20 effective ways to get the full return of a small kitchen

We present to your attention 20 useful and simple ways to solve all your problems.

Retractable niche for storing kitchen appliances

Retractable niche with hooks

Similar retractable storage systems allow us to use until now useless space, located between kitchen cabinets, which not only is practical, but also does not affect the indices of the useful area of ​​the kitchen.

Cooling rack Wilton Indulgence

Wilton Indulgence - three-tier rack for cooling

Such a design is not only designed to cool hot dishes, in particular various steaks and pastries, but also various dishes that have undergone thermal exposure, for example, pans.

Shuhlyada Rev-block for storing dishes

Rev-unit, designed to store various utensils

Kitchen cabinets will be more functional if they are equipped with a Rev-block system, allowing to place almost 3 times more pans than in the unequipped space of the locker.

Hooks Enclume Round Pot Rack

Enclume Round Pot Rack

The possibility of additional placement of dining equipment on the product Enclume Round Pot Rack, suspended from the ceiling at a convenient height for you and equipped with special hooks will make the kitchen even more functional and convenient.

Fruit holder Chilewich Ray

White tray Chilewich Ray

Even in spite of the rather high price for this product, such a tray with its remarkable shapes and gracefulness of constructive elements will delight your look and give you real pleasure from the possibility of using it. Such a masterpiece will have to happen in the implementation of any design decision.

Lamp-searchlight Grundtal

Spotlight GRUNDTAL with nickel coating

Do not forget about the decent lighting of your kitchen. Qualitative light sources will not only provide all the necessary conditions regarding this issue, but they will not take up much space. The GRUNDTAL floodlights differ in their small dimensions and excellent technical characteristics.

Magnetic holder for knives Wüsthof

Magnetic holder for knives Wüsthof

The magnetic holder Wüsthof allows you to always keep at hand not only knives, but also various metal objects, which most often have to use in the kitchen. Attach a measuring spoon and other similar items to this product, and you will immediately notice the differences associated with the convenience of cooking.

Сервиз Williams-Sonoma

Посуда Williams-Sonoma

Simple and discreet dishes Williams-Sonoma equally well suited for a homely dinner, cooked in a hurry, and for a dinner party with the participation of your dear guests. The kit, which includes all the necessary items in its list, will become irreplaceable in practical terms and will not take up much space in your kitchen.

Garbage recycler Simplehuman 13-Gallon Recycler Trash Can

Garbage recycler Simplehuman 13-Gallon Recycler Trash Can

Возможность легко и быстро утилизировать отходы различного происхождения предоставляет такое изделие, как Garbage recycler Simplehuman 13-Gallon Recycler Trash Can. Небольшие габариты, стильный дизайн и возможность автоматической сортировки бытовых и пищевых отходов – преимущества, обладание которыми определит высокий уровень такого показателя вашей кухни, как функциональность.

Metal shelving

Practical folding rack

The ability to correctly place various cookbooks and cookware without adversely affecting the useful area of ​​your kitchen, a question whose positive solution is quite a necessary moment. A special rack will help to resolve the current situation, and its design in black allows you to apply it in almost any stylistic design direction.

Convenient hooks for storing rags


Additional furniture fittings Such a design allows you to place things necessary in the process of cooking, at arm's length. Various aprons, towels and a variety of kitchen tools are conveniently located on such a product, and their search, if necessary, will not take any time.

Detergent tray

Detergent tray

Place under the sink can also be used to optimize the useful space of the kitchen. A special stand will allow you to conveniently place all your detergents, while saving enough space, and most importantly all such products will be in range, that is, where their application is most relevant.

Superior Mirror

Original Superior Mirror

Mirror in the interior A small kitchen allows several to expand the visual space of this room. Reflected light will fill the entire kitchen and create a special mood, which for small areas is quite relevant. The effect will increase if you use the Superior model as a mirror, which, in addition to its practical properties, will serve you as an original decoration item.

Паркет Bamboo

Паркет Bamboo

The original flooring in the form of a parquet Bamboo will allow you not only to forget about the problems associated with the safety of the floor in the kitchen, but also significantly improve the external design characteristics of this room. The dark floor, in contrast to the light elements of the overall design, also increases the spatial perception of any object, including the kitchen.

Kitchen oven GE Profile

Convection oven GE Profile

Built-in home appliances не только положительно влияет на процесс разгрузки кухни от различных элементов, но и является довольно существенным элементом, влияющим на общие характеристики кухонного дизайна. Convection oven GE Profile не только отвечает всем современным требованиям, которые предъявляются сегодняшним изделиям, но и по своим функциональным характеристикам может заменить сразу несколько предметов, среди которых числятся такие наименования, как микроволновая печь и хлебопечь.

Breeze Eastview Fan

Breeze Eastview Bronze Ceiling Fan

The problem of small rooms, kitchens, not only in the absence of the possibility of their full equipment, but also a comfortable operation in the summer. In summer, such objects due to the outside temperature and the vapors from the food being cooked are heated very much, which is unlikely to please you and your family.

Breeze Eastview Bronze Ceiling Fan не только решит эту проблему, но и являясь внешне винтажной вещью создаст особый образ среди характеристик которого будут числиться такие выражения, как пикантный, ретро и неподражаемый.

Dining table Carmichael

Dining table Carmichael

A small buffet of the company Carmichael will have just, by the way, in the conditions of your small kitchen. It will create a special atmosphere and help you comfortably accommodate all your family members during any of the meals.

Spice door Mount Spice


The ability to combine functions of completely different objects will also allow you to save the useful area of ​​your premises. The installation of such a counter on any door of your kitchen cabinet will solve the issue of storing various products, especially those that are in a bottle container.

Dryer for dishes GRUNDTAL

Stainless steel dishwasher GRUNDTAL

GRUNDTAL dryer is a fairly simple, reliable and functional product, due to which you conveniently place not only all of your dishes, but also individual elements of kitchen implements. The installation of the dryer will not cause any complication and the absence of the need for preliminary surface preparation for this process only strengthens the level of functionality of the model of such a design.

Paper holder Simplehuman Wall-Mount

A holder for paper towels Simplehuman Wall-Mount

Unlike most similar products, the Simplehuman Wall-Mount holder will ensure reliable attachment of towels and their convenient removal from the roll. The convenient form of the model makes it possible to install it in almost any place that you find convenient for yourself.

Similar kitchen accessories or their analogs will allow you to solve the problem of small spaces and transform the existing interior of these premises beyond recognition, moreover making it even more modern and functional.