Led tape - 35 application ideas from pinterest

LED lighting has become very popular in modern interiors, because such light gently dissipates and does not give sharp glare. Particularly broad possibilities of use are flexible LED strip, which can be installed at various levels of the room from floor to ceiling. In addition to the already familiar use on the perimeter of the ceiling and skirting boards, LED ribbons are also excellent for installation on walls, windows, window sills etc. The multi-level illumination of the interior makes it seem more spacious and at the same time gives it special warmth and intimacy. We bring to your attention 35 ideas of application of LED tape in interiors from Pinterest. Make sure that in your home for her there is a decent use!

LED tape in the bottle Refrigerator with LED light LED bed light How to create a cosiness in a white kitchen Installation of LED strip for ceiling Wardrobe with LED light Stylish use of LED strip LED lighting in the kitchen LED illumination of glass table Stage lighting Crafts with LEDs LED backlight in the bedroom LED backlight in the bathroom Application of LED strip in the interior Curtains with LED strip LED Downlight for New Year Wall decoration with backlighting Crafts from natural materials and light-emitting diodes Desktop decor of paper and LEDs Paper wall decorations with backlit paper Stylish mat with your own hands Led Kitchen Fixtures Led lighting in the kitchen Cabinet illumination with own hands Minimalist LED lamp LED strip in bedroom decor Painting on the wall with your own hands Festive decor with LED strip LED illumination of built-in shelves Mirror decoration with LED strip Stylish illumination of black furniture Shelves for accessories with LED backlight LED Wall Washer Homemade festive garland LED floor lighting in the kitchen

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