Kitchen design in light colors +75 photo

Kitchen design in light colors

Light shades are multifaceted. They can be cold or warm, create a truly homely cosiness or stylish elegance. The design of the kitchen in light colors, as a rule, is developed in accordance with the classical concept. Of course, the interior can be decorated in the style of high-tech, provence, modern, minimalism. Any of these directions supports the idea of ​​using light tones as basic, however the classics are truly luxurious in such a performance. A small kitchen with color will turn into a spacious room, and a large one will not look unnecessarily empty. Let's talk about a variety of light colors, which are sometimes called pastel. The new "name" to the tones was invented by artists who painted chalks on rough canvases. The finished picture always had muffled, faded tones.

Walls are finished with the following materials:

  • Stucco. The simplest version, which at the same time looks neat. Sometimes use relief plaster to give volume to walls or accent areas: an apron, a dining room in a combined version (kitchen studio).
  • Wallpaper. For kitchens use a special vinyl wallpaper, perfectly proved themselves when tested by steam and elevated temperatures, which are typical for the room.
  • Photo wall-papers. The material is used to highlight specific areas on the walls. It is also used to create a perspective in small kitchens. In the classical style on the canvas can be depicted exquisite landscapes or panoramas of old cities. In minimalism on the walls there are Japanese motifs: a view of the winter garden with cherry blossoms, for example. Provence uses images with a rural flavor.
  • MDF and chipboard. The materials are pressed and glued waste of the woodworking industry, which are covered with a special decorative film. Choose panels that mimic birch, as its wood has a gentle, warm tint with a neat pattern.
  • PVC modules. Used in a line of modern styles that allow the use of artificial materials. Plastic reliably imitates wooden surfaces.
  • Natural and artificial stone or brick. The material is usually painted in the right color. Light shades emphasize the colorful topography of the surface.

Multilevel ceiling in the interior

The top of the room, as a rule, plastered, painted (less durable option), trim sheets of plasterboard. In expensive kitchen suites, stretch ceilings are used. On the bottom lay linoleum, tile, laminate or parquet board. The last two options can quickly deteriorate with regular contact with water and household chemicals. The most reliable solution will be a bulk floor.

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Light furniture in the kitchen

Bright colors can be present not only on the walls, but also in the decoration of the ceiling or the floor. Do not recommend these solutions for small, low rooms. Effectively look 3d pictures on the surface of the bulk floor. Of course, this option is allowed only in modern styles.

Cabinets with illumination on the wall  Curtains on the window  Kitchen with two windows  White chairs by the dark table  Marble countertops and apron

The combination of light tones

Light shades are combined according to the principle of similarity. In the tone picture, only one color prevails. It is supplemented by the nearest neighbors along the spectral circle. You can add a contrast scheme and, for example, highlight a radiant whiteness of purity (as traditionally called white) in a dark tint, on which it will play even brighter and more spectacular. It is not recommended to decorate everything exclusively in pastel colors, as household members will have a strong analogy with a sterile operating room. The presence of accents in the room is mandatory, so that the situation does not look pale.

The combination of light tones на кухне Wooden table and chairs in the corner  LED Ceiling Light  Kitchen furniture with a facade under a tree  Ceramic tiles on the floor  Lamp on the wall above the table

With white

White is referred to neutral universal colors. It combines absolutely with all shades, which is its main advantage. However, that the interior picture is not variegated, it is recommended to adhere to the rule of the "Golden Three", that is, to combine no more than three colors. This number can be increased to four, but not more. So, for example, the kitchens harmoniously look, where they use white, cream and shades of light wood in furniture or decoration. The color of ivory combined with juicy greens will help to make the interior warm and cozy.

Kitchen interior in white color The combination of turquoise walls and white furniture  Kitchen furniture with built-in oven  Hood above the stove  Flower on the wall by the window  Bright picture on the wall

With beige

In pastel colors, beige becomes the leader, which is ideal for decorating the background. The color is soft, pleasant to the eye, so the design picture will not spoil it from its abundance. Against the background of beige walls, the white suite looks elegant. Complement the picture with a light brown floor. As bright accents can restrain pale shades of colors such as blue, yellow, pink, coral, olive. Beige furniture is organically combined with turquoise, walnut and gray background. To complement the interior picture can be white strokes: tablecloths, curtains, towels.

