Chandelier in the bedroom: a variety of models in 30 photos

By equipping your newly acquired dwelling or completing the renovation of the old one, special attention is paid to decorating the room and a chandelier in the bedroom plays an important role in this. In addition to its main function of lighting, it is able to significantly decorate the interior, give it chic, luxury and elegance, and also emphasize the level of prosperity of the owners. The decoration of beautiful chandeliers in various rooms has been given great attention since ancient times. It is enough to look through the interiors of the castles of the 18th - 19th centuries to see this. The selection of a chandelier in a bedroom is based not only on its external beauty, but also the style of the interior, the dimensions of the room and other factors that will be considered in this article.

Chandeliers in the interior of the bedroom: the basic conditions of choice

Although in modern organization of interiors, in the quality of lighting, spotlights and lights are often used, however, the chandelier in the bedroom has not lost its relevance, focusing on itself the main focus. Therefore, when choosing it, it is necessary to take into account some nuances, so that this decor element does not look ridiculous. Such basic criteria include:

  • stylistics and harmony. All lighting items, as already mentioned, are also decor elements, but only additional ones. Therefore, they must necessarily match the given style of the interior, but do not ask it;
  • material for finishing the ceiling surface. Some decorative materials can be deformed with direct light directivity, for example, stretch ceilings and unfolded chandelier ceiling in the bedroom (photos of such models can be seen in our catalog) will not be relevant here;
  • the size of the room. This is one of the main criteria. For large, spacious bedrooms, you can use any type of luminaire. Of course, the best option for a spacious bedroom will be suspended structures that, at the same time, in a small room will create a cluttered space effect;
  • possibility of power adjustment. In a recreation room, it is best to install lamps that allow changing the intensity of lighting;
  • color finishes and textiles. If the chandelier in the bedroom is colored - it should match the coloring of the textile available in the room, and also have shades corresponding to the color palette of the wall materials;
  • The kind of light bulbs that can be used. For example, known to everyone, conventional incandescent lamps can not be used with lamps whose plafonds are made of plastic or synthetic fabric. From overheating, these materials can begin to melt, which leads to severe consequences. Energy-saving halogen lamps have an insignificant level of heating, but have a bright cold glow, which is not the best way to fit in a room intended for rest.

Chandelier in the bedroom: the main types and their features

These basic elements of the interior lighting system can be produced from various materials, have geometric or non-standard shapes, different colors and purposes. In general, chandeliers are usually classified according to their usage, ceiling and suspension.

Chandelier in the bedroom ceiling

The ceiling view of the luminaires has its own peculiarity of installation, when the chandelier is fixed directly to the ceiling due to a special plate at the base or ring, designed as a decorative connection. Such chandeliers in the bedroom (photos provided in the article) can be made of glass, plastic or crystal, which is the most expensive material. Plastic plafonds exist in various shapes and colors, so choosing the right chandelier model in the interior of the bedroom, which would be integrated into the overall design, will not be difficult. The most common in recent years, glass ceiling, which is cheaper than crystal, but can give an equally elegant look to the interior. For small rooms, ceiling lamps are often the most optimal solution, since they do not clutter up space.

chandelier in the bedroom, photo 1chandelier in the bedroom ceiling, photo 2chandelier in the bedroom ceiling, photo 3chandelier in the bedroom ceiling, photo 4

Suspended chandeliers in the bedroom

For large apartments, where the dimensions of each of the rooms are quite solid, as the main lighting, as well as possible, pendant chandeliers will fit in the bedroom, which will fill its excess composition with its large-scale composition. In addition, they will be an excellent element of decor, able to give the room a certain charm and harmony.

beautiful chandeliers for a bedroom, photo 5chandelier in the bedroom, photo 6chandelier for a small bedroom, photo 7chandelier for a bedroom in a modern style, photo 8chandelier and wall lamp for a bedroom, photo 9chandelier and wall lamp set, photo 10chandelier in the bedroom, photo 11

This chandelier is a luminaire with one or more shades, which is attached to a string, cord or special string. Thanks to this system, you can easily adjust the height of the chandelier. Experienced designers in the modern design of bedrooms often use a spectacular move, using twin pendant chandeliers in the bedroom. There are many models of such lamps on the market, of which three main types can be distinguished, namely:

  • models with a large lampshade - the most effective look in large rooms. This option in the pair can be installed on the ceiling surface on either side of the head of the bed;
  • small pendant lamps - suitable for bedrooms of any size, but, best for small and long rooms. They can also be used as substitutes for sconces;
  • "Cascades" - more modern chandeliers in the bedroom, photos of which are placed in this article. The originality of their design is that several cords with small lamps come out from one base, which looks very impressive.

chandeliers in bedroom room, photo 12chandeliers in a small bedroom photo, photo 13chandeliers in a small bedroom photo in the interior, photo 14

The chandelier in a bedroom with a suspended structure can be made of a wide variety of materials. For the frame used metal, wood or glass, and plafonds, in addition to the listed materials, can also be made of their fabric, rattan, bamboo, plastic and crystal.

