Minimalism in the interior: how to part with extra things?

Many of you probably know how difficult it is to put things in order in a writing desk, wardrobe, kitchen or balcony, mainly because of the large number of things that have accumulated there. Such "overloaded" spaces often have an overwhelming effect on us, causing unconscious anxiety and irritability. To save yourself from unnecessary surrounding objects and make the house calm and inspiring, use the key minimalist techniques outlined in this article!


The main goal of minimalism is to realize the need to cleanse your life of surplus things and gain complete freedom by performing this purification. As this does not deprive the interiors of coziness and balance, as well as properly part with their belongings - find out more.

Only useful decor

Things tend to accumulate when they are not visible. We will copy them away from our field of vision and reason until we come across a box that is packed full of old papers, keys and long-lost trinkets.

The first step that needs to be taken to get closer to the minimalist life is to take in the hands of a large garbage bag and throw out of these boxes everything that does not cause you love and you are unlikely to ever use it. After the closed boxes similarly walk through all the home surfaces, mercilessly and without hesitation, removing the useless trash. Will there be a day when you will regret it? No never!

After this procedure, the most interesting begins: now that your boxes are clean again, they need to be filled with convenient organizational tools that minimalists like so much - baskets, trays, hooks, dividers, boxes, boxes etc. Spend 1 day organizing storage sites and you will never have to clear up the accumulated blockages!

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So, the first trick of minimalism is in order and getting rid of all things ABSOLUTELY that you do not use and do not like. So what's next?

What if I throw it away?

The minimalist is, first of all, the donor. If you really want to reduce the number of your things to a minimum, then it is very important for you to truly accept this idea. It's much easier to do, when you know, your things can still serve someone kindly.

Commission shops, branches of the Red Cross, points for receiving assistance to the victims - today such organizations work in almost every city. Things in good condition can also be sold or donated to someone through a bulletin board or favorite forum. And if you want to get rid of items that are accidentally bought again or just not suitable for your interior, then make an unexpected gift to your friends!

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One thing we buy, the other we get rid of

We present you one of the most creative ideas of minimalism: when buying any item that will be stored in your home, you must definitely get rid of one of the old or similar items.

Maintaining a balanced inventory will not only save your home from accumulating a pile of things, but it will also keep you from trivial or impulsive purchases!

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Minimalism = functionality

Minimalists have built functionality into the rank of this art. Although many trinkets and look pretty attractive, they take a place that could be used for something more useful. Therefore, in minimalist interiors, their number is minimized, but this does not mean that they are deprived of beauty, rather, even vice versa. But how is it?

Minimalist design brings to the forefront the beauty of your furniture, textiles, individual materials and architecture features. Simple lines, patterns, textures and high quality of surrounding objects, each of which performs its function, decorate interiors better than any intricate decor.

So, the function plays a major role in a minimalist house, but it also leaves room for several beautiful objects that add to it aesthetic beauty.

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Of course, moving to minimalism is not easy at all, but these changes can dramatically change your whole life for the better. When you are not burdened with disorder and dozens of useless things, it turns out to be much easier to concentrate on other thoughts, ideas, plans and passions that were put on hold.

Tell me: do you like the idea of ​​minimalism? And what stops you from creating minimalism in your home?