21 example of an interiors with leaf

Lepnina na podolke

Its beginning stucco in the interior takes from the times of ancient Greece and Rome, and therefore rightfully considered one of the oldest decors. She found wide application in the era of classicism, baroque, empire, but later was not forgotten.

Columns from gypsum

Polyurethane adhesive

Due to its strength and pleasant texture, the material is close to genuine plaster moldings. In addition, various temperature regimes, humidity and light mechanical damages are not dangerous for him. It is painted with absolutely any colors. Also there are special sets that allow you to create an effect of antiquity. If it is necessary to paste a curved surface, it is important to choose the material with the necessary flexibility, the mark about it usually makes the manufacturer.

Lepnina from polyurethane

Decor of polystyrene

Details of foam are light, flexible, cheap. Almost every house has ceiling moldings made of polystyrene, which are a simple molded decor. The main lack of products in quality. Polystyrene is best used in places inaccessible to humans and pets, because it easily dents.

Decor elements from polystyrene

Gypsum board

Один из самых сложных в работе материалов, требует определенных навыков и опыта. Gypsum board весит сравнительно много, а закрепить ее непросто. Из положительных качеств стоит отметить эстетические качества и неограниченные варианты исполнения. Кроме готовых декоров, производители предлагают гипсовые смеси для создания уникальных узоров и барельефов.

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Полочная лепнина

Types of stucco for interior decoration

An integral pattern of stucco molding is created by combining many different parts as a designer.

Lepnina na kaminu

There are a lot of kinds of decor, let's consider the main ones:

  • Plinths - racks, covering the place of joining the floor and walls. It is this detail that is less often stucco. Usually plinths are wooden or plastic matched to the tone of the floor covering;
  • Cornice - Decorative slats of different thickness, which covers the angle formed by the wall and ceiling;
  • Molding is a bar with a volumetric pattern. Used to veil the junction of dissimilar materials, for framing arches, frames, cornices, etc.;
  • The bas-relief is a full-scale sculptural composition that protrudes above the plane.
  • Rosette - moldings of various shapes, framing the place of fixing the lamp;
  • The bracket is the supporting element of the projecting parts. Can be decorated with various curls;
  • The column is the name that fully reflects the essence of the subject. The design element consists of three parts: the base (lower support), the actual column, the crowning part (the capital or pilaster);
  • Niche - mounted on a wall, used to install a statue, font, other objects.


In addition to these basic elements, there are many other details: various cutters, corners, pediments, middens, patterns, curls, individual details of the ornament.

In what styles of interior stucco is most appropriate

Full stucco molding may not be present in all styles. Of course, it's not just a ceiling ledge or a skirting board.

Lepness on the wall


The main sign of this style is imperial luxury, which helps to emphasize the gilt stucco molding. In the interior design must be present massive heavy furniture made of mahogany. Typical ornamentation are spears, oak branches, arrows, bows, other bellicose symbols, eagles laurel wreaths female figures based on Pompeian paintings.

Ceiling baseboards - stucco

Art Deco

Visual reflection of the "turbulent" 20-ies of the last century. This style also represents wealth and luxury, in addition to stucco is represented by expensive materials, skins of exotic animals, saturated colors. Elements stucco: animals and birds, but the interior should not be overloaded, preference is given to clear lines, simple geometric shapes.

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Living room in Art Deco style


Отдельный виток развития классицизма, для которого характерна торжественность, помпезность, зрительное увеличение пространства любыми возможными способами. Baroque помимо прочего выделяется изобилием скульптур, витых колон, многочисленными зеркалами, коврами, гобеленами. Характерным орнаментом лепнины будут тяжелые гирлянды плодов и цветов, картуши, ромбовидная сетка с розетками, сложный орнамент.

Стиль Baroque


The ensemble of the interior emphasizes festivity and playfulness. Increased attention is shown to mythology, erotic scenes. The style is perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere. In all, asymmetry, curvilinear contours, various kinds of curls and waves can be traced, excesses of small decor from the walls go to the ceiling. Often, the central deity is Venus, surrounded by nymphs, cupids, satyrs.


Greek style

The embodiment of rationality, simplicity, harmony, perfection. A favorite Greek motif is a circle inscribed in a square. Style first of all allocates a rectangular shape of the room with columns in the corners, which hold the ceiling beams. White stucco molding, furniture, knitwear, sculptures contrast with the rich color of the walls. The floor is characterized by a marble coating. Fretwork of the Greek style: columns, motifs of flowers, fruits, grapes, sculptures, Greek vases.

Lepnina in Greek style


It is expressed by restraint, harmony and straightness of forms. The classic design for all its pomposity can look more accurate than the new-fashioned high-tech. In the stucco there are clear straight lines, squares, rectangles, sockets, flowers, various ornaments, patterns, repetition of simple motifs. Sometimes symbols of love will be appropriate: birds, torches, flowers.



Reflects the ancient Roman and ancient Greek traditions of ostentatious luxury. Wealth is emphasized by the spaciousness of the room. Style pays great attention to the decor: columns, cornices, ornament, painting walls, ceiling. Used massive furniture of dark or light wood. Stucco molding can be the most diverse: elements of the animal, plant world, naked human bodies, arms, chubby babies, plant shoots, fruits, chimeras.



One of the most popular directions, which is characterized by a rejection of symmetry. Due to its simplicity, it fits perfectly into the space of modern apartments. Reflects the desire for simplicity without compromising elegance. The stucco decor in this case is everything that is connected with nature: plants, mollusks, mushrooms, water streams, curly wavy lines, languid female faces with long hair lost in folds of light clothes.

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Stucco decoration on the ceiling

Fretwork in the modern interior

Stucco molding in the apartment or the house gives the atmosphere a luxurious look, makes it original, but not devoid of grace. Decor allows you to create special visual effects, for example, the infinity of the ceiling or the deepening of the wall. Various patterned strips, closing the cracks and joints, correct the errors of the finish, effectively complement the connection line of different materials and surfaces. For stucco ceiling skirting, sometimes placed a hidden backlight.

Modern interior

Ceiling chandeliers framed by a suitable outlet shape with a pattern. Decorative platbands, medallions, garlands allow you to decorate niches, decorate the plane of walls, doors, windows, arches or mirrors.

Stucco moldings

Numerous examples with stucco in the interior are suitable for inspiration, but it is better to select the layout and decor set individually, taking into account the layout and layout of furniture.

Columns в гостиной

Stucco is a great way to create an imitation of a coffered ceiling, but at the same time cheaper, light and elegant. More interesting are the openings decorated with plaster moldings. Often modern interiors are decorated with bas-reliefs.

The abundance of stucco in the interior

A professional artist, working with plaster, will help to realize any idea, to create three-dimensional decorative elements or full-fledged panels. With the help of stucco it is easy to emphasize the significant elements of the interior. Increasingly there are wall decorations with 3D 3D panels.

Decoration of the ceiling with stucco molding

Many mistakenly believe that the stucco should be white. Meanwhile, it was adorned with gold leaf at all times or painted. Today, the options are even greater. At the request of the customer, the stucco molding can be painted in absolutely any shade tinted for wood or marble, gilded, silvered or with the effect of aging.

Bright living room

Without any doubt, stucco molding in the design of the apartment has a lot of advantages. But before decorating the living room, kitchen or bedroom with a voluminous decor, you should consider whether it will look harmonious and not look like a foreign element. Excess jewelry, larkiness, is more undesirable than a flaw. Inappropriate stucco molding with a ceiling height of less than 3 meters. Also, do not use it in small rooms, there will be a sense of clutter, the situation will overwork.