35 ideas to make cushions with your own hands

Every woman in the soul of a skilled craftswoman, striving to create coziness and beauty in a family nest with her own hands. It is good to refresh the interior and give it originality - it's to make cushions with your own hands that will not only serve as decoration, but also make your rest in the living room more comfortable. Or maybe they will even be a subject for fun cushion battles? In any case, creating a sofa cushion will not take you much energy, but will give joy from the final result and admiration, which will reward you households and guests. In this article, you will learn the best ways how you can make decorative cushions on the sofa with your hands, and you will see inspirational creativity photos.

Sofa cushions in the interior design of the living room

How to make cushions with your own hands

You can go shopping for hours, but you can not find pillows of the right color, shape and size. But the sofa cushions, made by own hands, are guaranteed to fit into the interior and will only emphasize the individuality and style inherent in your home. Needlework allows us to experiment as much as we like with the design, using independently selected fabrics and materials. Among the ways how to make beautiful pillows on the sofa, the following are of particular interest:

  • Painting of old pillowcases and hand-painted with various effects;
  • Sewing cushions (from new fabric, from old clothes, making appliqués etc.);
  • Knit cushions on the sofa using a hook or spokes;
  • Decoration of pillows using embroidery, buttons, pieces of fabric etc.

We tried to collect for you here a photo of the most stylish ideas that were put into practice by yourself. Take the best ones to your note!

Create cushions with your own hands - 35 ideas 35 Ways to Update Cushions for a Sofa How to make cushions with your own hands - фото разных способовBright cushions in the interior - photo

Create decorative cushions on the sofa with painting

In our article 10 of the best things that you can do for yourself with your own hands, we have already cited a simple method of painting cushions and a method with the effect of ombre. Today, Dekorin introduces you to stunningly stylish pillows that have been painted with ... ice.

Painted pillows on the sofa with your hands - photo with instruction

What does that require:

  • White fabric (for example, cotton or linen);
  • Metal grill (can be used from oven);
  • A shell or a large container corresponding to the size of the grate;
  • Powder dye for fabric;
  • Ice cubes;
  • Latex gloves.

First of all, the cloth should be thoroughly soaked with water and put on a grate installed over a sink or other available container. The fabric does not need to be spread evenly over the surface of the grate, and even vice versa - it is better to crumple it so that the pattern is not uniform. Do you want to make several pillow cases at the same time? Feel free to dump them into a wet pile! Then the ice is spread over the fabric of the slide and powdered with a dye.

Create pillows on the sofa - step by step

That's all! It remains to wait until the ice completely melts, after which the ready pillowcase for the pillow will have to be thoroughly rinsed in cool water, dried and patted. How do you like the result?

Beautiful pillowcases for cushions, made by own hands

We make crocheted cushions on the sofa with knitting needles and crochet

If you know how to knit, then why not try to make a pillow on the sofa with knitting needles or crochet? Below we offer you 10 photos of beautiful crocheted pillows, which will look great both in modern and rustic interior style.

Beautiful crocheted cushions on the crocheted sofa Knitted cushions - photos in the interiorDecorative cushions for the sofa, crochetedOpenwork knitted cushions on the sofa, made by crochetBright and beautiful pillows on the sofa - photo made by crochetIdeas how to create knitted pillows on the sofa with knitting needles Stylish and fashionable design of cushions for a sofa - photo crocheting crochet Also read: Holiday knitted crafts for the New YearStep-by-step instruction on how to make knitted cushions on a crocheted sofa Black and white cushions for the sofa with their own hands - photo Fashionable and stylish crocheted cushions on the sofa with knitting needles

And if you do not have knitting skills or want to decorate your sofa in the living room with decorative pillows, then you can use an old knitted sweater and sew the pillows yourself, following the step-by-step instructions below.

Beautiful cushions made of improvised materials Decorative cushions with your hands from old coats Decorated cushions made by own hands on a sofa

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We sew pillowcases for cushions with our own hands

The last part of the photos in this article will clearly show you how you can sew pillows on a sofa. Make sure that if you have a sewing machine, a rich imagination or a ready-made pattern, you can also create stunning decorative cushions that can not be found in a regular store. And this method is suitable for those who do not want to spend money on new pillows, but only want to replace the pillowcases with old ones or disguise the stain. See the photo!

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We hope that our article has given you a little inspiration for creativity. Create beautiful with your own hands, because it's so interesting and exciting!