Bathroom with shower cabin design

Bathroom design with shower cabin

Scheduled renovation of the bathroom often turns into a reconstruction. In an effort to create coziness, expand the useful area, modernize the environment, many abandon the standard large-sized bathroom model in favor of a more ergonomic design. Particularly relevant is the design of the bathroom with a shower for small spaces.

Bathroom with shower

There is a reason for the popularity of these technical means, because they are distinguished by a number of significant advantages:

  • Efficiency of water procedures. In the presence of a classical bowl the shower unit is present, it is used much more often by the bath itself. Here the dependence is directly proportional to time costs. Sometimes the everyday bustle significantly limits the duration of water procedures. Take a shower much faster.
  • Saving water resources. Using a shower significantly reduces water costs. The cab does not have to be filled with a large volume of water. The pressure of the outflowing resource is adjusted as necessary. The duration of the washing process is not long.
  • Increase the usable space. The shower is just a find for a small bathroom. Using compact models allows you to save a lot of space.
  • Safe use. The use of anti-slip coverings of the shower tray allows talking about minimizing the risk of injury in water procedures.
  • Functionality. The latest developments allow you to choose among the variety of models offered. Equipping cabins with all sorts of additional functions will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer.
  • Aesthetics. Manufacturers take care of the appearance of the shower cabins. Ergonomics, original design allow you to create a unique atmosphere, embody interesting design ideas.

Glass shower cabin

The shower cubicle, having a rather significant set of positive qualities, requires careful care. Embossed surfaces, joints need regular cleaning, otherwise the design aesthetics will quickly lose the required attractiveness.

Types of shower cabins

Preparing to repair the bathroom with the installation of the shower, first of all it is necessary to find a model that meets the requirements. The choice is great, requires a serious approach, a careful study of useful characteristics.

Bathroom with bath and shower

Any shower is a design that limits the place of washing. Conditionally models are divided into open, closed.

Open showers

A similar model is often called a shower cabin. It is equipped with side walls, but does not have its own base, rear panels. Mount the model directly to the walls, the ceiling of the bathroom, which becomes its continuation. An open shower is economical, usually only has the most necessary functionality, no frills.

Outdoor shower without shower tray

The installation of such a model requires the implementation of preparatory measures. Obligatory conditions are the conduct of waterproofing, leveling the main surfaces of the bathroom: floor, walls, ceiling.

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Shower cabin in white and pink bathroom

The need for additional actions is associated with creating a tightness of the future shower corner. The work is carried out with high accuracy. Even an insignificant gap can regularly upset the owner by leaking, accumulating water outside the shower space. In the absence of quality waterproofing, this is fraught with problems with neighbors.

Bathroom interior with a shower cabin

The design is very simple, so the set of functions is extremely limited. Installation of an open shower is made exclusively in a corner of a premise, or in a niche. It is possible to install such a model of the cabin directly on the bathroom floor. Saving space, money is provided.

Corner shower with a small pallet

An open shower enclosure, provided with transparent internal doors, is able to substantially free space, create the effect of lightness, weightlessness, elegance. Efficiency of use, visual space is important for limited spaces.

The idea of ​​a shower cabin with your own hands

The lack of a pallet requires high-quality waterproofing, drainage equipment. These actions "eat" a few centimeters of the height of the room. Particular attention should be paid to choosing a tile on the floor. Anti-slip variants are most preferable.

The drainage ladder should be made of high quality stainless steel so it will last longer.

Closed shower cabins

Closed cabin or shower box is a separate structure, which has its own walls, floor, ceiling. Functionality, tightness are guaranteed by the features of the model. Shower boxes are made of a variety of materials, differ in size, shape, availability of additional features.

Shower cabin with illumination

The cabin pallets differ in depth (3-45 cm), are made of:

  • Acrylic;
  • Cast iron;
  • Become;
  • Ceramics.

Pallets made of acrylic, are most popular. They are light, strong, keep warm, do not lose their color. The presence of a metal frame provides rigidity. Scratches, other non-essential operating defects are simply corrected by a special paste.

