How beautifully to decorate the picture in the interior

Do you buy a work of art? Learn how to beautifully combine it with the rest of the decor in the room!

Even if the picture looks impressive in itself, there is a simple fact: it will look even better and have more weight in space if the surrounding situation will at least in some way correspond to it. Introducing 10 smart strategies for placing a picture in the interior:

1. Repetition of color and lines

Look how unobtrusively this black and white graphic image echoes with the curved lines on the upholstery. Even surrounded by bright yellow accents, this picture looks still outstanding.


The following photo shows how the repetition of the main colors from the picture gives a soft charm to the interior and emphasizes the beauty of the work of art.


Smooth forms of decor on the following photos are perfectly combined with painting on the walls, thereby enhancing its visual impact.

picture-and-decor-around combination-lines-in-picture-and-room

And here we see an absolutely stunning selection of decor, when lines in the picture echo with some decor elements (foot lamp), and color - with others (a pillow, flowers in a vase), and the proportion of each of the shades was strictly weighed.


2. Combination of several works of art

The combination of several works of art from one artist or simply in a similar style can give your interior a design chic. In the photo below you can see how the two pictures work great together, opposing their strong horizontal and vertical lines and thus balancing each other. Together they create a very powerful duet, although each of them looks good on its own.


3. Color balance

The color of the car in this picture coincides with the color of the bench under it, and a thin dark frame echoes the railing on the stairs, while the rest of the interior is framed in the same light shade that most of the picture.


4. Suitable arrangement of furniture

The photo above shows not only the perfect balance of shades, but also a good example of furniture placement near the wall artwork. This picture might look great just like that, but the wavy shape of the bench makes you pay special attention to this section of the wall, just as a thin underline helps to highlight the main word in the sentence.

5. Using Reflections

By placing mirrors on the walls and ceiling you will get several works of art instead of one! However, they will not look the same, because the reflections turn the picture from left to right and upside down, presenting it in a new light.


6. Picture as the main accent

Sometimes you can support art by simply showing a certain restraint and allowing it to be a star in your room. Leaving the sofa, armchair, wall, lampshade and carpet in monochromatic color scheme, the designer of this interior made the main accent on the stunning picture on the wall and knowingly: in this case, due to the level of detail of the image, a bright decor (for example, cushions on the sofa) only spoiled would have all the impression.


The green strip in this red picture corresponds to the color of the walls in the next room and is not repeated anywhere else. Thanks to this, it impresses much more than if there were green and red accessories nearby.


7. Games with paints

A great example of decorating! Two pictures on the wall. The sofa is made in the main color of the picture on the left, the carpet on the floor has the basic color, like the picture on the right. Smaller details - cushions on the couch, stripes on the carpet and chairs - are made in minor shades from both paintings. Sumptuously!


8. Thin style selection

Modern art on the wall is clear and bright colors, so the yellow stairs on the stairs look as stylish and fresh as these pictures, and beautifully complement them.


Another example. Here the picture has a soft and calm appearance, and the surrounding decor complements it with the same muted color palette and soft velvety textures.


9. A little humor in the interior does not hurt

To some, this large image of a boy picking his nose can seem outrageous. As outrageous as the bright modern print on the classic case of the chair. Nevertheless, together they smooth out the producing impression, and for those who are not afraid to add a little bit of fun to their interior, this is a wonderful example for imitation.


10. Skilled lighting

The scope of lamps in combination with works of art is so wide that it could be devoted to a separate article. The easiest way to get guests to pay attention to a picture is to highlight it with light, as was done in the room in the photo below.


Combined method

Using a combination of the above methods will help you create a very stylish and thoughtful interior design.

The shape and color of the picture on the photo below are reflected in the sofa cushions and floor carpet, but the most important thing here is that the image is not located in the center above the sofa, but was shifted to the left. Such a simple design stroke produces a stunning effect, reinforced by the appropriate placement of cushions at one end of the sofa and a mirror table near the left edge of the carpet. This example combines a repetition of color, a repetition of the shape and a suitable arrangement of furniture.


Each detail of the room in the next photo was masterfully chosen to interact with the painting on the wall. The sculpture in the corner echoes with the two girls in the picture. The shape of the chandelier repeats the bends of their bodices, and the soft furniture - the color of the hair. The frame for the picture itself was chosen according to the color of the cabinet and the floor. The luminaire is designed to enhance the impression. All the elements work together wonderfully. Subtle, but very impressive.