Graffiti in the interior

Graffiti in the interior

The word "graffiti" was borrowed from the Italian language, where it means "scratched". In many people of the older generation this concept causes unpleasant associations with a crowd of self-assertive teenagers who spoil the city's architecture with their creative attempts. In fact, graffiti is a modern art form, and professional graffiti artists are genuine masters of their craft, whose work is admired, not censure. Beautiful drawings can not be disfigured, but to decorate the city: the facades of houses, factories, unattractive and boring fences. Graffiti in the interior was used recently, as this art has long been considered exclusively street. Let's talk about how to choose the original sketch for the style of design and consider a detailed master class for beginners on the decoration of walls with the help of paints in spray cans.

Mentioning the history of street art, one can not help remembering Banksy. This is the most famous underground artist-graffiti artist whose works on topical themes are always filled with subtle irony. Who hides behind the mask of the elusive King of "rock art", nobody knows until now. Following Banksy on an improvised pedestal, the pioneers Jean-Baptiste Basquiat, Stash, Keith Haring and our contemporary Shepard Fairy are located.

Pillows on the floor  TV on the mast  Brick wall in the interior  Lamps above the table  Living room в стиле лофт

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Materials used for drawing

The instrumental set of an experienced graffiti artist includes the following subjects:

  • Aerosol can with paint. This is the main working tool, without which the master of street art, as without hands. To work with him will require a certain skill, which can be obtained in the course of persistent training on flat surfaces. In the consciousness of modern man, a balloon with paint and street art united into one concept.
  • Roller. With its help, ground the surface before applying the pattern or use it as an independent art tool when large-scale work with the creation of huge images is planned. Also with a roller attached to a long stick, paint hard-to-reach places.
  • Marker. The same important tool as aerosol paint. With it, you can create a drawing from scratch or adjust the existing one. Street art professionals use both instruments. Although there is a wide range of these products in office shops, there is a tradition in the culture of graffiti artists: many of them make markers with their own hands. For these purposes use empty bottles from under cosmetics or household chemical goods of oblong form, and fill them with a stamp or shoe paint. Finish the process by fixing the self-made applicator.
  • Respirator. Needed when working with spray paint, as it easily clogs the airways.
  • Fire extinguisher. An original tool that was used instead of a brush just a few dozen years ago. Using a fire extinguisher, you can get a powerful jet of paint. Many artists of street art prefer this particular option, rather than aerosol paint, if they plan to apply a large picture on the wall. It is inconvenient only because it is problematic to recharge it.
  • Spray. It replaced the less practical fire extinguishers. It's not about the bottle with the nozzle, which is sprayed with indoor flowers. In this case, use a large unit with a balloon, which is attached behind the back of the spray. With such equipment, truck farmers walk along potato rows to get rid of the invasion of striped pests. Pulverizers are convenient in that they can regulate the pressure, and, accordingly, the ejection force of the paint spray. They are easily recharged, and the unit is placed in a backpack.


Also among the inventory of street artists there is a separate group of "scratchers", that is, "scratchers". This type includes any sharpened objects, with which you can apply a relief pattern on the surface. Some graffiti artists consider this tool to be barbarous, since it unequivocally spoils the city property and can not bypass the authorities with one over painting.

Roller  Marker  Respirator  Fire extinguisher  Spray

Graffiti and Style

In street art, the following main areas are distinguished:

  • Bombing. Extreme art, because the images are applied in a quick way on moving "canvases" (trains, buses).
  • Writing. The main style, which is characterized by the application of inscriptions in a different font.
  • Tagging. Laconic image of their signatures.
  • Scratching. Scrape an image, not his.
  • Advertising. Graffiti artists also need to eat, so they are increasingly hiring advertising agencies to carry information about their products or services to the masses.

In the interior design, graffiti leaked not so long ago. First, graffiti and pictures began to decorate thematic institutions: cafes and bars. Then pioneers among designers who were not afraid to risk began to combine street art with flexible to modern solutions styles. These include loft, high-tech, pop art, futurism, avant-garde, fusion and even minimalism. In the apartments, street art replaced boring wallpapers. The most effective are street drawings in modern studios, where there are usually high walls.

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Interior in loft style with graffiti

Graffiti in the interior of different rooms

Author's drawings on the walls will make any interior unique and create a special atmosphere. At will graffiti can be bright and provocative or gentle, romantic. Street art uses not only inscriptions, but also full-scale pictures: futuristic, avant-garde, minimalistic or surreal. For each room they select their own drawing, which will be in harmony with the rest of the situation and fit into the design concept.

Interior of the room with graffiti

Living room

In the living room, graffiti will become a stylish decoration of the accent wall. When the situation is sustained in calm, pastel colors, the picture can literally "blow up" a serious atmosphere if it is performed in bright colors. In the halls, decorated in the style of pop art, use a popular technique with the transfer of pages of comics on the decorated surfaces. Acid colors are considered mandatory when creating collages from images of Warhol, Monroe, Liverpool Four. And the drawings must be duplicated in different scales. Surprisingly, modern graffiti can even come up to modernism (a more recent version of the classical style) if a painting or an engraving of some famous artist (Jan Vermeer, Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, Van Gogh) is chosen as a model.

