Original bedding photo with 56 interesting ideas

We all strive for comfort, coziness and excellence! Especially if it concerns our house and rest. For example, people pay particular attention to choosing a bed: they take into account its dimensions, material, appearance, and carefully choose a mattress. After all, it is an important place where we restore our strength during sleep or simply relax. And since bed linen is considered an integral part of it during the rest, we will devote this article to him. Today, Dekorin will tell you and show you what can be the bed linen photo with different color schemes.

Linens фото Linens фото 2 Linens фото 3 Linens фото 4 Linens фото 5 Linens фото 6 Beautiful bed linen photo 7 Beautiful bed linen photo 8 Beautiful bed linen photo 9

Options for the coloring of bed linen

Bed linen is very diverse in its texture, color, size, quality and price category. Its appearance can be a simple way to change the interior and bring a certain zest to the bedroom. So to his choice is to treat with intelligence. Psychologists say that the coloring of bed linen can affect the brightness and quality of dreams, as well as your mood in the morning. Let's consider some variants:

  • gentle colors will be beneficial to affect the emotional state of a person and allow you to relax;
  • bright and rich options will not let you enjoy peace of mind and are suitable for those who like to live in a fast rhythm;
  • for sweet dreams, bed linen with a fine pattern will be an excellent option.

Note that when choosing the color of bed linen, the bedroom decoration style plays an important role. After all, it is unlikely that under the classic interior will fit linen with a geometric print. Also, it is worth considering the size of the room, since large and voluminous images on bed linens can visually reduce the room. Conversely, small drawings will be an excellent option for a small bedroom. Next in the photo below are a variety of options for color design of bed linen.

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Colors of bed linen photo 10 Colors of bed linen photo 11 Colors of bed linen photo 12 Colors of bed linen photo 13 Colors of bed linen photo 14 Colors of bed linen photo 15 Colors of bed linen photo 16 Photo of bed linen on bed 17 Photo of bed linen on bed 18 Photo of bed linen on bed 19 Photo of bed linen on bed 20 Photo of bed linen on bed 21 Photo of bed linen on bed 22

Linens photo with 3D effect - beautiful and modern

A chic, stylish and fashionable choice of bedding will be bed linen 3D. This version of its design looks very original and new and can be a wonderful gift for the holiday. You can make it to order by choosing your favorite drawing or photo. We offer your viewing 8 photos with examples.

Linens 3д фото 23 Linens 3д фото 24 Linens 3д фото 25 Linens 3д фото 26 Linens 3д фото 27 Linens 3d фото 28 Linens 3d фото 29 Linens 3d фото 30

Linens с кружевом — нежная классика

If you prefer a Provence or a classic style in the interior, then you will perfectly fit linen with lace. It will become an original addition to the design of the room, decorate the bedroom with its appearance and emphasize your refined and excellent taste. Note that this bedding will be a good gift for the wedding. Next, your attention is given 7 photos of lace bed linen.

Linens с кружевом фото 31 Linens с кружевом фото 32 Linens с кружевом фото 33 Linens с кружевом фото 34 Linens с кружевом фото 35 Linens с кружевом фото 36 Linens с кружевом фото 37

Choose baby bedding photo with 15 original options

A child is a small adult, to which one should be treated with respect and be considered with his preferences and tastes. Give the baby the opportunity to choose his own baby bedding, because he knows more that he likes. Believe, on such bed-clothes the child will sleep peacefully and with pleasure and precisely to see bright and lovely dreams. Next, you can look at 15 photos of bed linen on the bed.

Baby bedding photo 38 Baby bedding photo 39 Baby bedding photo 40 Baby bed linen photo 41 Baby bedding photo 42 Baby bedding photo 43 Baby bedding photo 44 Baby bedding photo 45 Baby bedding photo 46 Linens в детскую кроватку фото 47 Linens в детскую кроватку фото 48 Linens в детскую кроватку фото 49 Linens в детскую кроватку фото 50 Linens в детскую кроватку фото 51 Linens в детскую кроватку фото 52

Black bedding - beauty in simplicity

It would seem, black bed linen, that there is beautiful and attractive. But, if you look at it better, then there is some mystery, chic, a certain style and something intimate. Let's notice, that often men prefer black color of bed-clothes, therefore it still name "bachelor".

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