Outdoor shower

Cast iron is heavy, but it keeps it warm. Steel creates a lot of noise from the flow of running water. Both versions are covered with enamel, which is excessively susceptible to mechanical damage: chips, scratches. Ceramics are hygienic, requiring minimum effort for care. Cold surface, brittleness significantly worsens properties.

Lilac bathroom with shower

Walls, doors are made of impact-resistant glass, acrylic. Open in a sliding, swinging way. Roller rail structures are compact, have high tightness. Swing doors require extra space.

Shower cabin in a small bathroom

Additional functions of enclosed shower cabins

Additional functionality allows you to get a number of significant advantages:

  • Hydromassage;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Bathroom;
  • A tropical rain;
  • Cold and hot shower;
  • Chromotherapy;
  • Ventilation;
  • Voice control, telephone, radio;
  • Lighting, mirrors, shelves, batchers, seats, handrails, etc.

Shower cabin with seat

The hydromassage function is the most popular. Elastic water jets, injected by injectors, contribute to relaxation, improves blood circulation, metabolism, helps in the fight against excess weight, cellulite. Caution should be shown to hypertensive patients, oncological, in the period of exacerbation of chronic pathologies.

Shower cabin with sauna

Hydromassage is divided into vertical, horizontal. The water supply is carried out by nozzles, located in a special way. It is possible to adjust the head of jets, air. The number of nozzles, the ability to regulate the quality of hydromassage procedures. The ability to rotate, regulate the head, direction, the availability of quality filters, it is necessary to clarify when buying.

Outdoor shower

The function of the bath is obtained by creating a high humidity of air at a relatively low water temperature. The steam generator distributes the smallest particles with a fan, forming a bath microclimate. The function only works at a certain pressure in the pipes.

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Shower cabin in the bathroom

Aromatherapy distributes a pleasant smell around the perimeter of the stall. Tropical rain dissipates the smallest droplets of water, helping to relieve stress. The contrast shower alternates hot, cold streams, providing relief of tension, tempering the body. Chromotherapy tones the LED light with water. Color perception helps the body to improve.

Rectangular shower enclosure with pallet

A variety of other useful functions are chosen according to personal needs. Many properties of the enclosed shower are simply not used by the owners, so it is better to choose the desired set in advance.

Interior of a bathroom in a Khrushchevka

A variety of possibilities creates the need to supply electricity. It is better to single out a separate line with a mandatory grounding.

Small bathroom with shower

The space available influences the design of the bathroom interior with the shower room preferred. Perhaps the limited area will indicate a complete abandonment of the standard bathroom, or a replacement for a more compact model.

Shower cabin with a deep pallet

For modest sized rooms it is preferable to make a choice of shower corners. It will be possible to significantly save space, it is possible to accommodate a classic bath and toilet. An open shower enclosure is installed in a corner space, which is usually not fully utilized. If the bathroom is combined, it is possible that the layout of the space will be better.

Rectangular shower with hydromassage

The presence of a niche of suitable dimensions makes it possible to put a closed compact model. The possibility of making necessary communications will be the determining factor. You should pay attention to models with sliding type of doors.

Shower cabin with hydromassage and seat

Preferred transparent cabs, or painted with light colors. So the space will look less loaded, light shades will add volume. A pallet is best to choose an average depth. He is able to cope with his main function, will not load the interior.

Finishing a small bathroom is better done with light materials. The combination of a darker floor, lower extremity of walls and quite light central, upper borders, separated by a low contrast border - a classic model for the design of a small space.

Shower cabin without pallet with glass partition

The presence of a mirror is a prerequisite. Reflective surfaces can expand the space. Mirror can be made even the ceiling, but it is better to give preference to the film because it does not carry danger.

If you abandon the classic bathroom is difficult, and you want to have a shower you can choose something average: a bathroom equipped with panels for showering. It looks like a normal cabin. It is also possible to equip the bathroom with airtight screens on rails.

