Wall panels in interior design

Wall panels can perform a lot of functions: from hiding wires and various defects on the walls to sound insulation and insulation. As an element of decor, they are a great way to change the structure of walls and make the interior more interesting. In this article you will find a selection of 60 photo rooms decorated with a variety of wall panels, including:

  • covering only the top or bottom of the wall;
  • use of panels as a wall decoration;
  • a combination of wall panels and decorative lighting;
  • decorative panels and lining from a variety of materials and with unusual effects.

Wall panels for interior decoration: a wealth of choice

Depending on your needs, you can buy wall panels from wood, plastic, metal, glass and other materials, but they can differ not only in their design, but also in the form of release.

So, modular panels for walls, as a rule, are rectangles of material (often with patterns or textural trim, for example, fabrics or wallpaper) that can be placed on the wall at your discretion: butt or with gaps, only at the top or bottom of the wall etc. Another common type of wall panels is wooden or plastic linen - narrow boards that fit tightly to each other on the profiles. The third type is wide sheets dense plastic, which unlike other types of glued to the walls, rather than mounted using profiles. A striking example of the latter are the popular Austrian decorative panels SIBU.

Although the market has long had acoustic and sound-absorbing versions, which are ideal for studios, in the house wall panels are usually used for visual effect. Not to mention the aesthetic beauty of wood or the decorative possibilities of plastic, wall panels can also have deep carved patterns, built-in LED backlighting and even a 3D effect. In addition, in some cases, wall panels help to reduce the time and cost of construction: for example, when decorating a bathroom it is much easier to install plastic panels than to put tiles or wallpaper, which requires preliminary wall preparation.

Below in the photo you will see examples of the application of all these types of wall panels to create a beautiful interior design. Enjoy watching!

Wall panel (photo)

decorative-panel-of-wood wood-panel-on-half-wall wooden-panel-on-the-wall wood-panel-in-design-living room wood-panel-in-living room wooden-panel-in-the-bathroom wooden-wall panels Also read: Ideas of decor for walls with own hands wooden-wall panels-s-podsvetkoy wooden-wall panels-v-tradicionnom-stile beautiful-wood-panel-for-walls wood-panel-of-wood retro-design-with-wooden-panels wall-panel-of-thermowood wall-with-wooden-panels vertical-wooden-panels

Пластиковые панели и linen (фото)

decorative-plastic-panels-SIBUglossy-plastic-panelsplastic-panel-on-floor-wall-in-the-bathroomplastic-panel-on-the-wall-in-the-bathroomdecorative plastic panels plastic-panel-under-marble plastic-panel-in-the-bedroom plastic-panel-in-the-bathroom pvc-panel-in-the-shower pvc-wall panels

Plastic 3D wall panels

zd-panel-for-home zd-panel-for-wall zd-panel-in-the-kitchen zd-panel-in-design-living room Also read: Bright walls in interior design zd-panel-in-living room 3D-panel-v-Interior zd-panel-in-the-bedroom white-3d-panel-on-the-wall dekorativnye-zd-panel-for-wall beautiful-zd-panel-on-the-wall red-zd-panel-on-the-wall myagkie-zd-panel-for-wall neobychnye-stenovye-zd-panel-in-living room reliefnye-zd-panel-for-wall wall-3d panels wall-3d panels-s-krugami wall-3d panels-s-podsvetkoy Also read: Wallpaper or painting walls: which is better? wall-3d panels-s-volnistym-uzorom stenovye-zd-panel-in-the-bedroom yellow-panel-on-the-wall

Decorative panels of different materials

decorative panels-Litkhos-Desizhn decorative-panel-Luxuari-by-Litkhos-Desizhn decorative-panel-with-mirrors decorative-glass-panels-SIBU decorative-wall panels decorative-wall panels-i-moldingi decorative-wall panels-s-uzorom decorative-wall panels-v-vannoy beautiful-decorative-panels Also read: Interior decoration with shelves for the whole wall metal-wood-panels soft-wall panels cork-panels-for-walls glass-wall panels wall-panel-and-ice-lighting wall-panel-in-bedroom