Neoclassicism in the interior: the idea of ​​design

Interior in neoclassic style

Even during the Renaissance, harmony began between the architectural parts, the decor, the drapery and the furniture. In the XVII century it became common for mansions in France, England and Holland.

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  • The style of Neoclassicism in Germany
  • Neoclassicism in Russia
  • Interior of living room
    • Walls
    • Lighting
    • Furniture
    • Windows and doors
    • Ceiling
    • Accessories
  • Bedroom interior
    • Color palette
    • Furniture
    • Lighting
    • Decor
    • Floor and walls
  • Neoclassicism in the interior of the kitchen
  • Interior in the style of the American neoclassicism
  • Interior of a wooden house

The style of Neoclassicism in Germany

Furnitureные мастера Германии без энтузиазма восприняли строгие линии неоклассицизма. В некоторых предметах стиля 1770-х годов рядом с изгибами рококо присутствуют сужающиеся книзу ножки, прямоугольные формы каркаса. Иногда неоклассический орнамент прилагался к старым формам. Однако к концу XVIII века классические прямолинейные формы, декоративные мотивы стали повсеместно принятыми в интерьере мебели.

Bright apartment design

Neoclassicism in Russia

Neoclassicism in Russia принял столь же великолепные формы. Известные архитекторы, представители неоклассицизма, работали для многих царских резиденций создавая декоративное оформление, предметы обстановки.

Russian furniture masters made furniture using elements of both French and English style. Practically all furniture of the middle of the XIX century is indistinguishable from European samples - the difference was only in the use of domestic materials, for example, Karelian birch.

Cozy apartment

A large effect was produced by the use of light and dark wood species. In some famous houses, furniture was often painted.

A characteristic feature of neoclassicism is the rectangular forms of the interior, a minimum of decorative finishes, monochrome, calm color shades, a single space with separate zones, the central composition of which is the living room.

Neoclassical style in Russia

Interior of living room

In the living room should not be pretentious, catchy luxury. Exceptionally strict design, calm colors, clean lines. While it is permissible to apply exquisite chic in furnishing. It is expressed by expensive upholstery materials and classic forms of armchairs, sofas, pouffes, chests of drawers, sideboards. No wardrobes, all items of furniture should be visually light, elegant.

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Interior of living room

The main idea that characterizes the neoclassical style of the living room is the clear center of the room, the smooth symmetrical lines of interior objects that complement and reinforce this sensation.


  • the most common color of the walls is cream, cream, beige, light gray hues, successfully underlined with stucco of white color and skirting;
  • if you decide to make the lower part of the wall dark, then the upper part can be framed with a classic white stucco, in the middle the wall can be trimmed with wooden panels;
  • columns may well be reflected in the stands, armrests, racks and ends of cabinets.

Wall decoration with textured bricks


  • in order to emphasize diffuse, matte lighting, which will be evenly distributed throughout the surface of the room, it is best to use a large number of sconces, built-in soffits and pendant lamps installed at different levels. Also, lamps in the form of candles and lampshades of pastel, light tones are suitable;
  • The number of light sources that you set in the room is directly related to the size of your room. For a large living room on the ceiling, there will be enough 2 or 3 identical chandeliers, and if the room is small - one lamp in the middle of the room and two sconces, which can be located, for example, on both sides of the mirror.


  • it will look good in the refined colors of dark wood or chocolate, it is appropriate and light upholstery made of leather, which will be well combined with the wooden decor.

Wall decoration

Windows and doors

  • Use curtains with several layers of elegant drapery. The color should be selected, based on the prevailing color of furniture, for example, based on the tone of the upholstery of the sofa or armchairs;
  • if possible, replace the doors with arched openings.


  • design always implies the presence of high ceilings and space;

To add height and depth to a room of modest size with a low ceiling, choose a stretch design of the suspended ceiling with a light shade with the gloss effect. This will create the illusion of free space.



  • style is loyal to the living, as well as artificial colors. Create a bright, chic bouquet from your favorite flowers, and no additional decorations of your living room will be required;
  • Do not overload the room with extra decorations. It is not appropriate floor vases in combination with lush bouquets, a large number of columns.

The living room is a place for pleasant meetings with relatives, family, friends, because it should provide comfort for all present.

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Living room

Bedroom interior

The peculiarity of the bedroom in this style is the decoration of a part of the wall near the head of the bed. Ornate stucco molding made of polyurethane, will give the atmosphere of romanticism and refinement - this is all that neoclassicism demands in the interior.

Color palette

  • an ideal range of pastel shades. To give emphasis you can use saturated tones;
  • To create an atmosphere of peace, lightness, refinement, use gentle halftones. All you need is to skillfully choose a shade, decorations, furniture.

