Interesting projects: a sauna with a gazebo under one roof

Many people today want to have a country sauna with a gazebo under one roof, the designs of such buildings are popular, as it is functional, reliable and economical. Bath and gazebo are important and necessary structures in any territory outside the city. Also these are the most complicated schemes, which combine several different rooms, each of which has its own purpose. It is not easy to connect a sauna with a veranda or another room. But despite this, the projects of baths with a gazebo are becoming more and more in demand in our time. The veranda under one roof with a bath is inexpensive, affordable and easy.

The very idea of ​​such an experiment with baths is interesting and tempting, environmentally beneficial.

An interesting project of a log cabin of a bath with a pergola under one roof.

An interesting project of a log cabin of a bath with a pergola under one roof.

The project of a bath from a bar

Three in one under one roof - a sauna, a barbecue area and a gazebo for a pleasant chat in the bosom of nature.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Some advantages of a bath with an arbor
  • 2 Designing a sauna with an arbor
  • 3 The principle of combining a bath with an arbor
  • 4 How to use a sauna with a gazebo
  • 5 Bath with pergola under one roof in the suburban area. Video
  • 6 Variants of a bath with an arbor or a spacious terrace

Some advantages of a bath with an arbor

Bathhouses with a veranda have some advantages, and not only in the aesthetic sense. The advantages of such baths are as follows:

  1. A sauna with a terrace is an ideal option for party lovers with shish kebab and barbecue. This project saves space, which is important for small suburban areas.
  2. Projects of single-storey baths with a veranda are a positive moment in the financial plan. Such construction will be cheaper, as the foundation of the structure is uniform. Do not make paths between buildings, which, again, saves money.
  3. The project in the design plan can be developed in advance and it is not necessary to associate styles with the main house.
  4. The arbor can act as a summer kitchen, it perfectly complements the structure.
  5. The roof helps to escape from bad weather or from the hot sun.
  6. In the bathhouse with a gazebo, it is possible to provide a swimming pool, to develop a stylish design project with barbecue, facades, ornaments, a place to relax. You can fantasize endlessly.

 Designing of a bath with an arbor

The initial stage of any construction is the writing of the project of the future structure. Projects today are offered a great variety, the baths differ by:

  • dimensions;
  • materials;
  • other parameters.

Professionals pay special attention to the bath block, there is no need to make any changes, as this is fraught with errors that can be very expensive. But as for the design of the arbor, then you can dream up and come up with it yourself. Unprofessional builders are better to give preference in favor of simple designs that can be built without problems. Variants of bathhouses with a veranda can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Closed building. This is a capital construction, including large windows that expand. This room is ideal as a guest house in the winter season.
  2. The structure is half open. It includes only a few capital walls.
  3. Open structure. The structure is united by handrails, borders, supports. With a bath it is united by a roof, a floor. This structure is difficult to reconstruct.
Bath from profiled bar

A spacious sauna with a large terrace from profiled bar.

Sauna from rounded logs

Bath with a terrace of rounded timber ready for decoration.

The principle of combining a bath with a gazebo

During the development of the project, it is very important to think through the connection nodes and the load distribution first. The construction of the foundation is the most important stage. It is on how well the foundation is built, the strength and service life of the bath depends. The best foundation is the belt - it is reliable and stable, although you can choose another type of foundation. For the base of a bath it is better to choose a monolithic slab, because this will provide additional stability. It is not superfluous to warm the foundation, for this purpose, bitumen or roofing material is ideal.

An open gazebo should have the lightest possible roof, as the construction does not assume the presence of supports in the form of rigid walls. As pillars are columns. The shape of the roof can be different, you can experiment. It is important to follow the project step-by-step, build the buildings according to the plan. As a material it is better to take a tree, it is clean and safe. Despite the fact that the material is expensive, it is ideal for a bath with an arbor. A sauna with a gazebo is an excellent option for a family holiday, for parties with friends. This structure will unite the family and close people.

The project of a modern bath with an arbor

The design of the bathhouse with a gazebo and barbecue area in the style of an alpine chalet.

Bath with a glazed gazebo

Bath with a gazebo in the style of high-tech.

How to use a sauna with a gazebo

You can use the building very functionally, as an option - a bath-house or a guest house-bath. Bathhouse-house is usually used as a premise, which was erected before the construction of the main house, at the very first stages of building a land plot. This structure does not require large financial expenses, but the owners eventually get a full-fledged housing, where everything is necessary for life. While the main house is being built, the family can fully rest in the sauna with an arbor. The arbor just compensates for the shortage of space, turns into an additional room.

When a person has his own, albeit a temporary place for housing, it gives him the opportunity to feel more free, more confident and comfortable. There is also a suitable bath-house. This is the optimal autonomous level between guests and hosts. This is an excellent option, when guests and hosts belong to different age groups, when some like silence, and others want to spend time actively. Build a separate house for guests on the site is irrational in terms of money costs or occupied on the site of the place. Also it must be remembered that a bath-house and a bath-house are paramount.

Interesting project of the bath

The dream of any man is from the steam room to the cool lake under the croaking of frogs.

Proceeding from this, all other neighboring elements should be adjusted to the bath in both design and operation.

It is important to take into account the moments to protect the additional room from moisture and dampness. Residential part should be protected from steam. To avoid problems, it is necessary to build a qualitative ventilation system. It is important to take into account the design of the bath system, the pipes should not be thawed in the winter, provided that at that time the bath is not visited. In addition, the bath-house must necessarily include in its project a toilet and a small kitchen.

Bath with pergola under one roof in the suburban area. Video

Variants of a bath with an arbor or a spacious terrace