3 most unusual ideas for storing books

Rational ideas for storing books, records and other media carriers will not leave you indifferent.

Interesting ideas for storing books

Non-standard ideas for storing books

In the article you will find three interesting ways to conveniently place your favorite collection, which you want to always have on hand.

Chairs and other pieces of furniture

It does not matter if you bought ready-made chairs or made them yourself, you can always make them even more functional by placing inside the book or music records.

Ideas for storing books in chairs

Chairs for storing books

Above the bed, in front of the window and other unusual places

If you can not read without daylight or live in a region where earthquakes often occur, then the bookshelf right in front of the window or above the bed (or as in the photo, where both are combined) is not the best idea. But if the home is really tiny, and you have books that you want to keep in an accessible place, you can easily take advantage of this option.

Ideas for storing books in an unusual place

Bookshelf in an unusual place

Electronic media

There are many possibilities for storing music and books, which also free space. Sometimes it will be more expedient to digitize a music collection, keeping copies of your favorite albums, which you can not part with. Of course, this method does not suit everyone. If books or records are your passion, it is better to leave them, although electronic media would become a more effective solution to the problem.

Ideas for storing books in digital format

Digital technologies help to save space at home

How do you prefer to store books you? Share your preferences with us!