3d panels for walls in the interior - 45 photo examples

3D panels in the interior

Volumetric panels can not be called something new in the construction market. In gypsum performance, they have been used for a very long time. Another thing is that modern materials and manufacturing techniques have made them much more interesting, diverse and quality.

Modern 3d panels for walls in the interior can be assistants in solving issues of zoning, decoration and decoration of any horizontal or vertical surfaces, interior partitions.

Panels with honeycombs

Advice for designers on the use of 3D panels

  • Finishing with large volume invoices is better suited for spacious rooms, while small patterns can be used even for small rooms.
  • By itself, the relief wall, even of white color, is a rather noticeable decoration. It is not always worthwhile to emphasize attention to it, painting too brightly, exciting flowers.
  • If brightly painted panels are used, other walls should be as light as possible.
  • Visually the 3D effect will be noticeable in any lighting. In addition, it varies depending on the viewing angle. To make it more obvious and interesting, the pattern is often highlighted by wall, floor, tape or ceiling lights.

Square 3d panels

  • If the design implies the use of the relief locally, as a separate art object, the three-dimensional panels will perfectly fit. Many manufacturers offer ready-made options, but you can also combine tiles from any collection to your taste.
  • It is important to choose the right material for the color, shape. Elements can differ ultramodern design, then they will be an excellent addition to the styles of high-tech, modern, techno. Classic motifs are more suitable for historical styles. And almost invisible, light and unobtrusive can be used even for ethnic.

Zoning using panels

  • Wall panels are not only decoration, but also decor, so they should not overlap with bulky furniture items, almost never complemented by individual accessories.
  • Sufficiently deep textures are suitable for decorating living rooms, offices or offices, and gentle, soft and laconic look better on the walls of bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • In addition to the variety of colors, the surfaces are matte and glossy, which is also important to consider when choosing a material. Glossy coating gives more optical effects, visually expands the space. Matte simply stands out by the texture, creating the necessary mood, complementing the atmosphere with coziness, tranquility.
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Decorating the living room wall with 3d panels

Types of decorative wall panels

In fact, it is not enough to cover the wall with any panels you like. To achieve the desired result, only those types of finishes that are correctly matched to the size, texture and material will be able to supplement, decorate the interior. Before you go to such design delights, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of the existing options, their advantages, as well as disadvantages.

3d panel on the wall in the living room

Gypsum boards

Gypsum boards одни из самых распространенных, они безопасные, нетоксичные, устойчивы к перепадам температуры, обеспечивают дополнительную шумоизоляцию, имеют продолжительный срок эксплуатации. Возможность окрашивания позволяет буквально за несколько часов обновить помещение, привнести новые нотки. При монтаже можно добиться бесшовной поверхности. В случае повреждения наждачная бумага со шпаклевкой поможет провести быструю реставрацию.

Plasterboard 3d panel


При изготовлении стеновых панелей из ПВХ используют технологии, которые позволяют создавать имитацию многих натуральных материалов, среди которых отделочный камень и древесина. Полимеры также успешно имитируют фактуру ткани или кожи, а отдельные коллекции включают панели, действительно обтянутые качественным кож замом или текстилем. Пластиковым панелям нет равных в разнообразии цвета и фактур. Глубина рельефа зависит от толщины материала, колеблется в диапазоне 30-120 мм. Plastic плитки легкие, водонепроницаемые, простые в плане ухода.

Plastic 3д панели


This type of finishing appeared one of the last, has not yet become very popular. Look glass glass panels for the walls are very beautiful, have excellent quality characteristics, but their cost is not affordable for everyone. In addition, because of their high weight, they are not suitable for all walls, especially partitions.

3d panel of glass


Recently they are used with pleasure by both professional designers and ordinary homeowners, who decided to renew the interior on their own. Finishing is not afraid of exposure to temperatures or moisture, resistant to ultraviolet light, various alkaline environments. No further processing or staining is contemplated. Manufacturing technology allows you to experiment with texture and color. Due to their light weight, they can be mounted even on gypsum boards, but the panels are fastened to the frame of the metal profile, so they will take some space from the premises.

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Aluminum 3д-панели

Embossed panels from MDF

Like previous versions, panels from MDF can have different texture, texture, color. They are made of high quality composition, which provides stability and long life. However, they are not recommended for use in rooms with high humidity, for bathrooms, saunas, baths. Most popular with designers painted surfaces. A feature of MDF panels is the possibility to use them not only as a decoration for walls, but also for decorating partitions, furniture facades, doors.

