A fascinating charm of desktop bio-fireplaces (49 creative

What a desktop bio-fireplace is, many people are interested in right now. The hearth in the house has always been a symbol of prosperity and coziness, combining not only decorative functions, being a complete work of art, but also utilitarian - local heating.

At the same time, equipping a modern dwelling, especially in an apartment building in a city, requires high costs associated with the fulfillment of fire safety requirements, the design and construction of a system that is difficult to design in a constructive way, and in coordination with the controlling bodies of the capital equipment conversion.

A good alternative to this fireplace is the electric fireplace, the modern models of which have achieved the maximum external similarity with the traditional - stone.

A desktop bio-fireplace-aquarium is coziness and warmth in your home.

Desktop bio-fireplace-comfort and warmth in your home.

Decorative element of the living room is an elegant desk bio fireplace.

Decorative element of the living room is an elegant desk bio fireplace.

Carved portals made of wood and plaster decorate the interior of any home. Utilitarian properties are realized with the help of TES (electric heating elements), and even in visualization of the combustion process such products have surpassed all the boldest fantasies. Modern models of electric fireplaces provide sound design in the form of characteristic crackle of coals and burning firewood, and also imitate the smell of burning wood.

But no state-of-the-art heating systems will replace the feeling of a "home", which can only give a real live fire.

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  • 4 Decorative element of the living room-desktop bio fireplace. Video
  • 5 Desktop fireplaces in the interior of the house

How to combine the incompatible?

The solution is - a mini-bio fireplace, or a fireplace on biofuel. Structurally biofireplaces are produced in various designs (built-in, wall-mounted or suspended, floor, round or ring, there are stationary and portable models), but the desktop bio-fireplace is the closest to its "great-grandmother" spirit-lamp. By analogy with the traditional fireplace it contains the same components:

  1. Stand for the fireplace - a supporting element, the foundation of the entire structure, which is hidden from prying eyes, a fuel tank and the furnace itself, or, as it is called, a burner. Stand for the fireplace provides safety features, protecting the design from accidental overturning. In this case, sometimes the stand for the fireplace has an original design, i.e. performs also a decorative function.
  2. The burner in the bio fireplace is the main constructive element, the purpose of which is to ensure uninterrupted, even and controlled combustion of the fuel. By analogy with a table alcohol burner, the evaporation element of which is a wick, the burner is a long wick unfolded horizontally. Primitive designs of such burners are presented in the form of a refractory cup, in which fuel is poured and a wick is laid with a wick. With all its undeniable advantages (ease of manufacture, low cost), its main drawback is the inability to regulate the intensity of the flame. The question of "turning off" such a furnace presents a certain engineering problem, since combustion ceases only after the burning of all fuel. Provide adjustable flame allows the burner for bio-fireplace, built into the desktop bio fireplace and executed as a fuel block. By analogy with an alcohol burner or kerosene lamp, this device regulates the height of the wick (or air access to the evaporation surface). A metal or other refractory construction in which the width of the evaporation surface above the wick is regulated by a slide gate. The table and portable fireplaces have a flap that can completely block the access of air, stopping the burning and turning off the fireplace in this way.
  3. Fuel tank - continuing the analogy with the spirit lamp, it is a kind of tank, from which fuel gets to the wick. In simple solutions, in particular when the desktop version is considered, the designs combining the fuel tank and the burner are used: a porous substance is placed directly in the fuel block, which holds fuel in its pores, and when the damper is opened, it supplies its vapor to the combustion zone. In more technological solutions, fuel is supplied to the burner as it consumes, which ensures continuous combustion for a long period of time.
  4. The portal is a protective and decorative element (fencing), made, as a rule, from heat-resistant materials and limiting the zone of flame propagation. The design of the portal is determined by the type of fireplace. If it is a desktop version, then as a solution, a heat-resistant glass installed in the base is suitable. When considering options, how to place a bio fireplace in the interior, the main attention is paid to the design and decorative design of the portal.
A desktop bio-fireplace is warm near you.

A desktop bio-fireplace is warm near you.

Table fireplace-olympic bowl, for living room in high-tech style.

Table fireplace-olympic bowl, for living room in high-tech style.

Allow yourself to enjoy the colors of the flame of fire.

Allow yourself to enjoy the colors of the flame of fire.

About fuel

As fuel for bio-fireplace, as for a laboratory alcohol lamp (the same portable mini-bio fireplace), alcohol is used, or rather, ethanol. Without going into the technical subtleties of alcohol production technologies and the legal features associated with its implementation to the end user, we will explain that ethanol is used denatured.

From food alcohol denatured are distinguished by the presence of special additives, which although completely harmless to humans, but sharply limit their use "inside". Ethanol, burning, does not form harmful impurities, soot and burnt.

Restrictions on operation

  1. The bio-fireplace is a decorative element more than a heating device, although there are models whose capacity allows heating the room in 100 m³ and more.
  2. Biofuel (although it is a renewable energy source) has a higher price compared to traditional fuel in the form of wood, coal and even gas.
  3. When operating bio-fireplaces, especially desktop execution, it is necessary to understand that although only carbon dioxide is released as a result of the combustion of ethanol, the room needs to be ventilated.

Despite these limitations, bio-fireplaces are very popular nowadays.

Decorative element of the living room is a desktop bio fireplace. Video

Desktop fireplaces in the interior of the house