Bedroom design in khrushchev +75 photo examples

Bedroom design in Khrushchev

The design of a bedroom in Khrushchev time can sometimes be difficult to fit into modern stylistic concepts. The houses were built according to the standard model without any architectural excesses. "Boxes" were small, tight and designed to accommodate a functional minimum. The rows of these five-story buildings grew like mushrooms after the rain, and the apartments were designed for temporary use. The era of building Khrushchev began in the late 50-ies of the last century and lasted almost 30 years. The specific name of the house was given in honor of the then General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. The main distinctive features of the Khrushchev were poor sound and heat insulation. The years passed and what was planned to be used for no more than a decade, stood for almost half a century. After the collapse of the USSR, housing prices have so increased that it was considered luck to be the owner of even a standard, obsolete "box". Anyone who owns a dwelling in such an obsolete house will sooner or later decide on redevelopment and renovation. We will try to find out how to equip a small bedroom, so that its features do not interfere with one of the modern design trends.

According to the layout

According to the layout спальни в хрущевках условно можно разделить на два типа:

  • The correct form. Usually, we are talking about rectangular rooms;
  • Wrong form. Here there are architectural "refinements" for every taste. Such bedrooms could be in the forms of multi-faceted geometric figures or have niches, the purpose of which has never been solved by anyone (they were more often used for storerooms).

The layout of the bedroom in Khrushchev

Even the owners of rectangular bedrooms have to face difficulties. Narrow space is difficult to arrange, since all furniture is usually located along one wall, and the other remains empty, so as not to obstruct the passage. As a result, part of the area, which is already sorely lacking, remains unused. Typically, these elongated bedrooms can only contain a functional minimum: a closet, a bed and a pair of nightstands. On the opposite wall now you can hang a flat TV, which does not eat extra meters. But more often it is intensively decorated to close the void, which will catch your eye. Ideal for the design of a similar room is the style of minimalism. As a rule, the area of ​​bedrooms in the Khrushchevs does not exceed 12 sq.m. In comparison with spacious studios, these rooms look more like a compact bed. But even they can be ennobled and completely brought out the "spirit" of standardization. Owners of one-room apartments that are planning a redevelopment, often under the bedroom allocate even less space (about 8 sq.m). Such tiny rooms are obtained as a result of the separation of those very rectangular rooms. "Align" them along is not possible, so you get two rooms of a square shape. Unfortunately, the window in them is only one and not the fact that it will be decided to leave it under the rest room. In this case, you have to competently work on multi-level lighting, which completely replaces the natural one.

TV on the wall opposite the bed  Blinds on the window  Ceiling со встроенными светильниками  Dry on the nightstand  Lamps on the walls

To size

The size is divided into three types of bedrooms in Khrushchev:

  • 12 sq. M. m. This room accommodates a wide bed, two miniature bedside tables and a storage cupboard. To accommodate the "boudoir" supplement - a dressing table with a mirror and an armchair or puff, is quite difficult. To do this, you have to "sacrifice" one of the bedside tables or wardrobe. The problem disappears if one person sleeps in a room and has a rather narrow bed.
  • 8-10 square meters. In such bedrooms, the requirements for a furniture minimum are even tougher: one bed and a dressing table, a work space, two bedside tables or a narrow cabinet to choose from. Preference is given to that interior object, in which there is a great need.
  • 6 sq. M. In such tiny bedrooms there is only a double bed and a curbstone. The workplace or dressing table is replaced with a specially designed window sill. A convenient option for such a room will be a folding sofa, which at night will turn into a bed, and in the day in assembled form it will free up more space.
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Bedroom 12 sq m in Khrushchevka

The ergonomic solution will be the placement of a corner built-in wardrobe. This form will make this piece of furniture inconspicuous. Built-in system up to the ceiling economically disposes of space.

Gray walls in the interior  Mirror in the form of the sun on the wall  Photo wallpapers with characters from the movie in the interior  Chest opposite the bed  LED strip on the ceiling

By Location

By Location спальни разделяют на два вида:

  • "Independent" rooms. They are usually located in two- and three-bedroom apartments. These bedrooms are used only for their intended purpose;
  • Combined options. They are used in apartments that have "experienced" a complete redevelopment and demolition of all internal partitions. Thus, out of the antiquated Khrushchev we get a modern studio.

Separate bedroom in Khrushchev

In the latter case, the room is zoned in the following ways:

  • Furniture. Ideally for these purposes, an end-to-end rack is suitable;
  • Partitions. Used as "monumental" and mobile structures;
  • Various finishing materials;
  • Color or light;
  • An improvised "pedestal" on the floor, on which the bed is set.

Bird on the wall

"Studio" version is not recommended to use in Khrushchev, if there are several people living there. As a result, a free "zone" for one will turn into a total lack of personal space for all other household members.