3d panel for wood from MDF

3D Panel Applications

Drawing on the many years of experience of designers and decorators, it is possible to single out the most successful applications of the 3d panel in the interior of rooms for various purposes.

3d-panels made of leather in the interior of the living room

Panels in living rooms

It is the design of the living rooms most often decorated with this kind of decoration. The original addition will be wall panels in the TV zone. Particularly interesting are models simulating waves, water surface or modern geometric shapes.

Wooden panels on the wall of the room

The volume on the walls will advantageously emphasize the fireplace zone. It is important to choose the right material so that the style of the hearth matches the style, texture, pattern of the finish. For rooms made in the classical style, often choose panels that mimic the fabric of a capitol or carriage-type screed.

3d panel on the wall and ceiling

At the same time, the light version looks unobtrusive, but very profitable, and with the dark one it is possible to give the room a certain mystical mood. Columns with a straight section, square, rectangular, panels will give a special chic, especially if you supplement them with lighting.

Volumetric wall of fabric

Kitchen Appliances

The second most popular option - the use of 3d panel for walls in the interior of the kitchen or dining room. Here, as a rule, preference is given to plastic or MDF panels, as they are easy to care for and resistant to moisture. If we are talking about the use of gypsum materials, they are additionally covered with water-repellent varnishes.

Apron in the kitchen of the 3d panel Most often, the material is lined with a working wall. Also in the kitchen, you can nicely distinguish the dining area. In spacious rooms, this type of decoration can be used simultaneously in two places, creating a more holistic design.

Furniture decoration 3d panel

Decoration of a bedroom

In the bedroom there are usually not so many places where the bulk invoice will look profitable. In most cases, this is the wall at the head of the bed. It is important that the selected texture and color of the material successfully complement the overall design.

Head of the bed with a 3d panel finish

If the decor differs by a small pattern, sometimes the whole sleeping area is distinguished: the finish along the width of the bed is lifted to the whole wall and is turned on three quarters on the ceiling. In small rooms it is better to look a small decorative panel on the wall. Less voluminous make the wall opposite the sleeper, as a rule, if there is a TV.

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3d panel in the bedroom

For a children's room

Some manufacturers offer a special model line for children's rooms. Such panels often look like cubes of Lego, various geometric shapes, colors.

3d panels in the nursery in the form of a lego

An interesting addition to the nursery will be a part of the wall with a wavy texture, which is painted in rainbow colors. In the nursery, this decor is recommended only in the play area.

3d panel in the children's room

Bathroom paneling with 3D panels

In bathrooms, volumetric panels are used locally or to separate a separate zone in the combined bathrooms. You can select any zone if you select a material that is not affected by moisture and temperature.

Example of a bathroom wall cladding with 3d panels

Most often, a wall is made above the bathroom or a completely free wall. Unusual finishing will help to identify the area of ​​the toilet bowl and will not make it a strong accent, if there will be more light colors.

3d panel in the bathroom interior

3D panels are so diverse and versatile that it can be used everywhere. In addition to the rooms described above, you can decorate the loggia, make wall decorations near the stairs, in the hall or hallway.

Surface panels for the bathroom

Advantages and disadvantages of wall panels

Like any other modern material, 3D panels have their pros and cons.

3d panel in the living room


  • Huge selection of color palette, shapes and textures;
  • The room visually becomes more voluminous and interesting;
  • This decoration is at the same time the decor of the room;
  • Allows you to hide defects in the form of unevenness of the wall surface, as well as elements of engineering systems.

3d panels for ceramics


  • The disadvantages of certain panels vary depending on the source material. For example, gypsum is brittle enough and is not suitable for rooms with high humidity, like MDF;
  • Not for every room 3D panels will be an appropriate option. They are recommended for use in spacious rooms;
  • This finish requires additional care, as it helps to accumulate dust on the terrain.
  • Excess volume can tire the eyes, and also make the situation somewhat office.

Volumetric panels in the dining room

The options for the use of wall panels in the interior are innumerable. It is due to the wide choice of materials, their design, and the way they are used in the interior. But before making a final decision, it is worth to assess the size of the room and the matching of the finish to the general style.

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