Decoration of the interior with shelves for the whole wall

Consider these original ideas for applying high shelving in the interior, which will help to give your walls functionality and a very stylish look.

1. Finished racks with different shelves

Shelves with different forms of shelves look much more interesting than when all the shelves are the same size. You can enhance this feeling by applying different colors of paint on their back walls that will resonate with different elements of the room, for example with the color of the furniture, curtains and the rest of the decor.

High shelves for the whole wall

2. Floating shelves for home office

Thick floating shelves can accommodate a lot of writing materials for the desktop, and besides, they just look fantastic on the walls! LED backlighting gives this work space a cosmetic effect, and a white glossy finish adds a fresh, modern and minimalist look to the interior.

Workplace with floating shelves

3. Elegant shelves for the living room

Elegant shelves with carved decoration provide enough space for storing things, and also emphasize the antique, classic design of this interior. A pair of beautiful sconces serves as an excellent finishing touch.

Shelves for the living room on the whole wall

4. Cube shelves, ideal for children

Cubic shelves can be used in any room, but are especially popular in children's rooms, because they provide enough space for storing countless children's toys, have a funny look and easily fit into any design of the children's room.

Comfortable shelving for childrenShelves in the form of a cube for a nursery

5. Open shelves in the kitchen

Open shelving is an excellent solution for small kitchens that lack the sense of space. The use of the same material on all horizontal surfaces, including on the countertops, creates a uniform and parallel design. To prevent confusion on such shelves, it is necessary to remove all rarely used dishes in the storeroom or other cabinet.

Open shelves in the kitchen

6. Library in urban style

Installation of high open shelves on the entire wall, will allow you to have your own library for all kinds of books, magazines, video films etc. Vertical mounts will reliably hold such a rack in the specified position.

Home Library in Urban Style

7. Modern living room unit

For a more stylish and modern living room type, special wall blocks can be used, in which open shelves are unusually interspersed with closed ones.

Cabinet with open shelves for the living room

8. Framing the window with high shelves

Surround the window in the interior with beautiful shelving to present your books and accessories in the most favorable light! The abundance of natural light entering the room through the gap between the shelves gives it an extra warm, cozy and welcoming look. Turn the sill into a banquet to enjoy reading the book in daylight.

High shelves on both sides of the window

9. Convenient racks for the bathroom

As in a small kitchen, high wall shelves in the bathroom help create a sense of spaciousness and add places to store things.

High shelves for the bathroom

15 more photos for your inspiration:

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