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Whatever the area of ​​the kitchen, most hosts seem small and cramped. Well thought out kitchen design 9 sq.m. allows not only rational use of each centimeter of the area, but also create the illusion of space.


At 9 square meters you can safely place all modern household appliances and kitchen furniture. Hints of experts will help to do this most effectively, so that there is enough space for the reception of guests and communication of the whole family.

Table of contents of the article:

  • What should be the repair of the kitchen for 9 square meters?
  • Features of the kitchen with an area of ​​9 "squares"
  • Functional kitchen
  • We choose the style of the kitchen for 9 sq.m.
  • Photo of kitchen design 9 sq. M. m.

What should be the repair of the kitchen for 9 square meters?

The best way to update the kitchen is repair, it can be of different scales:

  • cosmetic (superficial);
  • capital (high-grade);
  • partial (separate blocks).

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The scope of the transformation of the kitchen depends on the degree of deterioration of the surfaces. The morally outdated kitchen needs to be transformed so that classmates or relatives do not say that "10 years have passed - there is no change"!


Another reason to change everything is to make the kitchen multifunctional. Well, when you can not only cook here, but also fully rest after meals, solve their questions on the laptop and communicate with friends over a cup of aromatic coffee.


Most often the design of the kitchen is 9 sq.m. determines the possible budget that the family can afford. Someone does repairs often, other families are constantly putting off this venture. And only when something radical happens, for example, the tap is broken or the neighbors are flooded, they start to change something.


All these points must be taken into account so that the invested money is not wasted. It happens that with low expenses they achieve the maximum result, others invest in impressive amounts of money, and do not produce any impression. And the reason is not in the size of the kitchen, but in the chosen interior - a photo of the kitchen design 9 sq.m.


Features of the kitchen with an area of ​​9 "squares"

Any kitchen in a city apartment was planned so that it was:

  • Working area for processing and cutting products;
  • a place for cooking;
  • dinner Zone;
  • passage (free space to move).


You can not compact the space allocated for the sink, stove, refrigerator. But it is always possible to reduce the working surface for cleaning and cutting vegetables and meat. Part of this can be done on the dining table.


If the set of home appliances is minimal, then it does not take much space either. Sometimes in a small kitchen trying to squeeze a washing and dishwasher, microwave or miracle stove, pressure cooker, grill, food processor, bread maker, coffee maker and other appliances.


All electrical appliances require a lot of space and a thoughtful approach to how all this organically fit into the kitchen design of 9 sq.m. When choosing the style of the interior it is important to consider that the wonders of modern technology will not harmoniously look at the provincial or classical cuisine. We have to confine ourselves to modern stylistics.


The scale of the dining area of ​​the kitchen depends on the composition of the family and how often everyone gathers for a joint meal. The realities of city life are such that everyone leaves and comes home at different times, eat or snack without waiting for other family members.


Free space kitchen 9 sq.m. can not be large, unless it is square. To move around the kitchen when cooking food does not take a lot of space. But when several people come here often, free space should be freed to the maximum.


Functional kitchen

Design kitchen for cooking, in which the owners rarely eat themselves, may not include the dining area. Instead of the table, you can confine yourself to any plane - a bar counter, a table top, combined with a window sill, a sliding or folding board. Eating is often organized elsewhere, for example, in the dining area of ​​the living room.


The kitchen design of 9 sq. M., Combined with the dining area, assumes a soft corner or a full-fledged dining table with chairs or stools. The external appearance of this zone is given much more attention than the kitchen for cooking. It is important, what will be the lighting, the decor of the walls, is there enough space for all members of the family. A special atmosphere is created by beautiful covers on stools and low lights hanging over the table with washable shades.


The design of the kitchen with balcony is the result of the redevelopment of the city apartment. Breakfast, lunch or dinner at the window gives new strength before the work day, especially when the house is a picturesque panorama. A dull industrial area outside the window should be hidden by beautiful opaque curtains. Warmed and attached to the kitchen balcony (loggia) gave additional "squares" to a small kitchen - the dining area is taken out there.

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The corner kitchen design is 9 sq.m. takes into account the presence of 2 windows or a specific layout. If there is not enough space for kitchen furniture, all vertical planes are used to the maximum. It is best to order in the local firm built-in kitchen furniture, where the hanging cabinets go to the very ceiling. This will save space, and behind the facades it is easy to hide pipes, a gas column and a counter.


We choose the style of the kitchen for 9 sq.m.

Modern styles (hi-tech, techno, loft) are chosen mainly by young families, which are quite comfortable against the background of color plastic, diode lighting and chrome hardware. This is a very popular stylistic solution, but not every interior looks organic in a similar kitchen. It is important to choose not only the style and the materials inherent in it, but more to attach importance to the form of furniture. Beautiful panels and facade, elegant chairs and lamps will add more charm. It will perfectly fit modern household appliances and a large plasma panel (TV).


Classic style will not go out of fashion as a standard of good taste. It is preferred by people of more mature age, therefore it is suitable for families where 3 generations peacefully coexist. A characteristic feature is the preference for wooden furniture and natural materials. This style is not changed for years, feeling very comfortable. Periodically, it is worth updating the facades of furniture and decoration.


Country and Provence in the design of modern kitchens 9kv.m. - a popular direction, as opposed to urban urbanism. After completing the work day in the "stone jungle", it's nice to plunge into such a hospitable and heart-felt provincial atmosphere.


The decoration of the kitchen is easy to update periodically, changing the decor, but the basic interior can serve for years, without losing its aesthetic value.

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These are only general recommendations, and what should be the look of a small kitchen - to be decided by the owners. We hope that the new ideas will be prompted by a selection of photo design kitchen 9 sq.m.


Photo of kitchen design 9 sq. M. m.








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