligned, plastered.

Window in the bathroom

Waterproof paints are now presented with numerous qualitative characteristics: against mold, fungus, vapor-proof, problem-free enduring active use of cleaning products. And the beauty for the walls of the bathroom of such a simple material will be given:

  • limitless possibilities of tinting;
  • Compositions giving a matte, glossy, satin result;
  • structural - effectively.

Miniature bath in a small bathroom

For a small combined bathroom designers offer simple, smooth ceilings, which can also be painted. Option: combine the finish of the ceiling with partial wall decoration with a similar paint, combining with other finishing techniques (panels, imitation of bricks).

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Bathroom 2 by 3 meters

Tile: choose and do not be sorry

Such technical aspects as selection, layout can spoil all efforts to choose the color and style of the bathroom. What dangers exist and reasonable precautions do not prevent:

  • From different collections. Finding partners is not so simple: the format, the thickness of the coveted squares for each manufacturer is different.
  • A popular technique - a small smooth white tile with a spectacular dark, colored grout will require incredible craftsmanship when stacking.
  • If only the color options are satisfied, then the main load on the increase in space lies on the other - alternative ways of laying expressive geometric shapes, reflecting the ability of materials.

Combination of tiles in a small bathroom

If you want to raise the ceiling visually - change the location of the tiles. It can be in the form of a "boar" or have a wider rectangle. Placed vertically, it visually lifts the ceiling. Another way - diagonal styling, and a narrow rectangular pottery will simulate the parquet scheme of the tree, not only on the floor, but also on the wall.

Washing machine under the sink in the tub

Laying out a rectangular tile - the last trend. It can be a certain segment of bright color: azure, aquamarine, on a white background. There are more loyal to the consumer collections: they have a large size (20 * 60 cm), but with imitation of characteristic small bricks, which will be 4 or 6 at once.

Stylish bathroom

Imitation of a mosaic is a good way not only to save, because due to careful selection of colors, the result is impressive. On one single tile can be placed 40-50 mosaic squares of the matrix form. Fashion is considered a mix of materials, but especially with a combination of budget and expensive designer collections it is difficult to combine sizes. Steal precious precious area, numerous pruning. Therefore, we must carefully verify the dimensions and relationships, since not all of them are multiples of 10 and each other, as can be seen from the table.

Imitation mosaic in the bathroom without a toilet

KindsSuitable sizes, cmThickness, cm
squarerectangularnot more than 0,7
mosaic2,5*2,5, 3*3
a large40*40, 45*4520*60
floor with imitation of parquet12*36,5more than 0,9
floor25*25, 30*30, 44*4415*40, 20*30
porcelain stoneware44*4444*66

Washing machine in a small bathroom

Current floor

Porcelain from the collections of recent years is virtually indistinguishable from natural stone in appearance, strength, other useful characteristics for a damp room. Polished is not the safest solution, and the advice to fit it diagonally is not the most economical solution.

Decorative wooden substrate in the bathroom

3d-design of the bathroom floor is unusual, but already found its fans. It is only necessary to select a drawing that will be completely placed in the visible space, especially when a large area is allocated to the shower zone.

Shower room in the bathroom

The floor with abstract splashes, sea foam, pebbles - is suitable in meaning and is justified by practicality. If there is a plan for the permanent finding of a beautiful floor mat, a significant part of the plane will be hidden, and then the nobility and respectability of natural stone or other spectacular techniques will not prove themselves at full strength.

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Water resistant laminate in the bathroom

Useful and beautiful

Streamlined shapes of furnishings - the most comfortable for the design of the bathroom is about 3 sq. M. And the most important is the availability of storage systems. The abundance of care products, hygiene will not bring anything useful to the interior, except for the sensation of littering.

Rectangular bathroom

What are the solutions:

  • Lateral space of the bath, hidden by special screens, turning into shelves and holders from the back side.
  • Angles, a place above the front door - open shelves for several beautiful gizmos, the rest - behind the mirror facades.
  • Laconic design of the shelf with the necessary facilities located in the shower area.
  • Hidden retractable structures for storage.

Washing machine in the bathroom

Shells, especially in stylistic tandem with a mixer, become expressive art-objects of the bathroom, although they do not cease to perform the necessary function. The need to attach a washing machine, it is completely eliminated, if you choose overhead models of washbasins along with a suitable pedestal, counter top, hinged shelf.

Shower cabin with folding doors

The only limitation, a small size of the shell, is completely compensated by the spectacular appearance, including due to the material:

  • glass transparent;
  • bowl of natural stone;
  • wooden;
  • bright faience;
  • oval in the Japanese style;
  • metal bowl.

Bathroom interior in marble

Modern proposals for a combined bathroom allow you to disguise the toilet flush toilet in the area of ​​the wall, while simultaneously incorporating some models of washing machines. The installation box allows you to make decorative niches for storing towels.

Bathroom Lighting

Necessary lighting and decoration

Versatile lighting is the key to the successful use of the bathroom space. What you should pay attention to:

  • симметрично расположенные светильники near the mirror;
  • point top lighting;
  • LED lights.

Backlight Wall

Built-in intensity adjustment will make it comfortable to use in the dark and create a romantic or relaxing entourage.

Towel dryer in front of the shower

Council. Provide an adequate number of electrical outlets at the project stage, the possibility of harmoniously integrating them into the design of the bathroom - everything is visible in a small room.

Hi-tech bathroom design

In a small room all the decor should be at least something useful. But even small items, functional elements - a powerful means to express the idea:

  • The frame of the mirror is one of the most noticeable details at the entrance;
  • a glass for toothbrushes, a soap dish - stone, from actual malachite or industrial concrete;
  • bronze, copper in fixtures and fittings - very elegant.

Imitation of sunlight in the bathroom

Modern materials, novelties of sanitary ware are capable to present aesthetic pleasure. Reasonable storage systems, ergonomic furniture models will allow you to put everything you need without giving up the sink in favor of the washing machine.

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