Comfortable and stylish seating for the living room

The living room, like no other room in the house, needs a lot of comfortable seating. You do not want to deny someone an invitation to tea just because he has nowhere to plant? In addition, such creative, improvised seats as pouffes, benches and floor cushions do not take up much space, but can bring a variety and a new touch to interior design. We offer you 10 variants of stylish additional seats for the living room:

1. Charming ottoman, made by own hands

If you have simple skills of knitting or sewing, then you can independently make stylish ottomans for the living room, similar to those shown in the photos below. Kind of handmade beautifully animates any space, bringing in it a unique, eclectic charm.

Stuffed ottoman Ottomans with fabric Knitted pouf with a pattern Homemade crocheted padded stools

2. Functional two-seated banquet table

Who does not like multifunctional furniture? A narrow two-seated banquet can act simultaneously in the role of sitting, stand under the feet, a coffee table or even a storage box.

Multifunctional cocktail for the living room Banquet for the living room in the traditional style

3. Eclectic choice

An eclectic mix of several seat options can add to your living room inimitable style and taste. The most universal is the combination of one large pouffe or a banquet with a pair of low soft chairs. Each of these items can be easily moved to create convenience in different situations.

Different ottomans for the living room Living room with lots of seatingUpholstered seating furniture in the living room

4. Moroccan poficks

Puffs in the Moroccan style can be an ideal accent for any stylish living space. Moreover, made of many strips of leather or fabric, they can easily fit into almost any color scheme!

Leather pouffes in Moroccan style Brilliant ottomans in Moroccan style Very beautiful puffs in the Moroccan style

5. Multi-colored cushions

Multicolored sofa cushions give the interior an unconstrained brightness and eclecticism, but still can act as a comfortable additional seating.

Sofa cushions instead of padded stools Multicolored pillows for the living room

6. Flat floor cushions

You can never have enough seats, especially in a small room. Flat floor cushions are the ideal solution for this situation - you can fold them into a column, put them in any free angle and easily move around the room. Invite as many guests as you like!

Low cushions for sitting on the floor Pillows for sitting in the living room Beautiful pillows with your own hands Floor cushions for a stylish living room

7. Functional decor

Let's face it: the seats in the living room should not only be comfortable, but also stylish. Chic ornate padded stools will serve you even in the absence of guests - as a beautiful bright accent and accessory.

Low chairs with bright pattern Bright ottomans with patternsOttomans as decor for the living room

8. Designer seats

Playful design padded stools will please not only adults but also children!

Designer ottomans - stones Soft puffs, like big boulders Puffy from pompoms own handsUnusual padded stools in modern style Armchair-bag in a new version

9. Modern couches

Modern couches without a backrest are ideal for creating an open and welcoming living room design. Visually, they do not take up much space, but they provide the same number of seats as a small sofa.

Couch instead of a puff in the living room Beautiful couch near the fireplace

10. Trendy chairs

Perhaps, such chairs are not the most mobile seats for the living room, but they are definitely more interesting than ordinary chairs and therefore can act as a creative addition to the modern or even minimalist interior design.

Designer chair for the living room Unusual Living Room Chairs