We make an apartment for new year's holidays, without harm

On the eve of the holidays, everyone is engaged in decorating their apartments and houses. New Year's beauty-tree, garlands, tinsel - all this is very beautiful, but not safe, especially for our smaller brothers. Experienced owners of pets have long known how to design a safe apartment for the New Year, but what do beginners in this matter? Be sure to read the basic rules that will help your pet, especially the very young, calmly and without incident experiencing the impending holidays. So, let's talk about all the nuances in detail.

  • Decoration
  • Funny lights
  • Packing paper and other accessories


Few people refuse to celebrate New Year holidays from the installation of festive spruce, so before buying it is necessary to determine where and how it will be installed. If you prefer miniature options, then take care that the tree is placed as high as possible from the floor. Then the pets just can not get it. Are there any doubts? In addition, increase its stability due to the wide leg. For those who prefer the classics and choose a tall and furry spruce, it is worthwhile to install it in a corner or in the place where the animal spends a little time.

The correct and safe layout of the living room for the new year

Well, if there is an opportunity to protect a tree with a low decorative fence. By the way, the fence not only saves the festive beauty, but also will not allow the pet to step on the crumbling needles, prick or throw toys. In the event that you celebrate the holiday noisily and with a large number of guests, you should think about how to secure pets. If the place of the pet is in the living room, then bring it to a more peaceful and isolated place in advance.

Funny lights

All animals have always been very curious, especially the little ones of cats and dogs. When they see the appearance of something new and tempting in an ordinary, long-studied apartment, they can not pass by, and the fresh aroma of spruce acts on them just like a dope. In this regard, we advise sprinkle the lower branches of the tree with perfume or lemon juice, a sharp odor will scare away the animals. All bright garlands, especially those with glass bulbs, rain and bright toys are, if not eliminated, placed in a place where the pets can not reach.

Large Christmas tree in the pot, for the safety of pets

Packing paper and other accessories

Securing the animal from all the jewelry, do not forget about the gifts left under the tree. They are not only bright and tempting, but also quite accessible to pets. At best, cats and dogs will only tear up the beautiful packaging and, possibly, damage the presents themselves, and at worst - injure, swallow pieces of paper or glue, ribbons, bows and other decorations that hi to the terrible - intestinal obstruction, which sometimes ends even lethal outcome.

Living room ready for the new year

Do not use candles as a New Year's decor, their fire can lead to burns and fires. Also, animals can chew them and eat wax.

Proceeding from the foregoing, it is possible to formulate such basic rules for decorating premises for the New Year holidays:

  • place the New Year tree in a safe and unattractive place for the animal;
  • we cancel all glass balls, garlands with light bulbs, rain, tinsel and choose safe toys for the Christmas tree. Today in the market there are many such, by the way, no less beautiful toys. Many of them are made of felt, fleece, linen, cotton. Beautifully and stylishly look Christmas beads and bows of satin ribbon, shiny garlands can be replaced with similar ones from paper;
  • prefer an artificial spruce present, of course, it can not completely protect animals, but minimizes the risk of injections of the muzzle and paws;
  • if you chose a live spruce, then often sweep the area around itto exclude the possibility of the animal injuring the feet;
  • It is important to know what to do so that the cat does not eat the garland. Do not underestimate your favorite, putting all the decor away from the floor, you can not suppress in it the interest to amuse yourself with bright decorations, especially for the colorful rain, so, first of all, treat them and wood with means with sharp, repulsive smells;
  • isolate all wires. This will save the animal from electric shock, and if this is not possible, then use only low-frequency scenery;
  • be sure to get a veterinarian's phone number, which will be on duty on holidays. Remember that the earlier a pet gets into the hands of a specialist, the more likely he is to recover.

Pets waiting for upcoming holidays

To adhere to these rules is not so difficult, the more they will greatly facilitate your New Year celebration for you and your pet. Are you already an experienced animal lover or just a beginner? Perhaps you know and used some other methods of safe design? Be sure to share them with us in the comments. We will be very thankful!

Happy and safe holidays!