Design curtains for the bedroom - this year's novelties

Delicate bedroom curtains

The main task of any modern interior is to combine the decorative aspect with the functional load. From the design of curtains for the bedroom depends on a proper rest and comfortable state of health. No less important point is the combination with other textile elements, which are so many in the interior of this room.

Gray Satin Blinds

Therefore, the priority characteristics of the choice are diverse and individual:

  • quality of fabric;
  • usability;
  • density;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • ease of draping;
  • restrained design;
  • perfect sewing.

Curtains of golden color

An equally important parameter is the assembly factor. It can be from 1.5 to 3, and the upper braid will affect the pattern. It is advisable to think in advance of the technical moment - fastening, depending, including on the performance of the ceiling. The simplest cornice and eyelets (round fasteners directly in the fabric) provide convenience and beautiful folds simultaneously.

Light turquoise tulle under the color of plaid and pillows

A logical combination

It is easy to see on some photos that advice on choosing the same fabric for curtains and some other textile element is not always applied. Traditional design implies the design of identical bedroom window material with:

  • a blanket on the bed;
  • blankets, puffs, banquets;
  • изголовье, калдахин;
  • decorative pillows.

The combination of Roman and classic curtains

But now many decorators offer not to succumb to stereotypes, because picking up different textiles, it is easier to achieve greater originality. Ready-made collections with companion fabrics will help you make the right choice, staying in the right frame of color and style. The background color, which becomes the color of the ornament, a pattern for another textile element of the bedroom, for example, a blanket, will help to achieve the originality of the bedroom.

Curtains on two windows

Another actual trend is the rejection of tulle. But if it is necessary, it should be chosen simultaneously with the main curtains. And light tulle has its various variations:

  • monochrome micro-wave;
  • kapron;
  • colored chiffon;
  • moderate embroidery.

Classic curtains with ornament

Style: play and support

A certain correspondence to the style of the room is easy to maintain by both the form and the fabric of the curtains:

  • Classic. A strong style, suitable for the design of a large bedroom, is manifested in picks, inserts from velvet, gum, lambrequins. High ceiling - a pledge of the appropriate use of the latter in the form of svagov (semicircles resembling shells).

Assembled curtains

  • Neoclassicism. Slightly adapted to the realities of life, suggests a more restrained, free design. Floral motifs, hard laconic lamrebkens, which came to replace the traditional ones, are appropriate.
  • East chic. Luxury and beauty of the decoration of taffeta, brocade is reinforced with brass cornice
  • Eco-style. Natural origin of fabrics: cotton, linen, exotic materials, beautiful in themselves and not needing excessive decorations.

Curtains made of light fabric

  • Country. A large cage, embroidery, tulle type macrame, while a bit rustic, but gentle.
  • Provence. A general slight impression of the room is emphasized by curtains with a floral motif of pastel, natural colors, simple linen with lace trim, frills.
  • Modern style. Cotton with polyester. Laconic execution does not contradict the plastic windows.
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Bedspreads and curtains in one style

Color: universal and individual

The neutral color of curtains is chosen by designers, betting on the texture and quality of the material. This approach to decorating the bedroom is quite reasonable, because the main factors are certain advantages:

  • In the color of the walls - will preserve the space of the small bedroom, and bright accents can be other decorative elements, for example, textiles from the decoration of the bed.
  • A harmonious monochrome bedroom with slightly different curtains in color from other surfaces (a little darker or lighter) will get a rhythm, remaining with an extremely relaxing atmosphere.
  • Light neutral curtains visually move the wall.
  • Less likely that such a fabric will tire with time, in contrast to a more active coloring.
  • The shades of white, gray, beige-coffee and their derivatives will suit any color design.

Cornice with curtains on the corner window

If you want to get away from the dank greyness outside the window - bright solutions fill the bedroom with color, especially if the walls are quiet, in the form of solid wallpaper or paint. The compatibility with the main color palette is a prerequisite. It should also be noted that not all colors are suitable for small bedrooms, and some will create a depressing impression, such as fashionable black or extravagant purple.

Semicircular cornice

Excellent combination of strip and floral motifs, but in a dosed amount and on a calm, often white background. This combination occurs in the style of Provence, where a mix of lavender, blue, green, ash-pink - muted shades, prompted by natural motives. The dominant color is still the same, sharp contrast is excluded.

