Apartments of russian celebrities: features of the "star"

Learn as much as possible the details of your idol - is not this the dream of every fan? Today, fans of the current celebrities are interested in literally everything: how do the favorites of the crowd live, who they meet, what they eat, etc. Fortunately, many celebrities are so diligent in their pages in Instagram and social networks that you can find out the interesting details of their lives even without personal revelations of the stars themselves. Among the most burning issues are their places of residence. So let's see what kind of apartments Russian celebrities live in, and what their design is.

Apartment - room in the hotel

Olga Freymut

Well-known TV presenter Olga Freimut is the mistress of several apartments in Ukraine. However, her apartment in Lviv deserves special attention, the repair of which the girl left completely at the discretion of the developers. The only wish that she voiced was the correspondence of the living space to the hotel room. At the same time, its interior should have been as simple as possible (without any fancy luxury) and is made in light beige tones. As the artist herself notes, she wanted the apartment to be comfortable not only for herself, but also for all her numerous friends. And, apparently, the professionals this time coped with a bang.

The total area of ​​the apartment is 82 m.2, whereas it itself is divided into 4 rooms: a bedroom, a dressing room, a bathroom and a kitchen, combined with a living room.

Dressing room the size of an apartment

As soon as the former husband helped Alena Vodonaeva find a spacious apartment, the ex-participant of "House 2" immediately began to design her new home. She decided to stop on the style of "loft", which is worth noting, it turned out just wonderful. The predominant colors in the apartment are dark brown and black. Wooden furniture is simple, but at the same time convenient, in addition, it perfectly helps to zonate the room. Alyona paid special attention to small things. The role of the housekeeper in the hallway is performed by the barrel "Chanel №5", in which the girl fell in love immediately, as she saw. On the cabinets of the kitchen you can see unusual lamps made in the form of letters A and B, and on the shelf of one of the shelves - a stone statuette "Cherry lips", standing on a marble stand.

Russian Celebrity Apartments: features

Russian Celebrity Apartments: features

About the footage and rooms of the apartment, so far nothing is known. The only thing the girl did not fail to brag about is a dressing room, the size of which was 20 m2.

Accommodation for 180 Million Rivers

His apartment in the elite apartment complex "Club house on Smolensky Boulevard" family couple Sobchak-Vitorgan bought a couple of years ago, however, began to settle it just a few days ago. About the future design it remains only to guess. But, if we start from the taste preferences of Xenia and the interior of her apartment in Jurmala, we can assume that brown and beige tones will prevail in the decoration, and minimalism will be present in the interior.

Russian Celebrity Apartments: features

In one of the interviews Xenia and Maxim mentioned that among other things they are going to also equip the children's room. Is it possible to consider this as a subtle hint of a fast replenishment in the family of artists, or do they make it for the future, fans of the couple can only guess.

The total area of ​​the apartment is 267 m.2. On its layout so far only known that in addition to the nursery there will still be 4 bathrooms, a dressing room and a winter garden. But about the residential complex of a couple of words you can say. It provides its residents with a full range of services, including a hairdresser, a swimming pool, a gym and a massage parlor.

Brutal modernity

Russian Celebrity Apartments: features

But Dima Bilan did not waste time on trifles and bought a house instead of an apartment. According to the singer, this choice was made not by chance. The purchase of a house, not an apartment, is connected with the fact that the dream of millions of Russian girls has decided to grow up. And everything here is an unspoken confirmation of that: calm black and light brown colors in the interior, comfortable but not fanciful furniture, a spacious library. The overall style of the house can be called modern with a few inclusions of antiquity. So on the creation of the walls of the living room was launched a brick made in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the twentieth century, and in the living room there is a pile of bright pillows and a hanging chair more characteristic for the "disco era". Noteworthy is the very place where the island of calm of the star is located. Located on the street Tales house is surrounded on all sides by forest, and on the veranda, according to the singer, even sometimes spend the night a fox.

Russian Celebrity Apartments: features

Russian Celebrity Apartments: features

Russian Celebrity Apartments: features

The house consists of 2 floors, the first of which is a single space divided into sections: a kitchen combined with a dining room, a living room that houses a grand piano and a library, and a lounge zone (lounge - pastime). On the second floor there is a personal office of the singer, where he is engaged in creativity, and several bedrooms.

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