Mirror on the table  White bedside table by the bed  Floodlights on the ceiling  Black wall in the interior  Flower by the bed

Interior design and design

Before you begin to repair and decorate the room, you need to decide on the style. For each direction, certain materials are characteristic. In a small bedroom, minimalism, Scandinavian and industrial style are organically looked. In some cases, use a more "noble" variation of the latter - loft. For minimalism is characterized by the use of expensive, natural materials. Repair in this style of budgetary will not work. In the decoration prevail stone, metal, light or dark wood. The color range is chosen from calm, neutral tones: white, black, gray. Scandinavian style uses combinations of blue, green and blue. Simplicity of furnish is compensated by a few, but stylish decor. Loft gives preference to untreated surfaces. The wall with exposed brickwork has become the hallmark of the style. He also uses simple furniture and minimal decor, which allows you to rationally place accents.

Interior in the Art Nouveau bedroom in Khrushchev Flower on the floor by the window  Mirror panel above the bed  Ceiling fan  Floorки на стене над телевизором  Zerkallo over comodom


In small bedrooms, walls are usually trimmed in a practical and simple way:

  • Pasted with wallpaper. In this case, it is allowed to use only one-color colors with light, subtle patterns (white flowers on a gentle-peach). Vertical stripes, large prints and bright shades fall under the taboo.
  • Color. The most budgetary option. It is used if the walls of the Khrushchev are perfectly smooth and do not have visible defects, which is rare. Solid walls will be a good background for placing the original decor.
  • Combined options. Relevant in cases where the owners want to revitalize the situation without making it more difficult. The accent wall (above the head of the bed) is usually pasted with wallpaper, imitating natural material, and the rest paint.

Gray walls in the bedroom in hrtschevke

There are also a number of types of finishes that are not recommended in small bedrooms: plasterboard, granite, PFH panels, wood paneling, cork cover.

Pink in the interior  Bookshelf over the door  Pots of flowers in the corners of the bedroom  Floorка с книгами над кроватью  Niches with illumination at the headboard


The following materials are used for finishing the floor:

  • Linoleum. Refers to budgetary options. Lay roll material can be hand-made without the involvement of specialists.
  • Carpet cover. Fond of grooming, as it collects dust.
  • Parquet board. It has an average cost and is suitable only for a specific style decision.
  • Laminate. Some types of material (office) can withstand heavy loads.
  • Porcelain tiles. Extra-strong material. Excellent combination of quality and price.
  • Ceramic tile. It is difficult to fit into the interior of the bedroom, as the material causes persistent associations with the kitchen and bathroom.
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Laminate on the bedroom floor in Khrushchev

The color of the floor covering is chosen neutral without bright accents. To expensive options carry liquid floors. They fit well on any substrate, are shock-resistant, durable and provide a smooth and smooth surface. It can be matte or glossy to the customer's choice.

Partition of curtains in the interior  Dark mat on the floor  Mirrored closet in the bedroom  Tulle on the window  Red floor lamps on the bedside tables near the bed


For decoration of the ceiling space, use the following materials:

  • Decorative plaster. It is relatively inexpensive and allows you to simulate any complexity of texture.
  • Paint. An obsolete but practical option. Once in a couple of years, this coating will have to be changed due to fading and cracking.
  • Ceiling tiles. For the material to last a long time, give preference to the injection or extruded type. The life of the cheapest "punching" will not exceed 5 years.
  • Gypsum plasterboard structures and stretch ceilings. For bedrooms in Khrushchev used rarely, because they eat extra centimeters, which is not permissible at low ceilings.

Light ceiling in the bedroom in Khrushchev


Selection of lighting in the bedroom is not only a visual expansion of space, but also the creation of warmth and comfort. Sources of light in addition to local (functional areas) should provide for different levels. Since the height of the rooms is small, in the ceiling lighting it is necessary to give preference to the bouche lamp (analog of a flat chandelier). Visually "stretch" the room will help sconces on the walls, which will shine vertically. For a rest, the yellow and warm spectrum is better suited. The location of sources should be provided so that it is "advantageous" to use the style of finishing the room (wallpaper drawing, decor elements, stucco, etc.). The original solution is the directed ceiling lights of warm light located above the window. The use of floor lamps in a small room is not recommended, so as not to hide excess space. They completely replace the sconce or lamp on the bedside table. Depending on the lifestyle of the owners, you can also set the lower (night) row of the floor or bed lighting using LEDs. In a room with an absent window it is necessary to place a top luminaire with adjustable intensity, since it will be the main light source in the daytime.

Lighting лампами в спальне в хрущевке

Furniture and decor elements

Before choosing a room furniture, you need to relate your needs to the possibilities of the room. Naturally, the bed, the curbstone and the closet must match the chosen style. When selecting the environment, they are guided by its dimensions and external design. In minimalism, objects with straight lines and sharp angles are used. Their color scheme is relatively "poor" in neutral tones. Loft does not recognize clear limitations in either forms or colors. The main thing is that the furniture should be in harmony with the decoration of the room. Scandinavian style gives preference to light wood and textiles in white and blue.

