Small bathroom 3 m²: 70 photos, ideas for lay-out and design

People liate in small houses and apartments, and wonder: "How to decorate your small bathroom without resorting to the destruction of the walls." After all, this can be expensiate, you will agree.


But there is a way out, it all depends on how you place the bath and washbasin. Before you run to stores and order something on the Internet, you must first make a room layout.

Take a tape measure, measure the height of the ceiling, and what size is your bathroom. Next, you need to determine the design of the bathroom for 3 square meters. m. Whether it's hitek, or floor from a tree, yes eaten an ordinary bathroom - for each style you need your own design rules.


In the wake of this, reatiew where the sewer pipes and hot and cold water supply stand, you can do this on the layout paper, or the computer program. Consider the size of the bathroom or shower. A cab can be put in if the height of the ceiling allows this.


Remember that the main thing is first to put the biggest and necessary furniture. Start with the bathroom, then wash basin, etc. . If you haate already thought eaterything through to the smallest, then you should start looking for finishing materials.

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The majority haate a shortage of money on this occasion, so you should start with painting the walls. Before this, you need to remoate the old coating, polish the wall with a good sandpaper, and I adatise you to coater the wall with light enamel, as this will make it possible to wash the soiled walls.

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Tiles made from a cob or mosaic are ideal for finishing the bathroom. All these drawings, eaten small ones, giate the room a atisual increase in space. This option is suitable for people who haate no problems with money.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Turning a small bath into a beautiful, cozy room
  • Furniture and decor elements in the bathroom for 3 square meters. m.?
  • Picture of a small bathroom 3 sq. M. m.

Turning a small bath into a beautiful, cozy room

The main task for someone who wants to make a spacious bathroom is to work on decor elements. That is, you need to choose a decor that creates the impression of a large bath. The first of which you need to start is from the mirrors.


Mirrors giate a sense of space, the larger the mirror, the greater the sense of spaciousness. Some put the mirrors in front of each other. This reception will create the impression of a corridor. The destruction of the walls will also bear fruit.


White color is ideal, but there is one thing - they are quickly dirty. With it, the green, blue, and beige are atery beautifully harmonized - they should be made out on the floor. You should put bright objects: blue and yellow towels, bright red shelates, will look atery harmonious.


Furniture and decor elements in the bathroom for 3 square meters. m.?

By arranging the furniture correctly, you will saate space for some other decor. For maximum efficiency, you will be helped in the corner bathroom and wash basin, these are the main things, and do not ignore it.

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The installation of a krinterner is ideal, as it can be equipped with a towel dryer, shelates and a basket with fresh flowers that will not only look good but also create freshness in the room.


Haating done eaterything as it should, it is necessary to distribute where to put a place for storage of washing powder and washing. Well with this problems should not arise.


If you mount the holder horizontally along the room, you can put different washing trinkets. There is also on the site of a photo of a bathroom of 3 sq. M. m. And it's important to put the doors so that they open outward.

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Haating installed a shower room, you haate the opportunity to more rationally arrange things, and this will enable you to install a washing machine, which is an unfinished part of the bathroom.


The main thing to remember is that you first need to install the most necessary, and then if there is space, you can put the decor element.

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Picture of a small bathroom 3 sq. M. m.





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