Red curtains for bedroom

What are the active shades for the design of the bedroom is particularly in demand:

  • blue-green, including turquoise;
  • Saturated berry;
  • pink and fuchsia;
  • green and amber.

Blue curtains in the bedroom

The right to expressiveness

Minimalism, which, one way or another, is present in the interiors, is reflected in the design of curtains for the bedroom. But this approach is not to everyone's liking, because this room is very personal, a certain amount of pretentiousness can be present. If the bedroom does not have small dimensions, then the availability of prints, patterns will be justified.

One-window curtain

Spectacular and picturesque fabric is able to revive the monotonous interior, to support the general idea of ​​a place for rest. What trends can attract from the latest collections:

  • a vegetable pattern with small birds;
  • tropical prints, such as palm leaves - the main trend of this year;
  • a unique stone pattern, for example, marble veins;
  • geometry, especially black and white;
  • strip - never goes out of fashion, can optimally change the parameters of the room.
  • Metallized accents will transform even calm creamy, coffee tones.

Bedroom with a semicircular wall

Council. Avoiding the error will help the principle: either a complex drapery, or a noticeable pattern of tissue.

White light curtains

Material: natural and practical

For a bedroom, natural materials are almost an indispensable condition. Only to make a choice is based on the lighting of the bedroom, especially the fabric, which have a fleecy texture:

  • Tweed. For such a fabric there are its own fashionable nuances: rough edges, combinations with linen inserts.
  • Silk. Add "price" to the interior, suitable for modern and classic style.
  • Linen. This material becomes very fashionable in the design of all rooms, and for a bedroom in certain styles it is simply irreplaceable. External simplicity can be compensated with decorative additions. Although some designers even careless bruising make an accent.
  • Velvet. Pile texture at the peak of popularity, but they require careful handling when leaving.
  • Velours. Another representative, able to make a bedroom, the photo is confirmed, expressive, cozy.
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Curtains made of silk

Mixed fabrics are an alternative when a small proportion of man-made fibers is added. They are more unpretentious in their care. Yet for the sake of aesthetics, we should not neglect the operational objective properties.

Curtains for the bedroom in a modern style

MaterialAdvantagesdisadvantagesVersatility, practicality
ShinkExpensive appearanceIt is necessary to duplicate the lining, high priceAll-time
flaxCozy appearanceMnetsya, can suffer after washingVery fashionable
VelvetAbsorbs noiseComplexity of care, dry cleaningEnough volume
JacquardExpressivePerhaps the appearance of puffsEasy to care for

Curtains for bedroom design in blue

Length matters: in the floor

For the design of the curtains of the atmospheric bedroom, with notes of refinement and refinement, long models, with a touch, distance to the floor should be clearly verified. Butt - a classic way to show the fabric at its best.

Roman curtains on panoramic windows

Leave a small allowance, so that the window drapery beautifully lay on the floor, 5-10 cm - one of the popular solutions for the bedroom, which is often found in the presented photos. Criteria of aesthetic, elegant execution:

  • atlas, any flowing fabric, capable of creating soft folds;
  • sufficiently high ceiling;
  • well affect the narrow windows.

Curtains made of natural fabric

This reception will add to the bedroom a delightful luxury, privacy, but in a standard room it is worth to show moderation in the allowance, to have the cornice as high as possible. This design intent requires careful handling, additional careful care, especially if pets are available.

Curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Actual. If there is an exit to the balcony, and actively used, then the model of curtains in the floor may not be suitable.

Semi-transparent curtains

Противоположный способ – оставить отступ от уровня пола на 5 см, то есть примерную ширину плинтуса. Advantages в простоте уборки для некоторых владельцев – определяющий фактор дизайна. Но стоит предусмотреть сильную усадку после стирки – длина может стать на несколько сантиметров выше.

Roman blind on one window to the bedroom

Sewing Options

Often the bedroom makes an impression of a static and monotonous, until an additional color appears. What tailoring options allow you to add more color effects:

  • Wrong curtains. A colorful, bright fabric, which in some sewing versions acts as an additional material, appears as needed. An interesting way to change the interior of the bedroom, photos of which attract their elegant negligence, when fashionable turquoise or juicy berry breaks through the bent edge. The structure of the upper fabric can be different - linen or cotton, and the lining has a satin, glossy look.