Walls with a shower cabin made of artificial stone

Spacious bathroom with shower

The possession of a colossal space allows for an informed choice. Fully focus on the design of the shower cubicle, the interior of the bathroom.

Combined bathroom with shower cabin

There definitely will not have to sacrifice the necessary elements of a comfortable bathroom for the purpose of placing a multifunctional booth. However, often in a large bathroom the shower is also placed in the corner. This location is convenient, provides the best ergonomics. Rational use of space always gives a lot of additional opportunities.

Modern shower cabin

The possibility of buying an autonomous monoblock is an essential advantage of a spacious bathroom. A separate shower cubicle has a number of significant advantages. A wide range of additional functions can diversify water procedures, additionally take care of beauty, health.

Shower cubicle decoration with mosaic

Choosing a spacious shower cubicle, you need to think not only about the rational use, but also the competent placement in the bathroom interior. The presence of unrestricted space allows you to place the unit not only in the corner, but along the perimeter of the wall or even in the center.

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Shower cabin in the bedroom

A substantial area of ​​the bathroom allows you to freely arrange all the elements. It is better to resort to zonal division of space. Separate the place of water procedures, storage of accessories, bathroom, bathroom. Large spaces allow you to freely fit a couch, an armchair.

Shower cabin in the bathroom in Scandinavian style

Features of the design of the bathroom with shower

A successful interior of a bathroom with a shower cabin is easier to create owners of a significant area of ​​the room. In any case, you need to think through all the possible options, perform measurements, calculations. Drawing up the project will greatly simplify the task.

Shower cabin made of artificial stone

It is rational to use a small space and at the same time harmoniously fit the shower cabin into the interior, too. It is necessary to look in advance at existing options, design, specify the size, installation possibilities.

Outdoor shower with the effect of tropical rain

Determine what objects will be in the room, their configuration location. After all, the shower cabin in any case will take up enough space. A convenient approach to the sink, washing machine, cupboard, toilet bowl must be provided. The presence and location of the boiler, towel warmer is also important.

Bathroom with shower в коричневом цвете

Autonomous models require more space, they are more difficult to fit into the interior. We will have to think over the design in detail, compare the appearance of the candy bar with the expected picture of the room. Such models, when the approach is unsuccessful, look somewhat ridiculous against the general background. Like a spaceship in the middle of a clean field.

Shower cubicle decoration with mosaic

Prefabricated models, suggesting the absence of the rear wall of the cabin - it replaces the stationary, finished with tiles, much easier to fit into the interior. If the cubicle is transparent, it looks organic with any design. The color frame is more difficult to support the general theme of the design of a bathroom with a shower room. You'll have to try to pick up the finishing materials in tone or choose universal ones.

Bright bathroom

Finishing, repair, design

Choosing the style of the bathroom, it is necessary to decide on the main task - quiet relaxation or recharging with energy. Space can be made easy, calm, classical or bright, dynamic. When choosing a style, it is better to be guided by modern trends, since the shower cabin is a fresh current and it is much more difficult to beat it with a classical design. Minimalism, high-tech, modern style are perfectly combined with small spaces. In a large space, you can make a loft, a classic or even a baroque.

Lilac Bathroom

Communication is best hidden in the walls, and if the bathroom is combined - bring in a common box. The box is made of plasterboard, leaving a window with a shutter-door. A cabinet with communications can be identified by connecting it to a common interior line. Creating shelf-niches on the box can additionally solve the issue of storing small things.

Corner shower cabin without pallet

The choice of plumbing of unusual shapes and colors will give the space of originality. The main thing is that the chosen non-standard fit in the overall design. The combination of ceramic tiles and mosaics can refresh the interior. Finishing materials can be any, the main thing is that they meet the requirement of moisture resistance, hygiene.

Tan Bathroom

The shower is not a luxury, but a need. The bathroom equipped with a shower cabin can be functional, beautiful, meet all modern requirements. Different models will find their shelter in the space of any area, all kinds of design. The presence of a shower in the bathroom will help to make life easier, taking care of yourself is easier.