Design of wallpaper in the bedroom: combining - 40 photos of

Bedroom design with wallpaper

The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom is the most important moment of the arrangement of this room. It must be approached seriously, because the psychological health of a person directly depends on the degree of comfort of the sleeping room. Cozy space allows you to relax after a hard day, put your mind in order. Wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom can create a warm atmosphere, conducive to maximum relaxation of the nervous system. Often, the sleeping room is combined with the office, which must also be taken into account when choosing wallpaper design. The productivity of the work can be greatly improved if you follow simple recommendations in the design. Also, using suitable canvases, it is possible to modify the space, visually reduce or increase the area. Since the appearance of the room will determine the mood of a person, then we will present the basic aspects of decoration with wallpaper.

The key aspects that need to be addressed are:

  • Wallpaper material;
  • Sticking features;
  • Combination with a furniture set;
  • Stylistics of the room;
  • Color of wallpaper;
  • The side of the light on which the room leaves;
  • Variants of a combination of wall-paper;
  • Fashion trends.

Paper wallpapers in the interior of the bedroom

Also it is necessary to familiarize with some rules developed for long years of work by professional designers:

Wallpaper with horizontal stripes

  • Wallpaper with horizontal stripes visually make the height of the room less;
  • Reduce the amount of space, visually reduce the area can vertical stripes;
  • The use of such elements of a pattern as a rhombus or a trapezoid will allow us to expand the space somewhat;
  • Small bedrooms should avoid dark wallpaper with a large, contrasting pattern;
  • Wallpaper with a large pattern is recommended to use in a room with a large quadrature;

Vertical strip on wallpaper

  • A competent approach to zoning implies smooth transitions between colored wallpapers, or a bright selection of only one of the four walls;
  • An excellent effect can be achieved through the use of curbs that give a sense of security;
  • A strong move will be the creation of an accent wall near the head of the sleeping bed. It is allowed to use bright colors and contrast patterns.
The allocation of the area at the head of the bed wallpaperCombination of wallpaper with a pattern and without

Wallpaper material

Classification, depending on the material, allows you to navigate more confidently among the canvases.

On opposite walls different wallpaper

The most popular products on the market are the following products:

  • Vinyl. As an inner layer of these washable wallpaper, non-woven fabric or paper may appear, but the name given to the class was given by the outer one - from polyvinyl chloride. This layer is responsible for excellent performance of wallpaper, such as - durability, moisture resistance and ease of installation.

Vinyl wallpapers

  • Non-woven. From the previous class, they differ in the outer layer, which is usually represented by fine-pore vinyl. As a basis, respectively, non-woven. This causes a certain ease of installation: the adhesive binder enough to apply only to the walls, dry the same cloth remains neatly trim. In addition, they are able to hide the various shortcomings of the surface being pasted.

Fluffy wallpaper

  • Paper. The ecological purity of traditional wallpaper is due to the fact that only paper and cellulose, capable of passing moist air, are used for production. Finishing works also do not differ in any complexity, and the value has long been established at a democratic level. The only drawback of paper wallpapers is a low moisture resistance, which leads to a reduction in service life.
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Paper wallpapers

  • Textile. Like vinyl, they are multi-layered. The basis is the same, but the outer layer is a fabric cloth. Fabric material can be different - cotton, woolen, silk, etc. The natural component directly affects the performance characteristics of the wallpaper, as well as their cost. This is due to the fact that they have an aesthetic appearance and create a wonderful microclimate in the room. However, the installation work is somewhat difficult, and the textile itself is actively "overgrown" with dust.

Textile wallpaper

  • Liquid wallpaper. Are a fairly new trend, but have already managed to prove themselves well. The beautiful material is extremely easy to install on the walls, and its performance is just right for the bedroom.

Large pattern wallpaper

Among other advantages, one can note the absorption of sound. A very important factor when parents live with their children.

Wallpapers with small patterns

The method of applying the material to the wall implies a complete absence of seams, as well as the possibility of local correction of mechanical damage.