Assembled curtains в спальне

  • There is a sewing option with imitation of double curtains, when a vertical strip of companion fabric is attached along the inner edge. This method will require a double cornice instead of a triple, which is more economical.
  • Several sofa, decorative pillows, blankets or bedspread will support such an idea of ​​modern attitude towards decoration.

Curtains on the windows on both sides of the bed

Japanese curtains and other exotic

At its simplicity, the varieties of Japanese curtains are surprisingly functional. A strict graphic pattern will support the ideas of those bedrooms, where the main principles are minimalism, orderliness. And this is not necessarily a Japanese style. ,

Japanese - sliding curtains

What are the advantages of choosing curtain panels, and photos of bedrooms indicate that it becomes common, can take a fancy:

  • they perfectly fit to the opening with access to the balcony.
  • with decorated canvases - the dominant element, the most spectacular accent.
  • laconic execution suitable for most styles;
  • Natural materials like bamboo will support the concept of environmental friendliness.

Japanese curtains in the bedroom

Another option laconic, but fashionable curtains - roll. Leave the window sill free, but it's worth taking a closer look at the installation, so that you can open the frame. Double versions fully replace the functionality of the tyuli, and any style is possible. Roman curtains are another convenient version, which will suit any window, even an arched, bay window.

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Roman curtains on the whole wall

Actual. Electric drive and control panel for these types of curtains like connoisseurs of industrial chic.

Curtains on the bay window

Modern reading of the design of the bedroom means primarily convenience for the owner, and therefore in the photo you can find combinations of roll or Roman curtains with beautiful drapes on the sides, performing a decorative function.

Roll curtains

French curtains are not so common now. With their numerous festoon folds, they are more suitable for classical, historical styles, extravagant interior. For ordinary life, where everything should be relevant and functional, they have their shortcomings:

  • Do not allow the window to be completely empty, depriving the bedroom of part of the daylight.
  • It takes a lot of free time from owners to take care of them, especially in dusty urban conditions.
  • A huge consumption of cloth and a reinforced cornice for heavy fabrics.

Decorating the bay window with Austrian curtains in the bedroom

Such models as the Viennese (or else referred to as the Austrian) are a hybrid of French and Roman. Under them you need a special cornice and lifting mechanism: this device is suitable for those owners who want to leave the wall with the window as open as possible. Sometimes they are sewn from translucent materials, adding tight curtains.

Bamboo Roll Shades

Important Items

Cornice - no less significant component of design, as well as fabric. What recommendations are worth taking note:

  • The standard ceiling height - the cornice should not be too massive.
  • Wooden is more suitable for rural styles, and modern is more located to metal.
  • Wood with a shade and texture should be combined with the rest of the furnishings.
  • Rings, satin hinges will support romantic stylistics.

Curtains on the interior of the bedroom in white gray and mustard color combination

Pick-up designers suggest making a notable accent for suitable curtain models. A folded fabric is transformed when used:

  • laced chains of metal, suitable in meaning to the rest of the elements;
  • contrasting fabric strips, for example in the color of radiator grilles.
  • Fur - for a special coziness and laconic models of curtains;

Gray curtains on the window from floor to ceiling

  • tapes on magnets - allow you to change the degree of priborennosti.
  • thin twisted - exquisite, timeless solution.
  • metal stylization - twigs, birds.
  • Brushes are especially relevant for historical styles, classics, vintage-romantic.

Curtains in the whole wall of the bedroom

Actual. The pick-up line for models with brushes is located at a height of about 1 m from the floor.

White curtain

New season

Each year, decorators offer new approaches to design, and fabrics with an unusual pattern - a good way to show individuality in design. Most of the actual textiles are represented by foreign brands, but using the basic idea, you can pick up something similar in a more accessible version.

The combination of the color of curtains and textiles in the bedroom

Interesting fabrics of the season:

  • satin with a three-dimensional effect;
  • degradation is a great way to add a balanced brightness;
  • A detailed drawing that you want to look at endlessly.

Combination of different materials

Determined with the design of curtains for the bedroom, in the first place should be guided by a reasonable approach to choice, their own taste. Since the curtains are not a constructive element of the interior, they can always be replaced, and a little stylishness, fashion trends that change quite often, is quite acceptable. Velvetные шторы Today, innovative solutions such as tinted glass, changing light transmission and other technologies are not yet very common in the market, but now there is a tendency to abandon the classic type of curtains. Therefore, one should enjoy pleasant moments at the choice of fabric and sewing options to create your ideal bedroom.