15 ideas for creating a gorgeous festive table

A festive dinner will seem to your guests doubly tasty if the table is nicely served. We offer 15 ideas for decorating the New Year's table in different styles. We hope that you will find here the right inspiration for the upcoming festive season!

1. The Supper of the Gods

Ancient sheets with notes can act as a chic, non-traditional stand for a plate. A silver dish, ornery cutlery, candles and an old-fashioned ring for napkins give the table antique splendor.

Decoration of the table for the New Year 2015

2. Rural elegance

Wooden and wicker decor can be very nicely combined with ceramics and crystal, creating a very warm and cozy look of the dining table.

Decoration of the table for the New Year 2015

3. Simple and elegant

Simple cutlery, white plates and napkins, silver rings for napkins - it would seem, you can not imagine. But it is worth adding candles and fresh plants here, and you will get a very stylish and refined table!

How to decorate a table for the New Year 2015

4. Festive minimalism

Or maybe you should not be particularly sophisticated? Sometimes it is enough to pick up for the table only one, but very accurate decoration, for example, an unusual tablecloth, napkins or a ring for napkins. In combination with simple white plates, they will create the right harmony, style and elegance.

Simple decoration of the table for the holidays Minimalist decoration of the New Year's table

5. Decoration in the style of Provence

Home lace, knitted decor, grandma's tablecloth, painted dishes and old Christmas decorations will help create a cute and creative look of your dining room in the popular Provence style.

Pretty decoration of the table for the New Year 2015

6. Elegant decor

Exquisite accessories combined with warm natural shades will give your New Year's table an exceptionally elegant look.

Elegant decor for the New Year's table Chandelier as the main decoration of the table

7. Winter's Tale

Why do people around the world adore winter holidays and Christmas movies? Probably, there are dozens of reasons for this, but one of the most important is the unique sensation of childhood and the magic that they bring to us. So why not create a winter fairy tale right on the dining table?

Fairy-tale decor for the New Year's table Original decor for the New Year's table

8. Blue New Year's Decoration

Blue, white and silver are the real "winter" shades. In combination with a brown or black color, they can create the perfect color palette for the Christmas decoration of the table.

Stylish desktop decor for the New Year

9. Decor of natural materials

Natural materials are the most fashionable and most useful decor at any time of the year and for any room. And in the cold winter they also bring additional comfort and warmth to the house. White, silver and gold shades will provide a pleasant color contrast.

Table decoration with natural materials Desk decor for the New Year from natural materials

10. The effect of drama

Bright red ornaments and shiny tinsel in combination with white dishes will create an attractive and exhilarating look for your dining table.

Bright red decor for the festive table Red and white desktop decor

11. Golden ornaments

Glamorous golden color can become the main theme for decorating a festive table or create an exciting combination with other luxurious shades, for example, blue, red or purple.

Golden ornaments for the New Year's table Luxurious decor for the New Year's table

12. Decoration of the table in silver and white shades

White and silver decor combined with green spruce branches looks very fresh and solemn!

Beautiful table decor for the New Year White, silver and green table decorations

13. Simple cute gifts

Why do not you have a little bit of cheering on your guests before they sit at the table? Surprise them with a simple and sweet gift, which can simultaneously play the role of a name card indicating the place.

Pine cone as a Christmas decoration The nominal place index at the table for the New Year

14. Bright central decoration

On decorative small things you can not bother when in the middle of the table is a tall and exciting central element, for example, a small Christmas tree, fruit, a vase with ornaments or a birthday cake.

What to put in the center of the table for the New Year

15. Traditional New Year's colors

Red, white and green are traditional New Year's colors. One of their presence is enough to create a festive mood in the house!

Decoration of a table in a New Year theme Design of the table for the New Year