Decor for march 8 - create a festive mood

Tulips in a Vase

Get rid of the monotony of winter days, fill the space around the sun, freshness - the first desire that appears in the spring. For this, there is a magnificent occasion - the Woman's Day. Correctly selected decor on March 8 will make the holiday stylish and solemn at the same time. Decorate the house, apartment, place of work, rest. Lovely crafts with their own hands will add to the triumph of tenderness, warmth.

Usually garlands are used. There are many species:

  • Horizontal - hangs over furniture, window frames, walls.
  • Vertical - fills the space of openings of windows, doors.
  • Made from one material or several.
  • Composed of different pieces, cut out paper.

Vertical garland of paper chamomiles

Garland of paper hearts  Decor of paper  Flower garland  Garland of paper circles  Garland of colored paper

Horizontal, vertical garlands are usually made of thick paper, felt. The idea is this: according to the patterns cut out figures (flowers, asterisks, suns) of several sizes, to sew one by one with a machine, the distance of a couple of centimeters, keeping the thread intact. The number depends on the window itself. Usually enough a dozen. Ready strips are attached.

Colorful flowers from napkins

Another option for horizontal garlands, paper flowers are dahlias. To do simply. For the pompon, 3 paper sheets of 50x20 cm are required. The blank is stacked, folded with an accordion (2 cm pitch), tied with a thread, and the edge is cut with a cone. The edges are unfolded in a fan, fixed with a stapler. Each layer is directed upwards, crushed. Balls-flowers can be hung up singly, threaded with a needle.

An example of how to make flowers yourself

Peonies from napkins

Ideas for decorating balls

The favorite decoration of almost all the holidays are inflatable balls. They are great for creating large inscriptions, figures, look great in the halls of institutions, corporations.

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Balloons for the holiday

For the decor of the house in solemn moments it is worth using balls, it is enough to adhere to certain rules:

  • Take small bundles (3-5 pieces). To hang cornices, furniture corners.
  • Use multicolored. Example: white + monochrome + sketched.
  • Two-color compositions give flowers. Take 1 of one color, 5 of the other. The center of the bundle of five balls is inserted less inflated with a different hue. Communicate behind, decorate the curtains.
  • To make some simple figure, bend the wire frame, string the bundles of small balls.

Flowers from balloons

Such decorations will suit offices, where the ball-point eight will especially emphasize the spring mood, festivity. Such a decor by March 8 will take a lot of time, it is better to do it in advance for the upcoming event.

Lamps inside the balloons

Spring mood for a long time

In addition to garlands, ball compositions you may like ornaments, which after a holiday get-togethers for a while still give a light mood. Uncomplicated handicrafts decorate their own homes, deserted office window sills, despondent tables of colleagues.

Hyacinths and daffodils in decorated pots

For example:

  • Multicolored plastic buckets, bright, adapted for pots, will make boring windowsills more fun.
  • Unusual eccentric compositions. You need a few beautiful twigs without leaves. We have to rinse, varnish, cut the paper, shreds of dense cloth bugs, butterflies, flowers, oval, stick. This beauty is put in small vases.

Composition of branches and flowers

  • Satin, silk ribbons. Uniform regular, tie the backs of chairs with a bow, slightly fluttering - is not this a festive mood?

Armchairs decorated with ribbons

  • Wreath. Such a decor is somewhat unusual and interesting. There are a lot of options: connected twigs, which will decorate fresh flowers; twisted wire, wrapped in a bright green cloth, pinned with light paper birds, butterflies, dragonflies. As a frame fit small cones of conifers, previously iridescent decorated.

Wreath of live tulips

Attention! Decorated items take a moderate, observe the combination among themselves.

Tulips in colored pails

Festive floristics

Traditional, relevant decor on March 8 restaurant, cafe - fresh flowers. You can arrange on the tables elegant pots with specially grown plants: crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, narcissuses.

Tulips in an umbrella

The habitual interior is well diluted with suspended vases. They are easy to make by themselves, junk yoghurt jars, food for children, juice are suitable. More interesting is colored glass bottles. A thin string is tied around the neck, fixed where necessary. In the container are placed flowers, a fragile, leafy twig (willow twig, jasmine, even cherry).

