What should be the interior of a stylish kitchen? (47 ideas

The kitchen is part of the house, where the most important is the functionality and convenience. Stylish kitchens should differ, among other things, comfort. Furniture should be chosen as useful as possible, and there should not be too much, since minimalism is at the heart of the modern interior.

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  • 3 Zoning options
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Functionality, materials and decor

The modern kitchen should be neat. Thoroughly think over the location of the sink, stove, dining area and appliances. By the way, do not hide modern equipment, in this case it will be the dignity of the kitchen.

The modern kitchen interior is now the most common, it is quite elegant and simple. In the kitchen, you can combine elements that are unacceptable in other styles, most importantly - clear lines. You can add elements of other directions, because this modern style is typical: it is unique, diverse, there is where to unfold fantasies!

modern kitchen

Modern kitchen-modern materials.

kitchen interier

Natural materials in the interior of modern cuisine.

What should be the interior of a stylish kitchen? (47 ideas of the interior)

Bright, cheerful kitchen in studio apartment.

modern kitchen

A modern kitchen with a touch of red, always a winning option.

kitchen interier

The interior of the kitchen for a country house, a lot of windows, beautiful, sturdy furniture and a good option for a large countertop.

If the kitchen is modern, then choose materials to match it. Fortunately, now a very large selection of materials, open any building catalog and choose: plaster, plastic, wood, metal, glass. All this is suitable for your kitchen, there are no restrictions! Combine different materials as you like. For example, wooden kitchen can be attributed to the style of past eras, but if you diversify it with modern materials and buy new household appliances, you will get a very up-to-date style. And if you add metal, then the atmosphere will acquire a certain chic and elegance - it will look great!

Furniture for kitchen

Furniture made of mahogany and marble countertops in a large kitchen, a classic of luxury and harmony.

kitchen interier

White walls, black countertops, black furniture and parquet under the wood of the combination of style lovt.

kitchen in high-tech styles

Kitchen in the style of minimalism + hi-tech, or vice versa.

But for the floor is better to choose parquet, laminate or carpet. Wood or tiles are also suitable, but in an improved form. By the way, if you decide to stop your choice on a laminate, then choose a durable and resistant to moisture.

The design of the kitchen will look even better if it is decorated with flowers. They add to each room liveliness and freshness, introducing a note of relaxation and coziness. You can also hang a few pictures, but try not to overload the modern interior: stylish kitchens do not like it.

Small area

Unfortunately, not every kitchen boasts a large area. Even if you have a small kitchen, boldly decorate it in a modern style. In addition, you can make the room visually larger. Light walls, light tiles - it all visually expands the space. The ceiling is also better to decorate in light colors. In the modern style, color abundance is inappropriate - a couple of bright accents will be enough.

kitchen interier

Kitchen and dining room in the interior of a large house.

kitchen interier

Modern materials in the interior of the kitchen.

kitchen interier

An unusual combination of colors, decor, nice little things make the kitchen cozy.

kitchen interier

A bold combination of colors of black and lemon furniture, a controversial decision.

The design of the kitchen is better to decorate without dark furniture. Arrange the furniture so that all the doors of the lockers can open freely and do not interfere with anyone. Be sure to buy hinged cabinets with glass doors, they are the most convenient. In addition, glass can create an airy and light atmosphere in the room. Stylish kitchens are complemented by flowing short curtains. And you can do without them at all, now there is a huge choice of blinds in stores, which can be installed without any problems on the window by yourself for five minutes. By the way, this will help to maximize the use of daylight in the interior.

In a small kitchen, it is better to do without a door or, if possible, replace it with a small sliding glass door.

Of course, everyone prefers different colors. But the interior of the kitchen in modern style still does not do without light colors. Accents can be made in green: it excites appetite excellently. Get a stylish little kitchenette, which will be pleasant to spend your free time, and even the preparation of dishes will bring joy!

Zoning options

Today, people very often combine a kitchen with a dining room or living room.

This is especially true when the kitchen is small and the other room is large. By the way, you can divide rooms into zones using light. Yes, and a variety of material for finishing the floor, too, for this will come in handy. Arches and glass partitions in this case are also appropriate. With their help you can create a unique kitchen design!

kitchen interier

Bright kitchen with a bar and large windows.

kitchen interier

Classics design a combination of white and red.

Luxury modernist style in the interior of the kitchen.

Luxury modernist style in the interior of the kitchen.

Style minimalism against the backdrop of the Alpine forest.

Style minimalism against the backdrop of the alpine forest, I like it.

It is very fashionable to have a zoning option with the help of a bar counter. It can be either an additional workspace or be directly used as a rack. It turns out a very fashionable design, which can be supplemented with chairs around the perimeter of the rack. With such a kitchen, it will be convenient for you to quickly have a snack and drink tea. And when you cook, your households will be able to sit at the counter and talk with you, without distracting from business.

Stylish kitchens will become even more functional if one wall of the bar is additionally equipped with shelves for dishes. It turns out beautiful, convenient, practical.

As you can see, modern style in the kitchen - it's easy, but it's beautiful and comfortable. Be sure to give it a preference if you like minimalism and comfort in the house!

Interior of a modern and stylish kitchen. Video

Variety of styles of modern kitchen