30 ideas for decorating a house on pinterest

With its 70 million subscribers, the Pinterest site is simply an inexhaustible storehouse of ideas, through which we can each week prepare for you a new collection of 30 most fresh and interesting ideas for decorating a house. To get acquainted with the best ideas of the past week you can in the article of 30 decor ideas from Pinterest.

And now we present you a photo of the 30 best ideas of this week, which include:

  • designer and home-made decor;
  • interesting shelves and examples of their design;
  • schemes for placing wall decor;
  • useful ideas for the hallway, kitchen and bedroom;
  • original ideas of application from old things;
  • examples of beautifully decorated living rooms etc.

Ideas for the house (photo):

How beautifully to hide the electrical outlet Side table in the hallway The idea of ​​decorating a bed Decor for home from the book Table lamp by own hands Decor on the wall with your own hands Heart of paper on the wall in the hallway How to decorate a small hallway Wall decoration in the bedroom Kitchen design in country style Christmas Decoration Bedroom Self-made floating shelves Funny Home Decor Useful decor for the kitchen Decor for a house in a rustic style Beautiful decor for your kitchen by yourself Decorative switches with own hands Christmas decorations for the house Homemade ottoman Useful schemes for placing wall decor Corner shelves for home Cushion sofa decoration High and narrow floor shelf Glamorous New Year decor Clock with butterflies on the wall Stylish black and white decor for the living room LED backlight in the bedroom Living room in a glamorous style Stylish entrance hall Ideas for placing paintings on the walls