Kitchen interior in light beige color Mosaic apron  Lamps above the table  Kitchen with L-shaped layout  Round window in the interior  Design in soft colors

With a light green

Green is considered the traditional color of grass and tree crowns. This tone evokes pleasant emotions in a person, because it is associated with life, nature, spring and rebirth. Light greenish shade is perfectly combined with white and still a whole list of pastel colors. It includes brown, creamy, sand, caramel and yellowish. Not bad are combinations of light green with the closest color "relatives": mint and olive. The interior in these tones will look not only unusual, but also fresh, positive.

Kitchen in light green color The combination of white furniture and a light green apron  Sink in the corner  Refrigerator near the wall  Microwave at the window  Flowers under the ceiling

With light yellow

Light yellow or "pale lemon" color is combined with neutral white, beige and of course green. Perhaps the last combination is too much like a juicy field with bright spots of dandelion heads, but this tone "tandem" causes only pleasant emotions in a person. A pale yellow kitchen set is complemented with brown wood tints and specks of green houseplants. In the dining area you can use mint-colored chairs. Also, a light yellow set will play with new colors on an olive, gray or pale lilac background. The shade of the sun is poured into the interiors, where the color of coffee with milk prevails.

Kitchen interior in white and yellow color Yellow lockers in white interior  The ceiling is made of wood in the kitchen  Yellow accents in the interior  The combination of a yellow apron and white furniture  Clock on the wall by the window

The combination of a light kitchen with dark shades

Light tones necessarily shade rivals on the color spectrum. In their role can act dark brown, brick, red, blue, purple. It's not bad to combine black accents with gray and white. The interior turns out to be strict, but stylish. The trio of yellow, white and black in accents is also perceived by the person positively. The first two colors are used in decoration and furnishing, and the last participant of the trinity is used in small decor: plafonds, dishes, textiles. An elegant, but dynamic environment in the kitchen guarantees a combination of white finish, gray floor and a headset with red facades.

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Kitchen in white-brown color Red color in the interior  Red chairs around the glass table  White-blue kitchen interior  Shelf above the window  Kitchen furniture with white-violet facade

Classic style

In the classical kitchen, the walls are finished with white or beige plaster, tile with a delicate floral pattern or glued with light wallpaper with ornament. The floor is traditionally tiled. The facades of the sand-colored headset are decorated with stucco. Their surface is voluminous, as it is decorated with panels. Handles on the shelves and cupboard-cases are covered with noble gilt. Partially the facades are glazed so that the hostess can proudly demonstrate household utensils arranged in strict order. The windows are curtained with Roman curtains of olive or cream color. A massive crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling. In addition to central lighting, there are walls on the wall. A table of a strict rectangular shape surrounded by a flock of chairs on twisted legs is installed on the side of the working area. In the upholstery, it is permissible to use a delicate pink, coral or peach color. They are diluted with subtle patterns, which in shades almost do not differ from the main surface.

Light kitchen in classic style Carved furniture in the interior  White curtains on the window  Mirror ceiling in the interior  Servant on the kitchen  The combination of brown walls and white furniture

Modern style

Modern kitchens are made on the basis of gray, white and black accents. The presence of light shades of brown (walnut, milk chocolate, caramel) is allowed. The upper facades are decorated with white lacquered surfaces. The lower part of the furniture set is decorated with relief panels of beige or gray. The surface imitates sandy "waves". The handles on the cabinets and shelves are chrome plated. The apron is decorated with a panorama of the night metropolis. Above the working area must be installed a cold, neon illumination. The floor is tiled with large ceramic tiles. If the room is large enough, then you can use a black tile, which will emphasize the severity of the interior. The facade of the corner cabinet is made of decoctaril, lacomete or lacquer. Windows are curtained with gray or beige shades of gray or gray curtains. Use of blinds is allowed. The table in the dining area is not decorated with a tablecloth, which inevitably closes the gloss of the glass or the varnished creamy surface. The upholstery of the chairs is made of genuine leather with the color of coffee and milk. The central lighting is represented by a number of chandeliers of the same shape and size, hanging from the ceiling at different levels. A stylish element of the interior will be a board with a menu for today, as in modern cafes. On it you can leave messages to household members instead of magnets on the refrigerator.

Light kitchen in modern style

In modern combined versions the kitchen is fenced off from the living room or dining room by the bar counter. In spacious rooms, it is possible to use an island layout when the table top and the stove project forward, and behind it there are two other parts of the working triangle: a refrigerator and a sink. "Island" will become a stylish addition to the interior picture.

