Fireplace in the interior - the heart of your home

The fireplace will always have the main role. A fireplace is always magic, it's romantic love, it's the flames, accompanied by the lights of red wine.

In addition to the aesthetic role, the fireplace also fulfills its original purpose - it heats the space. Modern conditions and technologies allow you to acquire a fireplace as well as residents of cities that have apartments, as well as residents of country houses and cottages. Fireplaces create warmth of the interior both physically and visually.

The huge fireplace will warm in any weather.

The fireplace brings an undeniable comfort. The atmosphere with a fireplace serves as an ideal place to relax in the evening after a hard day's work, to have a romantic dinner or which can become a favorite meeting place for a friendly company. Around the fireplace, as a rule, create a certain area of ​​the comfort zone and a resting place for the whole family.

When decorating the fireplace itself and the space around it, you can use wood, iron, stone (artificial or natural), stucco molding, glass.

Depending on the style and image, the fireplace can play a dominant role, becoming the center of the formation of the whole space, or it can organically fit into the ready-made interior.

It is important to harmonize the entire interior, to create "one whole", proceeding from the general style.

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  • 1 Classic Fireplaces
  • 2 Fireplace in the "male" interior
  • 3 Fireplaces in the ethno style
  • 4 Modern interiors
  • 5 Details

Classic fireplaces

Classics never go out of fashion. As a rule, fireplaces that are traditional style, are performed in quiet, muted tones. In the restrained design the classic fireplace is strict. For traditional space, we can choose fireplaces, prisoners and decorated with stone and brick. They bring to the interior an idyllic, homely atmosphere.

The fireplace plays a role in creating an impressive and elegant exterior shine. When decorating such a fireplace, you can safely use accessories that were popular in the era of classicism - furniture from noble wood, tapestries, drapes, textiles. On the mantelpiece, which is most typical for classical fireplaces, you can place bronze or gold-plated candlesticks, crystal, elegant porcelain vases, antique clocks. On the floor you can spread a soft hand-made carpet. At the fireplace - cozy armchairs with a tea table, served with silver.

Fireplace in the "male" interior

If the fireplace is located in a room where a man lives or in the office, where he spends most of his time, the emphasis can be made on the details that came to us from the English classics. These are the so-called details "for men" - weapons, hunting trophies, pictures depicting battle scenes, military elements.

Fireplaces in the style of ethno

Here, the most important role is played by ethnic decor elements - wooden figurines, African masks from natural wood, ceramic dishes with bright ornaments.

Modern interiors

As an element of the decor, the fireplace and its location are often dictated by the character of the interior. The interiors decorated in minimalist style are especially well harmonized with modern fireplaces with simple, elegant shapes. Here the fireplace acts as an independent art object. With a minimalist design it is better to use the decor of the fireplace and the space around it in white tones, without excess stone or wood.

In this space, the details are present in a small amount, but they are a very strong accent - it can be a large and unusual pattern without a frame, a curved vase shape or an elongated vessel, a quaintly shaped luminaire.

Minimalism dictates the rule that neither the shape of the fireplace itself, nor the elements of the interior is subordinated to the function. Here, all the details have an independent role, woven into a single interior thanks to the flight of fantasy.


Due to the diversity of the use of decorative forms and accessories, you can beat any space. Like the scenery on the stage, the details of the interior are capable of instantly changing the atmosphere and mood.

Cream candles, silvery surfaces, glassware will give the interior a special refinement and exquisite, and freshly cut flowers will add live colors and aroma. Paintings, vases, mirrors, exquisite figurines, silver and bronze, antiques, carpets - and the space becomes harmonious and cozy. You can safely use wood - frames from the array, the laying of firewood.

Remember that the fireplace can afford not only residents of country houses. If you live in an apartment building in the city, you can safely install an electric fireplace. Such a fireplace will also become an excellent element, which will bring both aesthetics and warmth. This is very effective, and above all, an environmental solution for those who want to enjoy the warmth and fire in the interior, in case they can not afford a traditional fireplace. Electric fireplaces do not emit smoke, smell or ash, which is undoubtedly a plus.

People who do not live not in country houses, but dream of their home, the manufacturers of fireplaces meet halfway. Therefore electric fireplaces can be used inside any premises.

Most of the models of fireplaces are portable, small in size, which makes it possible to install them even in the smallest apartments.

Prices for fireplaces are very diverse - depending on the size of the model, type, control parameters. A huge selection of different types of fireplaces will allow everyone to find a suitable solution for the interior.

Leah Narimanovna