Flower wallpaper

Lincrust. An interesting option for fans of everything unusual. A magnificent pattern is written on a dense basis of wax, flour, and chalk. After installation on walls, they must be covered with an additional layer to ensure durability. Among the rules of care for them note the control over temperature drops, which lincrustal material is a little afraid.

Wallpapers lincruste The combination of wallpaper color under the head of the bed

The choice depends on the type of furniture

Since the furniture set is also able to determine the design of the interior, these players must be harmoniously combined. Suitable coloring of walls in the tone of furniture will create a feeling of real comfort.

Geometric pattern on wallpaper

So, if there is light furniture in the bedroom, certain requirements are imposed on the wallpaper. For a room with a small area you need clarified products that will leave unchanged the amount of free space. Otherwise, there is a risk of creating an alarm room in the form of a closed box. Optimal options are white, olive, apricot and golden-beige tones. If the area of ​​the bedroom allows you to clear out, then it is possible to use contrast with dark wallpaper.

Combination of textiles and wallpaper

The only limitation here is common sense and a combination of temperature shades. When cold tones are combined with cold ones. Similarly come with warm.

Bedroom in Provence style with wallpaper

When the bedroom is dark furniture, then the options for the development of events are somewhat larger. However, here, too, you should remember the color temperature. Often, the dark set has a warm color, so it is recommended to use warm colors and wallpaper. These can be a variety of variations of brown, sand or olive flowers.

Dark furniture and wallpaper

The influence of stylistics on the choice of wallpaper

Modern. To select wallpaper for this style, specific requirements are made. They should be fashionable, but rather ascetic in the image, to serve as a background for other accessories. It is also worth recalling the need to use natural, environmentally friendly materials, since modernist style requires this. How to achieve harmony, playing contrasts or a harmonious combination - it's up to the owner. The main thing is to keep balance and not to allow blatant mistakes.

Bright bedroom

Provence. The stylistics of this rustic design presuppose the presence of a light furniture set, the predominance of pastel shades, as well as the abundance of various textiles. Therefore, the color palette of the wallpaper for selection is wide enough: yellow, cream, sand, olive and blue tones - ideal for provincial walls. As for the presence of a drawing, it is necessary to pay attention to the textile products in the house. Since, if they have a fairly small pattern, then repeat it on the wallpaper clearly should not be. It is better to leave them monophonic in order to serve as a background.

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Loft. For this style, a characteristic technique is to preserve a small part of the interior in an intact finish. However, designers usually use imitating pristine surface materials (artificial brick, fake stone). Because the real brickwork looks too gross. The other part of the walls is made in muted tones. The figure on light wallpaper should be avoided, except that a slight abstraction of the geometric shape is allowed.

Zoning with wallpaper2 types of wallpaper: with a pattern and monophonic

Country. To this American style, warm shades of wallpaper are suitable. It is possible to use cheerful colors in the cage, but not too shallow. Also, do not overdo it with hot flowers, because then you will not be able to rest fully. Eyes will come across a source of visual temperature. It is recommended to use a few muted, monophonic wallpaper. The drawing should not attract attention.

Bedroom in country style

Japanese style. Characteristic features of this direction are the conciseness of utterance, the modesty of decoration and the use of neutral colors. It is recommended to use natural wallpaper materials with ethnic motives of the country of the rising sun.

Japanese style wallpapers

Classic. Personalizes luxury, respectability. The more confident the owner feels at the top, the darker and deeper he can choose the tone of the wallpaper. There are no restrictions here, except that gloss is not recommended. It is better to give preference to matte products with an ornate, repetitive pattern.

Classic bedroom

Minimalism. The ascetic principles of this style imply savings in the figure. Single-color wallpaper of small invoice is welcomed without any image. To the color palette there are no serious requirements, except that it is necessary to avoid acid shades. Another option for following a style is to use a huge image on one of the walls. This element will act as an accent wall, dominating the rest.

