40 ideas for decorating a house for valentine's day

Have you ever thought about hosting a small party or a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day? Enjoy your friends and loved one with beautiful and funny handicrafts, ideas for creating which we offer you in this article! Festive table setting, greeting cards and garlands, decorations for walls and table decor - here you will find everything you need to create a suitable mood of friendship, affection, love or romance in the house.

Below are 40 ideas for decorating the interior for Valentine's Day, which will help to awaken your imagination! Show all your love, creating these simple handmade ornaments, and let Saint Valentine fulfill all your desires on this day!

Decor for Valentine's Day (photo):

Heart on the wall with your own hands Festive table for Valentine's Day Decor for Valentine's DayDecor for home for Valentine's DayDecor for walls for spring holidaysDecoration at Valentine's DayWall decoration from the boards by February 14Crafts from threads by February 14 Decoration for Valentine's Day by own hands Decoration of the table for the Day of All Lovers Garland for Valentine's Day Cakes with postcards for Valentine's Day Vintage decor for the living room for Valentine's DayThe idea for a Valentine's Day gift by own handsPainting by yourself on February 14Making your own hand for Valentine's DayRed home decorations for Valentine's DayHow to celebrate on February 14 at home togetherWall decoration for the hallway to Valentine's DayPaper decoration for Valentine's Day by own handsRomantic wall decoration by own handsCakes as a gift for Valentine's Day Crafts made of cardboard for Valentine's Day Decorating the table with candles for Valentine's Day Pillow as a gift for Valentine's Day Decoration of sofa cushions by February 14 Wall decoration for February 14 Garland for Valentine's Day Romantic crafts made of thread and heavy paper Stylish garland for home decoration on Valentine's Day The original decoration of the shelf for Valentine's Day Flowers and candles as a table decoration for Valentine's Day Home decorating flowers for Valentine's Day The idea for a small party for Valentine's Day Decoration of the bed for Valentine's Day House decoration with flowers and candles for Valentine's Day Paper garland as a decoration for Valentine's Day Idea for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day Decoration of a table for Valentine's Day Decor with a lipstick for Valentine's Day Bright decoration of the house for Valentine's Day