Wood in the interior - 50 decor ideas

Wooden room with fireplace

I think very few people will deny the truth that talking about a tree in the interior is akin to talking about snow in Antarctica, or rocks in the Himalayas. The theme is also immense and inexhaustible. However, for all its boundlessness, it is possible to derive certain rules and patterns that will help to use this material in the interior of the dwelling as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Strength, ease of processing, beauty of texture, durability (especially hard rocks) - the most important qualities of wood. But its great value is the creation of a sense of comfort, an atmosphere of mild warmth and tenderness, spiritual peace.

Wooden panels Wooden products can fit into any interior. No architectural style, no design school can not abandon this material.

Decorative tables of stumps

Traditional use

Usually, exclusively, wooden in the room were windows, doors, floors and windows. Now, in connection with the appearance of a large number of new construction, decoration and decorative materials, the tree has slightly shifted its position.

Designer dining table

The main reason for this is purely financial, however, I doubt that a person with a developed sense of taste and style would prefer metal-plastic windows of high-quality wooden. Especially, if the first imitate the second.

Mirror frame made of wood The same problem applies to the sexes. Plastic coatings are not currently being considered. If the owner of the house or apartment has sufficient financial resources, in the case of installing glass or ceramic floors (if this does not apply to the kitchen and bathroom), he will have to take care of heating these floors from the bottom, which is a costly thing.

Creative idea of ​​wall decoration

Floors need to be covered with carpets, skins of exotic animals, mats, or any other materials protecting feet from the sun, which is not heated by the sun, because the glaze of ceramic tiles is nothing more than glass.

Decoration of a wall with a tree

Here, the floor of a natural tree demonstrates its advantage - it does not need any heating.

Bar counter in wood


In modern apartments, furniture plays a huge role in shaping the style of the interior space of the dwelling. Especially, if it's solid, quality furniture made from precious wood.

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Wooden stools

It is the furniture - all these cupboards, chests of drawers, tables, chairs, sofas and armchairs, especially if they are in the same style - will shape the character of the rest of the decor.

Living room with wooden bemel The direct opposite of this is the subordination of all the components of the interior to a single design of the designer. In this case, furniture, decorative elements, a general color solution - all this becomes the embodiment of a single concept. Here you can already safely play with color combinations, textures in space.

Beautiful sawed wood at the head of the bed Modern furniture can be surprisingly diverse. It is made from such cheap breeds as pine, or alder (for example, country style), up to such valuable ones as oak, golden ash, mahogany.

Wood in the interior of the hallway

The color palette is also impressive - from white ashwood to golden wood - to black ebony. The texture of the surface can be changed from rough-processed, almost rough, to polished, almost mirror.

Coffee table from driftwood and glass


Extremely effective tree looks like ceiling beams. Depending on the shape, size and location, they can significantly affect the creation of a kind of visual rhythm, together with a certain spatial division of the room.

The use of wood in the living room in the style of rusticism Very much depends on the color of the beams. Thick, far spaced beams can be dark, almost black, the color of stained oak.

Suspended ceiling from a barIn contrast to the white ceiling and, preferably, white walls, this will create a feeling of a lasting ancient building with a rich history. In contrast, not too thick beams, the colors of birch or beech, can be placed more densely

Dinner table In cottages, in cottages and hunting lodges, beams can already be not imitation, but full-fledged elements of the supporting structure, along with wooden columns and rafters. Here we have a classical unity of artistic expressiveness with functionality.

Wooden wallpaper - modern wall decoration


Potentially, an extremely rich artistic element is the end cut of a roundwood tree. These dies of different diameters, fixed on a wall, or a partition, create a magnificent decorative effect.

Decoration of a wall by a spade of trees

Spyles хорошо имитируют поленницу, которая прекрасно вписывается в интерьер кухни, или гостиной с камином. При этом, кроме круглых, желательно использовать, также, полукруглые и четвертные плашки. Это уплотнит прилегание спилов друг к другу, уменьшит пустоты и придаст еще большее сходство с поленницей.

Decor of the hanger with a saw A separate category are spits of large diameter trunks. As a rule, they are used in the manufacture of countertops, wall panels of non-standard type. As a countertop, also, a very thick unedged board can be used.

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Wooden door from a tree A special case of a saw is a stump. It can also be used as a stand under the countertop, preferably glass, so that the smoothness and whims of the tree trunk lines are visible, as well as the coffee table itself, or the bedside table, if the diameter allows.

