Bathroom in scandinavian style: interior ideas

bathroom in Scandinavian style

In recent years, the Scandinavian style has become particularly popular among the design of the premises. People are tired of piling up meaningless things and are trying to equip their homes with the minimum necessary. On the quality of life this is not reflected in any way, and the liberated space pleases the eye with elegant simplicity. Although this way is not the easiest and requires a good taste and sense of proportion. The bathroom in the Scandinavian style is not just paint the walls in white and throw a wooden mat on the floor. It is to think over every little thing for the sake of creating a general picture. The owners of small rooms have two ways: to fill their apartment to the outset and maneuver between the endless deposits of things, or to make the most of a small number of objects and let light and space enter their life. A small bathroom in the Scandinavian style not only looks beautiful and fashionable, but also expands the space with visual "tricks" and the use of polyfunctional furniture.

Working with color

We are used to decorating bathrooms in white and blue, which is probably due to the fact that this place is associated with cleanliness. Scandinavian style in the bathroom interior does not contradict this tradition. The main color of the design is white, it is a key background that helps to increase space. Of course, you should not do everything in one color, so as not to make the room look like a hospital ward. White color is diluted with other colors of natural shade: gray, blue, green. You can use warm colors: red, yellow and others, but in a smaller amount and enter them very carefully so that they do not look ridiculous. The room should look like a landscape outside the window in a distant snowy country. Using natural shades will create a non-screaming contrast, but natural and natural, as if you looked out the window and noticed the endless snowfields with gray sky, brown trees and blue water.

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decoration of walls in the bathroom


Scandinavian style involves the use of natural materials in the design of the room. But wood and stone - this is a very expensive investment, plus the tree is poorly in contact with water, so wood is not the best solution. But the stone here is more than a place and, if there is such a possibility, you can safely use it in the decor. Scandinavian style is not a blind adherence to tradition, but primarily convenience and functionality. So, boldly use various achievements of building progress. The materials used to finish the bathroom must first of all be water resistant and easily tolerated by temperature changes. First of all, choose a cover that will suit you according to the price category and will have the above characteristics. It can be a tile, a laminate, or else a moisture-resistant plaster. Modern materials often imitate wooden and stone surfaces. Try to find something like that and use it for decoration. Especially effective is the combination of different types of invoices.

wall and floor finish in bathroom tiles

Sanitary engineering

The main thing in a place for swimming is a different plumbing. Here, too, the style of minimalism continues. Bath, toilet and washbasin - that's all it takes. They should be small, simple and strict. Ideally, change the bath to the shower. Faster, more convenient and less space. In principle, pay attention to various ergonomic novelties. This corresponds to the Scandinavian style concept and makes the room comfortable. Plumbers should choose a traditional white color.

Bathroom in Scandinavian style

It is important that when buying parts, too, it is not necessary to show originality. Ordinary faucets and faucets for shower from brushed metal perfectly complement the snow-white plumbing.

bathroom plumbing in the bathroom

Choosing furniture

On furniture in the bathroom in the Scandinavian style can be pretty save. Especially when it comes to the decoration of a standard small combined bathroom, which is typical for our apartments. Wade to the place of swimming sideways, skirting endless lockers is not the best option. A good solution is a built-in wardrobe. Or some simple shelves. Maximum, lightweight locker from IKEA. It will be better if the surface of the furniture is glossy, so that it reflects the light. And by colors we choose something light in a general tone. As for the materials, the Scandinavian style, of course, loves the tree. But again, the high cost and unfavorable for the tree moisture are advised to abandon this in favor of something more unpretentious. From natural elements, you can recommend only a wicker basket for clothes and a stool (if space allows) from a similar material.

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furniture in the bathroom

Mirror selection

Mirror is an indispensable element of any bathroom. For the Scandinavian style, it is best to choose mirrors of regular shape, square, or rectangular. Mirror, too, must continue the tradition of straight lines. The frame of this decor element should be unobtrusive and simple, made of light wood or plastic, or it is better to do without it at all. Well, if space allows, use several mirror surfaces. The mirror in full growth looks good. So we visually increase the space of a small room.

Bathroom mirror


A key characteristic of the Scandinavian style is a lot of light. In the Nordic countries of Europe, it is common to have a bathroom with a window, but this is rare for us. Therefore, "to get" illumination will have artificial lights. It's a rather difficult task, do not overload the space, but give enough light.

First, we use built-in point lights. They give a lot of light, but do not overload the space. It's nice to add a few high-wall wall models to the ceiling lights. It is interesting to use glass lamps that will refract light and spread unobtrusive soft glow. Lamps will work together with the mirror surface, and increase the space. Important advice, try to use light bulbs with warm light, because the cold can give the room a very strict look.

light in the bathroom

Details and trivia decor

  1. A minimum of things There should not be random things for decoration. Minimum of details and mostly useful accessories.
  2. Simple forms of Scandinavians prefer simplicity. Therefore, all the details must have the simplest form without unnecessary details.
  3. Hand-Made Similar interiors are custom-made with hand-made articles. Or buy things in this style. For example, knitted rugs, or a laundry basket. But it is best to make independent efforts and create a unique thing.
  4. Use of national patterns In the bathroom you need to use patterns carefully, so as not to overload the space, but still the Scandinavian style is characterized by marine and national themes. You can paint such a monogram of towels, to maintain a common style.
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bathroom accessories

Scandinavian style is the predominance of simplicity and convenience over luxury and excess. Due to its simplicity and coziness, this style does not look lean or poor. It is suitable for everyone and can be used in any room. Thanks to various technologies, it is possible to reproduce this style in various price categories, both in budgetary and in premium-class apartments. Such decor, even when using the most expensive materials, will not look frankly rich and inappropriate.