Bedroom interior


  • the best idea is to purchase a headset, which will not disrupt the consonance of the style. Most suitable interior items with curved or straight lines;
  • valuable woods will not only bring luxury, but will give the bedroom coziness and warmth.


  • The bedroom should be provided as much as possible with bright beams of daylight, as well as artificial light.

Lighting спальной комнаты


  • charming and luxurious will look: stucco molding, columns, gilded vases, arches, painting;
  • The bedroom must be made of silk, velvet, cotton;
  • the center of the room will be perfectly accented with monophonic or patterned carpets with long nap.

Floor and walls

  • an excellent idea will be mirror or glass walls, decorated with plant and antique ornaments;
  • marble floor, walls or ceiling will be profitable and luxuriously emphasize the decoration of the room. The natural stone will give an unsurpassed shine, as well as a luxurious gloss. A good option is to use Venetian plaster.

Beige Bedroom Interior Neoclassical style apartment

Neoclassicism in the interior of the kitchen

The interior of the kitchen in the neoclassic style will never lose its relevance. After all, the facades of the kitchen, made of natural materials, do not go out of fashion. In the decoration of the kitchen in neoclassicism materials are used:

  • marble;
  • a natural stone;
  • tree.

In the design of the kitchen, it is desirable to use natural colors of light colors. It will look good white kitchen.

It is necessary to arrange furniture and pick up household appliances in advance in order to fit everything into the kitchen set in the design project of the kitchen.

Kitchen-dining room combined with living roomKitchen-dining room combined with living room

Interior in the style of the American neoclassicism

The style of American neoclassicism is the most popular. In the US, this style is most common, it is often used for decorating rooms, interiors of apartments or houses. That is why in other countries it is known as "American" neoclassicism.

American style neoclassic in the kitchen

This type of decoration is most ideal for large rooms, high ceilings, wide windows. The interior of the apartment in the neoclassic style assumes minimalist solutions, the use of modern materials that give classical, traditional forms elegance and ease. It can be used both for premises with a large area, and for small apartments.

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This style is characterized by sophistication, harmony, love for light halftones, especially for white, romantic details.

Interior in American neoclassicism

The style of American neoclassicism is a mixture of furniture simple, strict with monochrome and massive. The best colors for this are white, olive, blue, and blue. Colors that will create an accent in white space. For this style, both expensive natural materials and artificial or their combination are allowed.

Light, gentle tones will give the decoration of the room tenderness, lightness, and the use of gilding on fabrics, finishes, frames, etc. will emphasize wealth, prosperity.

Light colors in the decoration of the living room

Such details as archs, columns, sculptures, stucco molding, high floor vases with gilding, pictures with plots of antiquity, mirrors in luxurious frames, elegant chandeliers, lamps or candlesticks will help to emphasize the connection with the past. However, do not forget about the sense of proportion - do not overload space with unnecessary details. Of course, all this should be in moderation. In combination with minimalism, these elements will especially attract attention.

Modern interior

Bathroom design in white in neo-classical styleBathroom design in white in neo-classical style Interior of the hallway in neoclassic style in the houseInterior of the hallway in neoclassic style in the house

Interior of a wooden house

Especially the style of the neoclassic will appeal to the admirers of minimalism, as space in light colors visually increases the area of ​​any room.

The main condition for consistency in the neoclassical style will be a symmetrical composition of the interiors of each room, elegant furniture in the style of the Napoleonic Empire, Greco-Roman columns, pilasters, friezes, candelabra and chandeliers.

Interior of a living room and kitchen in a wooden house

Choose warm and cold colors, but be careful not to disturb the harmony. If in the interior of the main elements of furniture, flooring, walls you apply warm colors, shades, then the accents are followed by colors of cold colors. For example, if the furniture and the floor are brown tones, then for walls use caramel or shades of gray. This will be especially good for small rooms on the north side of the house.

Kitchen-dining room in neoclassic

Important! Do not use lemon, salad, caustic pink, bright yellow tones. You should limit yourself to 2-3 shades.

Colonial motives are also an indispensable condition for most English-style houses. Tradition originating from the Middle Ages, assumes the obligatory presence in the big house of a fireplace, a stove or a fireplace, which will create a special comfort and comfort. In modern conditions of apartments it is possible to install an artificial fireplace, with a decoration, for example, made of specially aged brick or strips.

Neoclassicism in the photo - restraint

Each piece of furniture should harmoniously complement each other's luxury. It is very important not to break the harmony of style.

If you decide to give preference to the neoclassical style, do not skimp on the little things. This style does not lend itself to the vagaries of fashion, and the elite materials for decoration, furniture will serve you more than a dozen years.