The small bathrooms in the bedroom-suites: the secrets of

Bathroom in the bedroom

Those homeowners whose bathrooms differ in solid dimensions can choose from the widest range of components of the equipment and decor items on the market that they like. If square meters are sorely lacking, you have to adjust your preferences and proceed from the space requirements.

First of all, it is necessary to decide whether it will be possible to squeeze into a concrete interior a bath, a shower, a toilet bowl and a sink. And only then to proceed with the selection of those products that will not lead to zero the ability to move around the room.

Let's look at a few of the most common bathroom configurations that make up the bedroom suite, and let's talk about the possibilities of decorating them.

Small bathroom in black and white

Non-standard ceilings

Nobody wants to install a shower tray, which will differ greatly in appearance from the bath only because there is not enough space for two standard items. So that you do not have to do this, give up one particular component.

Perhaps you will not have a bath at all, or it will have to be combined with a shower, but it's much better than trying to fit everything into an inappropriate space for it. White plumbing and tiles will help to make the interior more spacious.

Corner bath in small bathroom

If the ceiling in your bathroom has a non-uniform height, for example, because of the features of the roof structure, plan the interior so that the lowest part of it is placed in a toilet or bathtub, not a shower.

Sloping ceiling in the shower room

Suite with glass partitions To save space in the bedroom-suite, separate the bathroom with a glass partition, and not a blind wall. It is very thin and does not require lining.

This option makes you more closely monitor the water spray and cleanliness in general, and most importantly - will increase the illumination of the bathroom. Of course, you will have to make some compromise with confidentiality, but what prevents the toilet from blocking the closet, for example?

Bathroom behind the glass in the bedroom

Fully open space If you are a supporter of the fact that the bathroom has been fully integrated into the structure of the bedroom, as in the penthouses of the most fashionable hotels, then an open plan is definitely right for you.

To achieve maximum effect, use the same kind of decor for walls and floors in both parts of the suite. Accordingly, the traditional design, involving the inclusion of wallpaper and carpets in the interior, is hardly appropriate for such a configuration.

Bath with hydromassage in the bedroom

Narrow interiors

Plumbing, chosen for an elongated bathroom, should be streamlined and compact, so you do not have to squeeze past bulky devices in an attempt to get to the mirror. On sale there are corner models of toilets and sinks, and, probably, this variant will seem to you optimum.

Narrow bathroom Narrow bathroom


Mirrors помогают зрительно увеличить пространство. Эта хорошо известная всем истина. В идеале зеркало должно быть одно, но большое, хотя пара зеркал, расположенных под углом в 90 градусов по отношению друг к другу, тоже справятся со своей функцией. Размещать их следует на самой большой по площади стене, на уровне глаз.

If possible, hang a mirror, the upper edge of which will be as close to the ceiling as possible. Gently highlighting it as if from the other side, you will achieve the effect of blurring the boundaries, which will make it more difficult to space.

Narrow Bathroom Mirror Large mirror in the bathroom

Miniature baths

If you decide that you still need a bath, try to win at least some space by installing a compact model. Asymmetric (P-shaped, for example) and corner baths are the best options for interiors that do not have an area for placing standard ones. And to use them is much more convenient than just short.

Baths in the Japanese style do not take up much space, but they are, as a rule, quite deep. All these features must be taken into account when planning a design.

Compact corner bath Compact foot bath

Now you are convinced that the shortage of square meters is not an excuse to deny yourself the pleasure of having in your house a fashionable bedroom suite. The bathroom included in its composition can be compact and comfortable at the same time, it is only necessary to plan its space correctly.