Big image on wallpaper

Coloring wallpaper for the bedroom

Blue. Celestial shades are typical for incorrigible romantics, as well as people with a delicate mindset. This is due to the soothing properties of light and light color. He absolutely does not put pressure on a person. It is recommended to use as a color for bedrooms with a small area, because the boundless blue visually increases the space.

Blue wallpapers

Green. It is quite popular color in the design of bedrooms, as it also helps to relax and improve mood. Due to natural origin, Green is an excellent assistant in the fight against negative thoughts. He cleanses karma and creates an enveloping atmosphere in the room.

Green wallpapers and shades

Red. It is an obvious choice for self-confident and self-sufficient people. His choice is considered quite risky, however, provided that he is correctly combined with light colors, he can look extremely effective. The domination of red is beyond doubt.

Red wallpapers

Blue. Refers to cool colors, but it is allowed to decorate the bedroom. This is due to its sedative properties, when an overly active person suddenly calms down. Use it is necessary only under the condition of a large squared area, because in a small bedroom blue will visually take a part of the space.

Blue wallpapers

The black. A contradictory choice for a bedroom, because it can press on the person with its depth. It must necessarily be neutralized by other light tones. Otherwise, the mystical component can play with the owners a bad joke and permanently spoil the mood.

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Black wallpapers in a spacious bedroom

White. A universal solution, suitable for combining with any other color. It symbolizes openness and mutual understanding.

White wallpapers and gray ceiling

Yellow. Has similar qualities, being an ideal partner for most others. Due to the warmth of its spectrum, yellow is used in bedrooms with a weak source of natural light. Excellent for use in a small room.

Bedroom with yellow wallpaper

Brown. The color of cocoa beans is an absolute leader in all designers when it comes to the need to design a bedroom. All shades of chocolate favorably affect the human nervous system and allow you to relax.

Brown wallpaper

Finishing color and combination

If the bedroom window has an exit to the south side, then this indicates a sufficient amount of natural light. In this case it is allowed to stop the selection on deep dark tones of the wallpaper. These include chocolate, terracotta, violet varieties. If the window has an exit to the north side, it is recommended to select exclusively warm colors of finishing products. It can be all the sunny shades, purple, brown.

An interesting design move is the use of combined wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom.

Modern style wallpaper

Here there are several options for how it can be:

  • Horizontal combination. It means zoning of walls by dividing them into parts. The upper part gets light, calm shades. The lower one can be characterized by a rich pattern of wallpaper.
  • Vertical. The classical reception of zoning for designers is the symmetry of vertical bands with the head of the bed. When the width of the line repeats the boundaries of the furniture product. There are no restrictions on the length of the bands, they can even cross the ceiling. There are no special requirements for color.
  • Local inserts. They are used to use next to furniture. It can be either a bed or a bedside table. A special luster of a different color inserts in the framing of the baguette. Hard requirements for the form of the insert itself is not, just not blotch.
  • Dispersal of niches. If the niche does not plan the placement of sacred objects, then the coloring of the wallpaper should be selected based on the basic style. That is, the same decor is used, in which the rest of the interior design of the bedroom is decorated.

Bedroom for one

It is important to keep a single texture wallpaper when using a variety of shades.

Color of wallpaper under the furniture in the bedroom

Fashion trends of the 2018th year

These include the enduring classics of modern plant floral patterns, voluminous geometric abstractions, as well as large drawings in black and white. The latter usually implies the image of the stars of the cinema or sports of the past.

Flower wallpaper

Separately, it should be noted the growing popularity of individual photo wallpapers. They are placed only on one wall of the room, usually at the head of the bed. This eliminates the location near the wall of other elements of the furniture headset, so as not to close the photo. The rest of the walls should harmoniously blend and emphasize the accent wall in the bedroom design.

Picture on the wall


The importance of choosing wallpaper for the bedroom interior can not be overestimated. They are able to subtly change the mood of the owner and delicately prepare him to sleep. Staying indoors should be pleasant, therefore it is recommended to follow simple advice and ideas of professional designers.