Graffiti in the living room

In the loft-lounge graffiti is applied directly to the brickwork. As a result, the effect of presence on the street only increases. The wall will be perfectly combined with expensive furnishings and surfaces of luxurious finishing materials.

Column in the interior  Cupboard between couches  Brick wall in the living room  Cactus on the table  A curbstone along the wall


The topic for sleeping graffiti is not recommended to choose from aggressive or unnecessarily catchy options. Still, in this room rest, and acidic inscriptions are unlikely to stimulate a healthy sleep. The brainchild of street art, as a rule, is placed on the wall at the head of the bed. Stylish and romantic will look city panoramas, musical themes, natural landscapes. The culture of graffiti is less categorical, as many might think. It is characterized by the image of absolutely any objects, so even pink hearts or landscapes with ears and field grass under the night sky can be depicted in this technique.

Graffiti in the bedroom

If the master draws a corridor or a continuation of the room, then the room will visually become larger. This simple trick works at the expense of the prospect.

Skateboard on the wall  Flower on the table near the bed  Desktop in the bedroom  The partition between the bed and the table  Bright carpet on the floor


Graffiti in the children's room is a great way to express both the young man and the girl. Far-sighted parents, allowing the child to independently decorate the wall in his room, will place him to him, show that they are able to encourage their ideas. Perhaps, after such a young graffiti player and keen on street art at a professional level, but street artists are not the worst company. For teenage bedrooms suited images of your favorite superheroes, portraits of performers and groups, bright pictures-potpourri from inscriptions interspersed with animals. For children's rooms, where the baby lives, use less flashy themes and simply decorate the walls with cartoon and fairy-tale characters.

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Graffiti in the nursery Synthesizer at the window  Red floor in the interior  Skin by the window  Bookcase against the wall  Clock on the nightstand


In the kitchen, street art is decorated not only by the wall near the dining area, but also by an apron, a lower part of the bar counter or a headset. In rooms in which a modern version of furniture is used, where the height of objects does not exceed 1-1.3 m, voluminous images with "torn edges" are used. They go horizontally through the entire surface of one wall and partially touch the other. If the kitchen is too small a window, then on the piece of brickwork the second is drawn with a magnificent view of the street or a quiet back yard. Griffiths can be applied to any surface. Street art is combined even with tiles. An unusual solution will be the placement of graffiti paintings on the wall in a roughly framed frame made of metal or wood. Creative guests will appreciate the ironic attempt of the owners to squeeze free street art into the home framework.

Graffiti in the kitchen Colored chairs around the white table  The combination of a bright apron and white walls  Table-island in the interior  Kitchen в стиле лофт  Red furniture in the interior


Enter street art in the bathroom should be very careful. Standard bathrooms have too small footage, and an incorrectly selected drawing can visually narrow the space. It will be amazing and unusual to look solid decor in calm shades of green, blue, yellow. Panorama of the underwater world is decorated with all the walls and ceiling on purpose, without focusing on corners and transitions. Round window-dummy will play the role of the windows of the bathyscaphe.

Graffiti in the Bathroom Glass door in the interior  Towel dryer on the wall  Mirror over the sink  Bath of unusual shape in the interior  Tiles on the floor

We draw by our own hands - the method of work

Beginners are encouraged to use templates or stencils. This method will facilitate the work and will focus on the correct selection of colors. After the graffiti artist clamps his hand and feels more confident, you can apply the drawings manually. By the way, this is the method Banksy uses. In order not to be noticed at work, he makes a template in advance by the author's picture, and in the place only fills it with colors. If you want the drawing to be portable, then instead of a brick wall it is recommended to use an sheet of hardboard. Before working with aerosol paint, you need to prepare the surface. It is cleaned of dirt and degreased. This will ensure a good coupling between the wall and pigments. Before work, the can is shaken well, so that its contents are mixed up to a uniform state. A respirator and safety glasses are worn on the face. A trial stream is released onto an extraneous object to evaluate the color saturation. The distance from the can to the wall to be decorated should be about 25 cm. Do not stay long in one place, as excess paint will drain if, of course, the streaks are not part of the composition. When working with a vertical surface, then the drawing starts from the top and gradually moves down. If it is necessary to apply two layers, then between the first stage of staining and the second take a break in half an hour. The spray effect is created using a brush dipped in paint.

Room with graffiti Guitar at the wall  Puffy at the window  The lamp on the tumbocke in the roof  The moon on the wall  Sink from a barrel in the interior


Graffiti has long passed from the category of vandalism to the status of a full flow in art. To thank for this follows the youth of the 80s, who expressed herself by painting the walls and other "plain" surfaces. With the help of graffiti, you can not only create a stylish, unique decoration for the interior, but also discover new talents, because art has the ability to tighten with the head.