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Composition from florist - figure 8 and flowers

In fruktovnitsy besides sweets, fruits, put flowers, which is especially nice sitting at the table ladies. Usual napkins for the sake of women's day are fixed with beads, light lace.

Decoration of a festive table

Fantastically it will look like a table covered with a bright blue tablecloth, snow-white utensils. In the center, put a two-tone bouquet: blue hyacinths, white lilies. Transparent glasses, glitter appliances only emphasize the sophistication of the decoration.

We decorate the table for the holiday

Decoration of shop windows

With the first warm days the streets are filled with merchants mimosa, tulips. And what else can you decorate? Of course, shining showcases with flowers and festive decoration. To shine should really be in the spring! It is worth working on the transformation, to become a kind of magnet, a source of joy. For this, fabrics with a floral print are used, just bright, sunny tones. Here are some points that will help you decorate the storefront.

Decoration of shop windowsы к весеннему празднику

The cloth. The fashion for balls gradually gives way to compositions of colors of large volume, paper, fabric. Lightness, weightlessness attract the eye. It is important to be located naturally, without blocking the storefront. It is better to decorate a part of the background, to emphasize the impression of the beginning of flowering.

Showcase to the International Women's Day

Important! Cover the part of the surface with flowers. Avoid overloading.

Spring wreath (ekostyle) can decorate the window, door, wall for a long time. Usually used linen cloth, matting. The shape is familiar round, but it's even more interesting to make a butterfly outline. Letters and numbers are made in colors. Alive, artificial, as you like.

Flowers in a glass jar

Interesting decor ideas with your own hands

Sometimes, to decorate life, small things are enough. We'll talk about this. Even the most simple breakfast will become a holiday, if there are rosettes with delicate flowers on the table, beautiful candles. Remaining after New Year's festivities, the stands are decorated with green ribbons.

Breakfast serving decoration

What holiday without a postcard? Usual, congratulatory, supplemented by applique, pieces of lace, fabric. Fix some as a book, write in there congratulations. Each page is decorated with a bead, strassikom.

Festive postcard by March 8 Cushions will help to refresh the podnadoevshuyu situation by the spring day. A pair of stitched bright kerchiefs, handkerchiefs - a perfect cover on the pillow, decorate with colored buttons, braid, ribbons. Of course, you can replace all home textiles with more vivid, cheerful. But if there is no time, opportunities, then it is enough to make new catches for curtains. They can be made neat wreaths from homemade lace, crocheted ribbons. A tiny boutonniere of flowers, attached to them, will emphasize the arrival of spring.

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Spring decor of the apartment on March 8

Give a second life to some old, but loved things. Decoupage technique will help you. Only multilayer napkins, a reworked object, a varnish without color will be needed. With their help you can update the old watch, table lamp, wall plate. Make and lull with paper roses!

Box with flowers and pasta You can make a garland-stretching family photos. Choose the most beautiful images of female relatives, assemble on a tape, stretching it along the window frame, walls.

Eternal eight

Celebration of the International Women's Day will not do without the figure 8. It is issued in different ways. The place is given to it based on the type of room, the level of the upcoming celebration, the age of beautiful ladies.

Make a figure eight from the frame and decorate with paper flowers

The selection of the material is entirely in the power of the decorator. For production is used:

  • Styrofoam;
  • Fabrics;
  • Wireframes;
  • Balls (inflatable, paper);
  • Flower compositions;
  • Branches, twigs, vines;
  • A piece of chalk;
  • Lace;
  • Confectionery (cakes, sweets);
  • Fruit;
  • Matches;
  • Straw.

Decor figures on a woman's day

The list is not complete, everyone is free to supplement it with the help of his imagination. Templates and stencils are good helpers. They make it possible not only to cut 8 without flaws, but to make it stylish, characteristic. Complex patterns are possible, up to lace. It should be remembered that this element of decor should not suppress others, but harmoniously combine.

Figure 8 of the balloons

Important! Error to implement all at once! Choose only the ideas that will suit you, without making the interior worse.

Rejoice with interesting ideas, surprise with imagination!