Wooden spilas of wood as decoration of the living room walls

Wall decoration

With the help of the tree, the walls of the room can be decorated in many ways. About the end cuts already mentioned above.

Wall finishing with slats

You can add to this that the dies can be made from edging bars of square, or rectangular cross-section of different thicknesses. Panels recruited from such spills are perfectly perceived visually.

Luminaire made of wood

It can be a vertical floor-to-ceiling insert, a diagonal, wavy strip. It is possible to type from these plates a stylized drawing of a tree in the whole wall. The options can be listed for a very long time. The main thing is to find an option for a particular case.

Luxurious washbasin made of natural wood The walls, too, are decorated with racks of various thicknesses. You can use the boards. Shpuntovannye, connected along the length, form a continuous flat surface. They can be clad, or, as the joiners say - "sew" as a separate wall, and completely the entire room.

Head of bed from the bed

The latter, for example, is practiced in the design of hunting lodges. To create an interior for a tree, also used, wallpaper from natural cork and from natural veneer. The natural obligatory condition for their use is, of course, the maximum evenness of the walls.

Decorating the walls with bark of a tree

Additional wooden decor elements

Earlier, the use of stumps as expressive plastic objects in the decoration of a dwelling has already been mentioned.

Chandelier from the driftwood driftwood

But, as they say, do not stump one. To give the interior some raisins, aesthetic accent, you can use many other, not very large, but extremely expressive means. They can be a bizarre snag on the coffee table, or the root of the old tree on the mantelpiece.

Bathtub made of wood

A whimsically bent tree branch, attached to the wall, can replace the whole panel. Any wooden bauble can become an artistic accent, aesthetic nerve of the whole of modern indoor space. Perhaps it will be an original statuette, a vase from a birch cap, or a bast drum.

Bathtub made of wood

This role can play a set of wooden dishes, an exotic mask on the wall, candlesticks, or chess with figures of light and dark wood. Here, there are no obstacles to the flight of fantasy.

Sink made of wood

About trees in the modern interior

Separately, it should be said about the tree not as a material, but as a plant. You can place it in the interior in two ways. The first method - if space allows - is to install in the room the tubs with the small, shade-loving trees planted in them.

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Applique on the wall of a family tree

Also, instead of a live tree, you can install a dry, larger size, with a partially sawn-off crown. The tree should reach the ceiling, and the cut off branches create the effect of germination through the overlap.

Tree in the design of the children's room The second way is to depict the tree with the help of artistic means. It can be painted on a wall, cut out of hardboard, made wall mosaic with the help of sea pebbles, ceramics, dies, bars and racks.

The trunk of a tree in the interior Particularly grateful admirers of painted walls - of course, children. It is in children's rooms, usually, trees are drawn. The manner of painting can be completely arbitrary - from strict naturalism to the most arbitrary stylization.

Wood in the kitchen in the style of high-tech

The main thing is a skilful combination of colors, creating an atmosphere of fairy-tale that fills children's. The crown of a tree, for example, can be above the wall, fill a part of the ceiling, swim among the fluffy clouds. The trunk and stylized branches will add volume to the composition. In addition, now will be on what to hang your favorite toys and fasten the most successful drawings.

Untreated beams and trunks of birch

A little bit about the style

Wood is an amazing natural product. Before any artist-designer, be it an expert, or an amateur, it opens the horizon of unlimited possibilities.

Tree saw for table

The tree forgives the grossest design mistakes, is combined, practically, with any materials, playing either on similarity, or on sharp contrast of their properties.

The use of a beam for the decor of the headboard and ceiling

It can be easily cut (if it is not stained oak), easy to tint and dye, modern impregnations allow you to use it even in bathrooms! It, along with the stone, is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a modern designer. However, this can be said about the designers of the two thousand years ago.

Wooden ceiling Both wood and stone are very expressive materials. Therefore, in working with them, you should always use the alternation method: light - with dark, warm - with cold, rough - with smooth.

Elements of a decor from a treeTo distinguish, or as the artists say, to "pull out" this or that element, it should be placed either in neutral (white plaster) or in a contrast medium. For example, a meter high in a pile perfectly looks on a light, monophonic wall background.

Mirror framed Here, in fact, a small number of techniques that help to create a satisfactory design of the home.