Ideas for decorating the walls with your own hands

Look at the empty walls and do not know what to fill this uncomfortable space? Finding and buying a beautiful work of art is not so easy, so why do not you take matters into your own hands? With a stock of suitable materials and patience everything is possible! We offer some wonderful ideas for wall decoration, which will help you kindle your creative potential. Among them:

  1. Decor for walls made of paper. It will not be difficult for anyone to find a sufficient amount of thick paper, old newspapers, a collection of maps, as well as such "rubbish" as cardboard tubes from paper towels or muffin wrappers. Who would have thought that they could decorate your walls with dignity!
  2. Unusual ways of using building materials. Sometimes, to create a beautiful decor, it's enough to arrange ceiling outlets, frames, polystyrene, wallpaper or even textile cuttings in a non-standard way.
  3. Creating beautiful geometric patterns. Do you like drawing, but do not feel real artistic talent in yourself? Then face the modern art and create a stylish geometric masterpiece!
  4. Decor for walls made of household items. What other materials can I use for my creative experiments? Yes, almost any: boring white plates, dry branches of trees, old cards ... Actually, do not limit your imagination.

Enjoy watching!

Paper Wall Decor

Paper Wall Decor своими руками Beautiful decor for walls Interesting decor of wraps and glass Application to the wall of paper Wall decoration from cardboard World map on the wall with your own hands Decoration of the bare wall with your own hands Decorating the walls with your own hands

Decor of building materials

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Modern geometric abstractions

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Decor from improvised means

Decor for walls made of pencils Big branch on the wall decor Decorating walls with natural materials Decorating walls with decorative plates Stylish decor for walls Tree of buttons Decor for home from postcards