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Chandelier for a small bedroom

Since the interior of a room with a large area is somewhat easier to decorate, since there is an advantage in choosing, we will consider a more complicated version, namely, chandeliers for a bedroom of small rooms. As has already been noted more than once, a large chandelier is not suitable for a small room, but too small will look ridiculous. Here it is necessary to observe the balance.

In a compact bedroom, a flat chandelier, pressed against the ceiling, will look good, which will create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort. As for the plafonds - an excellent option for a small bedroom will be a lamp that has a plafond transparent or matte. The advantage is that such a chandelier for a small bedroom can scatter light, make it more pleasant and, at the same time, not to aggravate space.

For lovers of special comfort, you can buy a chandelier with a plafond of medium size, made using textiles. Such a lamp organizes a home-like setting that allows for relaxation.

And one more nuance - the bedroom can be small, but well lit thanks to the wide windows. In this case, you should not buy samples with several shades, giving a very bright lighting. In the afternoon there will be no need for it, and in the evenings - especially.

chandeliers in a classic bedroom, photo 15chandeliers in a modern bedroom, photo 16chandeliers in the bedroom photo, photo 17

Chandelier in the bedroom: from classics to modern times

If we talk about lighting, which is formed in rooms of different stylistic orientation, the lamps are of a variety of models. Nowadays, it's not at all difficult to find chandeliers in the interior of the bedroom, designed in any direction, from classic to eastern motifs and modern minimalism. Let's consider, what external attributes have the chandeliers issued in various styles, and what features are inherent in them.

Chandeliers for a bedroom in a classic style

Chandeliers for a bedroom in a classic style и по сегодняшний день пользуются такой же большой популярностью, как и несколько предыдущих столетий. Их конструктивная особенность заключается в наличии подвесного каркаса, способного удерживать относительно большой вес и имеющего несколько ячеек для лампочек. В своем подлинном варианте основание изготавливается из благородного металла, в качестве которого может выступать бронза, и украшается художественной ковкой в виде завитков, цветков, гирлянд и пр. Обрамляется каркас множеством декоративных элементов-подвесок, исполненных, в большинстве случаев, из хрусталя или стекла. Классические люстры для спальни бывают многоуровневые и имеют плафоны в виде цветов, свечей и прочих фигур, расположенных таким образом, когда луч света направлен вверх.

Modern classics prefer the design in more simplified versions. Most of the chandelier in the bedroom in modern classical style is equipped with a matte or transparent bubble, has no special decoration and chic, but, nevertheless, it looks very attractive. As in all current directions, there is a certain restraint and laconism.

chandeliers in the bedroom photo in the interior, photo 18classic chandeliers for a bedroom, photo 19chandelier and wall lamp set, photo 20

Modern chandeliers in the bedroom

Modern lamps in the Art Nouveau style have such distinctive features as the absence of unnecessary details, the asymmetry of shapes and the smoothness of the lines. Such chandeliers combine the luxury of classics and the uniqueness of high tech. Plafonds have, basically, a round or cylindrical shape, although other variants are also permissible (in the form of colors, intricate geometric figures, etc.). There are in the models of this series and forged elements, matte or colorful plafonds.

Chandelier for a bedroom in a modern style combines extravagance and creativity. Against the background of a minimally furnished interior, such a lamp will become a certain accent. These can be crystal modern chandeliers, models made in the form of candlesticks, having bronze wrought-iron frames and other elements.

The ultra-modern design is suitable angularity and shape geometry. High-tech luminaires are made of metal, plastic or glass and can be blue, black or metallic. Chandeliers in the bedroom modern in the style of minimalism should not focus on yourself a special attention. Their main task is to create lighting, so there is practically no decor, but nevertheless, these chandeliers look quite elegant, exuding diffuse soft light.

chandeliers in the interior of a bedroom, photo 21chandeliers in bedroom room, photo 22chandeliers in a small bedroom photo, photo 23chandeliers in a small bedroom photo in the interior, photo 24chandeliers in a classic bedroom, photo 25chandeliers in a modern bedroom, photo 26chandeliers in the bedroom photo, photo 27chandeliers in the bedroom photo in the interior, photo 28

The bedroom, these days, except that this room is used for sleeping, can also include the presence of a wardrobe, mini-cabinet and other functional areas. The correct selection of lighting for modern bedrooms should take into account all the nuances, and may include the purchase of a kit, which includes a chandelier and a lamp for the bedroom, made in the same style. This option is very convenient and suggests the possibility of highlighting certain necessary zones. Sconce, most often, is installed at the head of the bed or over a mirror. This makes it possible to read your favorite book before going to bed or to do some cosmetic procedures without using large lighting. Chandelier in the bedroom, as well as additional lamps, will largely determine the comfort and comfort that will prevail in the room in the evening, which will directly affect the calm sleep.

chandelier in the bedroom, photo 29small room chandeliers, photo 30