Light furniture in the bedroom in Khrushchev  Interior in blue tones  Bedroom in Provence style  Chic chandelier in the interior  Multi-level ceiling in the bedroom


In rooms with an area of ​​more than 9 sq. M to accommodate a double bed is quite easy. In the standard layout, a place is left under one of the walls and put the bed in such a way that a wide passage remains. A real gift for the owners is the correct form of the room. With the arrangement of furniture in a rectangular or square room, there are no problems. For premises of non-standard forms, a special situation is selected, sometimes even to order, so that not one centimeter falls into the "useless" zone and is not lost. In bedrooms with an area of ​​less than 9 square meters. m spacious bed is difficult to accommodate. If the premise is designed for a child or a teenager, even two households will fit in a bunk bed, which will take up a minimum of space and save space. Unfortunately, this practical option is suitable only for children's rooms and is completely unsuitable for couples who do not want to huddle in separate beds. In this case, it is worth considering the multi-functional furniture. Folding sofa will save the situation.

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Mirror on the floor

In small rooms, round beds fit in, their cut corners free space. If the bed is also white, then this option will add "airiness" to the bedroom.

Bed в интерьере спальни в хрущевке


In relatively spacious bedrooms are placed large wardrobes or built-in wardrobes. Economical option will be corner furniture, which looks beautiful, and does not interfere. For small rooms use open storage systems. In their role is most often racks or a series of wall shelves. The main advantage of this method of organization is their ability to "unload" space. Of course, the entire wardrobe fit on such shelves does not work, but they will be an addition to the main cabinet, which is placed in the living room.

Bedroom with closet in Khrushchev

Curbstones and chests of drawers

In tiny bedrooms, these interior objects become a luxury. The place under them is almost impossible to allocate, which is associated with inconveniences, since there is simply nowhere to hide the "small things". The window sill is re-formed under the countertop, and underneath it a narrow zone for storing combs and cosmetic products is organized, which will replace the chest of drawers. In the more spacious rooms they refuse symmetry and install only one bedside table. The liberated space, which was intended for the second, is used to accommodate a wide chest with a mirror and a soft puff. By the way, symmetrical arrangement of furniture is used only in classical styles. Three of the modern directions, which are chosen for bedrooms in the Khrushchev, calmly refers to the unpaired elements in the design of the room.

Cabinet and chest of drawers in the bedroom in Khrushchev A figurine of a horse on a window  White furniture in the interior  Painting on the headboard  Pot with flower at the dresser  Floorовик у кровати


Bedrooms overload decorative elements are not recommended. The room intended for rest should not look like a pantry with vases, statuettes and souvenirs. In the style of the loft, the decoration of the walls is already considered to be the main part of the decor. It is supplemented by thematic pictures or posters. In minimalism, only empty vases of simple shapes, wall sconces or a collage (triptych) with a picture of calming landscapes are used. Scandinavian style is chosen by animal skins on the floor, the national ornament of northern peoples in textiles or panoramas with winter nature. Each style is animated by a pair of houseplants in high pots, which are placed directly on the floor. A window sill is not used for these purposes, as this can limit the flow of natural light into the bedroom.

Decor в спальне в хрущевке  Mirrors with different rims on the wall  Work desk by the window  Lamp on the floor near the bed  Vase with flowers on the floor

Advice on arrangement

To save space in the design of the bedroom in Khrushchev use the following tricks:

  • Mobile storage. Small, neat boxes are put in a corner in a light mess. This stylish solution is used in all types of premises.
  • The working zone is arranged near the window. The window sill turns into a narrow countertop, on which a functional minimum is placed.
  • Bedside tables are replaced by high (up to the ceiling) narrow shelves on either side of the bed. In the color palette, light colors are preferred, so as not to weight the space.
  • A similar storage area is organized above the head of the bed. For these purposes, choose narrow shelves, which will not hang over the sleeping.
  • If the bed is located on the pedestal, then this decorative element is filled with drawers.

Cabinet from the shelf in the interior of the bedroom in Khrushchev

The real way to enlarge a room is to use only light tones in the design with a couple of contrast accents that will draw attention to themselves and slightly depersonalize the rest of the situation, thereby allowing it to "breathe".

Floorки по бокам окна  Dandelions on the wall  Bedroom in classic style  Partitions in the interior  Armchairs and table opposite the bed


Although the Khrushchevs were built as temporary shelters, their exploitation dragged on for many years and, apparently, this is far from a record. Even the old "box" can be transformed beyond recognition. Modern design solutions allow you to equip any room in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Take on the armament of a couple of tricks, create a redevelopment and repair project, and your bedroom will get a chance for a second life.

Orchids on the window  Bedroom with balcony in Khrushchev  Armchair at the table on the wall  Bed с мягким изголовьем  Brick wall in the interior