Niches in the wall  Table in the middle of the kitchen  White floor in the interior  Apron with trees  White table and yellow chairs by the window


Modern представляет собой квинтэссенцию классики и современного стиля. Он возник в переломный момент, когда в интерьерах стали массово отказываться от традиций, сделав ставку на лаконизм. Помпезная роскошь ушла в прошлое. В кухне модерн используют растительные орнаменты в отделке стен и пола. Они же могут присутствовать в текстиле. Хотя подобные узоры считаются признаком классического стиля. Стены оформляют в мягких «молочных» оттенках. Гарнитур белого или бежевого цвета с серой мраморной столешницей гармонирует со столовой зоной, декорированной в оливковых или бледно-коралловых тонах. Черные акценты хаотично располагают на интерьерной картине. В их роли могут выступать кухонные фартуки, вазы с живыми цветами, картины и фотографии в темных рамах на стенах. Также в декоре используют стекло, вместо классического хрусталя. Из него может быть выполнен обеденный стол или горизонтальный модуль вытяжки. Стеклянные поверхности гармонируют с серыми оттенками штор.

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Light kitchen in Art Nouveau style

Кухонный фартук априори считается акцентной зоной. Modern допускает легкую игру с его текстурой. Декорировать поверхность можно кафелем с хаотичным геометрическим узором в сочетании с растительным орнаментом.

Blue color in the interior Interior of studio apartment  Chandelier-flower over the table  Floor lamp in the corner  Table between cabinets  Windows on the whole wall in the interior


Provence подарит владельцам реальный шанс воссоздать французскую деревенскую кухоньку у себя в квартире. Стены отделывают штукатуркой или деревянными панелями, окрашенными в белый. Акцентные зоны выделяют обоями в мелкий цветочек. Фасады гарнитура декорированы «решеткой» из тонких планок. На медных ручках присутствует «осадок времени» — патина. Мебель выбирают все того же белого цвета, который разбавляет голубая, розовая или бирюзовая столешница и такой же фартук. Филенки на фасадах декорируют медными рамками. Пол покрывают ламинатом или паркетной доской, которую сверху грубо окрашивают в белый, таким образом, чтобы следы от мазков кисти были заметны невооруженным взглядом. Стулья для обеденной зоны выбирают плетеные, приятного коричневого оттенка. Столик лучше использовать «бабушкин» на фигурных ножках. Его можно покрасить в светло-желтый или розовый цвет. Шторы на окнах бежевого оттенка с узором в мелкий цветочек. Рекомендуют использовать натуральные ткани с грубой фактурой. В декоре обязательно используют цветы: живые в вазах, искусственные и комнатные в горшках. Также важным элементом станет посуда, поверхность которой украшают многочисленные цветочные бутоны разных оттенков.

Light cuisine in the style of Provence

To restore a decent view of old furniture, widely use not only paint, but also the technique of decoupage. Colorful napkins are transferred to the surface and fixed on it. The result is a completely new furniture, which is rather artificially aged, than once again brought to life.

Decorative plates on the wall  TV in the kitchen  Tiles on the floor in the work area and laminate in the dining area  Combined wallpaper in the interior  Lamp on the wall


In minimalist kitchens use combinations of white, gray, black and shades of brown. Walls are finished with plaster or panels of light wood. The upper facades of the headset have white lacquered surfaces, and the lower ones are stylized under a dark tree with a characteristic pattern. The apron is decorated with artificial masonry masonry. The same shade is chosen for chairs in the dining area. They are located around a glass or wooden table on metal legs. Windows are hung with curtains or bamboo panels of sand color. The central lighting is represented by a round white chandelier with a "paper" lampshade. In the decor only pots with indoor plants and a couple of paintings on the walls, on which hieroglyphs-idiograms are inscribed, are used.

Light kitchen in minimalism style Contrast picture in white interior  Apron of laminate  Shelves with flowers on the wall  Kitchen with dining area  Black furniture in white interior


The kitchen, decorated in light colors, is considered a win-win option. With a color palette, it's difficult to miss, as sometimes it happens with dark shades, where their "dosage" is important. Similar options are used both in spacious kitchens of private houses, and in small rooms of Khrushchev. Dilute the color peace can be textured surfaces. Light shades can literally save close rooms, adding air to the interior.